Smackdown In Da ‘Nati



Not that Smackdown, goyim.  Im talking H, Smack, Mud, Black Tar aka Heroin



Defendant is in stripes for those confused


Cincinnati is now finally #1 at something, and that something, is now officially being the Heroin capital and heroin overdose capital of America. Close to 200 overdoses just 2 weeks ago.  The negro heroin dealer Robert Shields aka ‘Sosa’ (Their names are so original, in this case the Kosher produced movie thriller- Usual Suspects) who laced it with elephant tranquilizer, has been arrested.


Robert Shields aka Sosa, Smack slinger

Our tax dollars now fund a $145 million streetcar boondoggle project,  courtesy of a local magic negro and former  x mayor Mr. Mark Mallory.  Mallory of course,  was the Uncle Tom ‘house negro’ for big money in this city that wanted this project completed. Yes, another black Celtic Irishman!!  (read on the history of Irish slaves in America, many Irish women were mated to negros by their owners. The Irish were mostly “political” prisoners ( Code for they didn’t like the Zionist English occupation) or debt slaves.  The Kosherized Dept. of Education doesn’t feature this in our history books, however.  Shaquille O’Neal, Donovan McNabb, Eddie Murphy, Isaac Hayes, Mariah Carey, Dizzy Gillespie, Toni Morrison, H. Carl McCall are but a few examples of 5 million negros with Celtic ancestry and/or Irish surnames.)

I digress,  back to priorities and budget woes…


$1 Billion Sports stadiums, but the downtown is crime ridden. $145mm  streetcar, but it goes through the Crime Central of Cincinnati


Stay classy, honey.  Cincinnati I Team Story of Michele .

Photo taken Within walking distance of an assisted living facility, a church and a school.


Clueless establishment, Neo-Con Governor spends $10 million on a hilarious Holocaust Museum and imports Somalians to Ohio and gives lip service about heroin


The city is falling apart, crime has escalated to record proportions,  and we now are to celebrate a streetcar that goes through one of the worst ghettos in the Midwest, in Over the Rhine. Once the novelty wears off, it will be business as usual, whites being attacked on said rail car.  The Zionist establishment has addicted a large portion of our populace to painkillers, and sadly many are now turning to heroin, due to cost and availability.

Cincinnati =  #8 Murder Rate in the Nation, per Capita.  Way to Go Cincinnati. With better aim, we can surely beat Detroit for numbero uno #1!!!  Now thats noteworthy.


Support The Troops!!!   Us Troops guarding poppy fields in Afganistan



CIA & Mossad directly involved. Note Pre 2002 production


Who is behind this?

“Synthesized in World War I Germany, Oxycodone (the active ingredient in OxyContin) was created in an effort to create an opiate that would not lead to addiction. The big expectations were quickly dampened when the medical community at the time concluded that the chemical structure of the drug was only a few molecules away from bona fide heroin–first produced in Britain in 1874–and that addiction was not only possible but a foregone conclusion. While the Jew-ridden Bayer company behind Oxycodone sought to obfuscate this dilemma, the Harrison Narcotics Act and the American ban on the importation and manufacturing of heroin were taken as self-evident market barriers to its pill-form cousin.

Prior to WW2, Jewish pseudo-scientists were largely contained to Central Europe, where a tug of war between Gentile hostility and legislation towards Jewish machinations meant mixed results for the latter. It was not until after the second World War, with the massive migration of Jewish “professionals” and “intellectuals” to the United States, that passive Anglo-Saxon market liberalism was taken as license for unmitigated Jewing. By the 1990’s, Jews were placed in virtually all strategic areas of the public government and private capitalist spheres. The non-Jews still around were largely stooges and bought agents.

Almost a century later, Oxycodone would thus find its breakthrough. Until 1995-96, Oxycodone was reserved as a last resort for those suffering from extreme, terminal cancer, but seeing the market limitations, the Sackler Jews’ Purdue Pharma submitted a patent to the Food and Drug Administration for a new iteration of the drug: OxyContin.

A team of doctors led by Curtis Wright took on the task of the FDA’s clinical study. The Sackler/Purdue insistence was that the heroin-esque effects that were known to make Oxycodone extremely addictive were completely obliterated by a “revolutionary” new technique to add a thin film over the pill in order to have its effects spread out over a 12 hour period. This was merely a technicality, as studies from Purdue’s in-house lab, such as a 1989 trial in Puerto Rico, clearly showed the effects of the opiate, while spread out somewhat longer than full-blown heroin, did not disseminate over a 12 hour period.

The long-known science of opiods shows that the drugs flood serotonin receptors and thus inevitably cause addiction and heroin-style withdrawals–OxyContin was no different. For those who have experimented with recreational drugs, the euphoria and ‘high’ of OxyContin is indeed exactly the same as the one felt with heroin.

Never the less, the FDA cherry-picked results and ran with the lie. Suddenly, the FDA approved OxyContin as an “addiction proof” marvel of modern science in 1996. Dr Wright, the federal employee who signed the permission to release OxyContin into the market under false pretenses, resigned from the FDA immediately after approval in order to begin working a cushy new job…at Purdue Pharma!

Purdue Pharmaceuticals in Stamford, Conn. is shown Tuesday, May 8, 2007. The drug maker has agreed to pay 19.5 million in a settlement with 26 states and the District of Columbia to settle complaints about the promotion of the drug OxyContin. (AP Photo/Douglas Healey).

Like his brother Arthur, Raymond and Richard (the next generation of Sacklers) was a master of the Semitic craft: working the angle. Getting the green light from the government through legal bribes and Jewish cooperation across different sectors in medicine and media , the Sackler cartel embarked on a massive campaign to expand the prescription rate of OxyContin through a multi-million dollar multimedia campaign. One of the most “creative” contributions to the Judaization of medicine was their large scale investment in “Detail men”–private salesmen trained to push and butter up the often overwhelmed doctors of especially poor parts of the White American South and Midwest. Just as Valium became “Mommy’s Little Helper”, their goal was to give OxyContin it’s new nickname: “Hillbilly Heroin”. The tight profits of existing opiates meant a demand had to be manufactured, once enough people got hooked, the insidious nature of the drug would secure “customers” for life.

In 1998, Purdue Pharma sent doctors across the nation a promotional tape relying on previous FDA and forged laboratory lab test claims to posit the fraudulent notion that OxyContin’s addiction rate was less than 1%. To get a glimpse into the dark activities involved in the early stages of normalizing OxyContin, the 2007 judgment found against Purdue Pharma’s three previously mentioned top executive Jews included conspiracy, mail and wire fraud, money laundering, and willful misbranding. Imagine what they got away with. The parasites of the underworld were now able to monetize their penchants to the tune of billions.

While a number of doctors fell for Purdue Pharma’s claims, the Sacklers encountered entrenched resistance from old fashioned types who stuck with their gut instincts. Throughout America, a number of doctors questioned the claims by the drug company, and whether a non-addictive opiate was even scientifically possible. For one reason or another, Jews always end up encountering a hand full of Goyim capable of seeing through their lies and conspiracies, and when passive corner-cutting and credibility-hijacking doesn’t work, the brute force of intimidation and boycott is used.

A December 23rd, 2015 study by The Intercept investigative journalist Lee Fang found that the majority of medical lobbies claiming to advocate for individuals in pain that sprung into the spotlight prior, during, and after OxyContin’s FDA approval are either funded or run by Purdue’s Sackler family. Just as Arthur had wormed his way out of federal injunctions by putting conflicting interests in the name of his wife in the 1960‘s, Raymond and Richard sought to artificially warp medicine as we knew it, pressure the Center for Disease Control, and defame any doctor who got in their way.

The Intercept named the following organizations: “The Pain Care Forum”, run by Purdue Pharma Jew lobbyist Burt Rosen, the “Power of Pain Foundation”, the “free market advocacy” group The Washington Legal Fund, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a corporate lobby firm. The pain advocate fad was fueled largely by the Sackler family tapping into its network of journals, newspapers, magazines, and connections to other Jews in order to turn medicine on its head–once again.

The entrenchment of Sackler medical media and lobbying gave a platform to the “pain advocates”, while the smaller dope peddlers wined and dined doctors personally. At one point, their investment began to bare fruit, and the concept of doctors not “adequately treating pain” with powerful analgesics, such as (of course) OxyContin, infiltrated mainstream academia.

Eventually, Sackler affiliated papers and organizations began listing doctors throughout Appalachia and the Midwest with “pain management” reviews next to their names. In 2000, the premier American medical journal, the Journal of American Medical Association’s published a study claiming that the wider use of narcotics was harmless. The data, however, was dishonest, as it was taken between 1990 and 1996, when OxyContin was not prescribed.

Around this time in 2000, FDA officials such as Dr Cynthia G. McCormick and Dr John K. Jenkins started to question the stated uses and assertions provided by Purdue and approved by Wright. Suddenly, America’s most powerful medical accreditation agency, The Joint Commission, sprung into action. The US government relies on this private company to inspect hospitals and measure quality of care.

Suddenly, the Jew Mark Chassin’s Joint Commission put “pain treatment” at the top of their agenda. And who did they put in charge of their pain management courses? A United States General Accounting Offices inquiry into the matter found the answer: Purdue Pharma itself! OxyContin advertisements that openly defied federal law on Drug and Cosmetic advertising (the FD&C Act) were the locus of the nation’s top medical accreditation agency’s “task force” to “fight pain negligence”. By the early 2000’s, the few doctors left who disbelieved the FDA, who dismissed Purdue Pharma’s flashy advertisements and medical journals, who did not take bribes from “detail men”, who resisted the non-binding bad reviews…found themselves in danger of losing their license to practice medicine unless they started prescribing synthetic heroin for minor ailments.

The Sackler Jews’ “pain movement”, emboldened with official capitulation (or empowerment from fellow Jews in strategic positions, depending on your perspective) , used their support from the Joint Commission and JAMA to push state governments to make it a criminal offense not to prescribe opiates. Local medical boards were taken care of, for example Purdue gave the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) at least $100,000 dollars in “donations”–and that’s what we know of.

Suddenly, giving out OxyContin like its ice cream became the norm. The few honest medical practitioners who got in the way were hopelessly silenced and crushed. The expansion of opiate use geared specifically at White workers and the middle class was mandated down the private and public chain of medical command.

This kind of Jewish corruption is not limited to the Sackler Jews and their Purdue Pharma, but is a general Jewish tendency across the world of pharmaceuticals and those in charge of its regulation. The unusual involvement of Jews in the field of promoting and integrating opiates in White communities shows that there may be a political agenda of Gentile-control and degradation on the side–beyond just the handsome profits involved. To cite just a few examples, the former head of the FDA’s Analgesic Department, the Jew Dr Robert Rappaport, came under criticism from those working with drug-addiction for approving the powerful opiate Zohydro ER in an uncannily similar trajectory to the way the FDA approved OxyContin. When Rappaport worked for the FDA, he founded “Analgesics Concepts LLC”, which existed for almost two years before his “retirement” from the government drug regulating body in 2014–an obvious conflict of interest.

In another shocking case of corruption, the Orthodox Jew Margaret Hamburg was named FDA commissioner in 2009, despite having divested alongside her husband from their plethora of stocks in big pharma shortly before. She used her position in the powerful state body to loosen conflict-of-interest rules that has opened the door for big pharma shills, such as current FDA commissioner Robert Califf, to get in.

Another Jew, Scott Gottlieb, with a long history of being a Wall Street trader specializing in medical stocks, was made FDA deputy commissioner in 2005. He was known for trying to short-cut Pfizer’s Chantix smoker-cessation drug through, despite the fact that it was heavily correlated with a massive increase in suicides.

The Real Cure

The anecdotes are endless. This is a problem in which the symptoms are being talked about, but not the origin. The real problem is the disproportionate amount of Jews in the medical world, and how they use the familiarity of their Jewishness to create intersectional conspiracies to do harm.

For the Sackler family’s Purdue Pharma, the $35 Billion dollars made solely by its OxyContin product is an abomination. Even as lawsuits against them accumulate, the profits have been made, as has the damage.

The nest where the vampires slumber is located in Stamford, Connecticut, and ought to be protested to draw attention to the origins of the massive opiate problem. Four of five heroin users began with OxyContin and similar painkillers, and with the approval of OxyContin for children between 11 and 16, the intrigue surrounding this diabolical scheme is still unfolding.

The Western cure to this plague is the patent medicine of Doctor Goebbels: we must treat the underlying cause of our nation’s stress, rather than its external manifestations.”

Credit: Trad Workers Party

Irish slaves:

Feral Negros Kill High School Student

I grew up close to this area, and almost attended this high school ‘fun festival’ last Sunday. A group of white students were having fun at the festival, until some blacks decided to play the shoot em up and kill whitey game. What’s a family fun fest without some diversity, cultural enrichment and gun fire?  Said black feral yoofs (Being charged with Felonious Assault by inept and corrupt prosecutors!!!)  exchanged slights and the white students, trying to avoid trouble, got in their car and left, thinking that it was over.  They made it as far as 1/4 mile before an ambush of sorts where their car was blocked.  The driver, a 16 year old student, was an innocent bystander in all of this, and was shot in the back of the head by a negro. He was put on life support,  but has since died.

This is the first murder this year for quiet Kettering Ohio, where I grew up.  It was idyllic. We often left our front door unlocked-even at night, keys in our unlocked cars, bicycles in our yard for days at a time with never a problem, about 30 years ago.  Interstate 675 brought ‘progress’ and with that, DIVERSITY!!!! ie Section 8 housing, feral negros, and all of the rest that goes with it like crime, lowered property values, blight, budget woes and malfeasance, TNE or Typical Negro Effects.

Dayton was extremely segregated them, blacks were sensibly resigned to the West Side (Great Miami River), and life just seemed safer and more peaceful, probably because it was. Cincinnati is a dump, but West Dayton is every bit as much, if not more than a dump and one of the more dangerous areas in the nation, due to its concentration of feral negros.

My prayers go out to this young boys family and I hope justice is dealt in prison to the ferals. Friends at the DAs office confirmed that the shooter and accomplices were all black, except a token Wigger who was with them. Whats a real posse without an Eminem in tow?


Ronnie Bowers , deceased victim rip +


Appreciate all the diversity, goyim!  How could you deny it and not be ecstatic about them in your suburban schools?!


Alter High School Festival



Entire blocks of vacant homes on the once prestigious West Side of Dayton, 20 minutes away). Why not just re-home the ferals who destroyed them, to the ‘Burbs for cultural enrichment?   Dayton was once a gritty but thriving manufacturing mecca, The ‘Silicone Valley’ of mechanical engineering and Invention capital of North America-Car Starter, Cash Register, Flight,   Motorized Wheelchair, Stepladder,  Refrigeration, Pop top cans, Motion Picture Cameras, Light bulb, Airplane Fuel, Gas Masks, Parachutes, phonographs, et al even sicko Larry Flynt called it home.  Re: Dayton. Same theme: Negros came, jobs left, and it becomes 3rd world.  Now the Heroin capital of America and an official Sh*thole, 4th on the Most Miserable Cities Index.

Dayton Inventors:


Story on the shooting here:


FBI warns police that Dayton Gang Crime will spread to the suburbs (Gee you think??)














Theme from The Twilight Zone begins..

115 blacks were shot in’ Chicongo’ this past week but no one gives a damn, there’s no money in it and no one really cares, least of all them.




A picture=Worth 1000 words. The presumptive BLM leader in Haiti


Sheeiit be live in Liberia mane


Purple drank thief getting his dues


At Least the African Buffoons have the sense to know they are killing their own and urge the fraternal violence to end




Apartheid simply means living apart, but TPTB said its not okie dokie, except for their crappy nation in the Middle East.


Rhodesia-Pre & Post Negro

In truth, their lives don’t matter.  And they never did.   Certainly not to them.  But our collective kindness has been mistaken for weakness.  There is money to be looted from the coffers, diversity pimps to secure lucrative diversity reeducation and training etc.  The History of racial coups and tragedies of former white nations has been forgotten. The message of Haiti, Rhodesia, South Africa is but a faint memory, if not lost altogether.  Cultural Marxism is being openly practiced against Whites and our displacement is at hand in most locales if not the entire nation, and others as well in the Western world. I don’t see this ending well, for them.  But I urge all readers to stay alert, vigilant, and guarded. They have overplayed this, its a common trait and character weakness in them, and also the ‘other ‘ group running things.  My intuition tells me it will get far worse before it gets better…..My best to all readers.



Taste of Cincinnati- Gunfire A la Carte



Thanks to author Colin Flaherty for the heads up.


I’m showing signs of  clinical SNF or serious negro fatigue, and was late in reporting this.  With all of the excitement from ‘diversity’ in The Nati, its hard to keep up with current negro crime (or gorillas shot at our zoo, due to recalcitrant negro children escaping into and over protected caged walls),  for this working dad.


They call it ‘fighting’ but its a coordinated battery attack on white victims, and might as well be considered attempted homicide when its 10 one 1.


The Taste of Cincinnati is an annual food event replete with local vendors, music, fun and festivities and in the last 2 years, is also ‘action filled’ with unsolicited muggings, brutal assaults, the KO game-usually on the fringes near the public parking, and this year for an encore…..gunshots fired by feral negro yoofs / thug teens from Fountain Square during broad daylight.



Fountain Square

What would Cincinnati be without such excitement like running for cover or keeping ones head down while trying to take ones family downtown for special German treats, Cincinnati Chili, locally crafted brews or funnel cakes?  Isn’t diversity exciting and vibrant?





6-4-2016 reports:

Cincinnati City Council is expected to discuss the safety and security of local events on Monday after violent incidents were reported near the city’s popular Taste of Cincinnati on Memorial Day weekend.

Council member Amy Murray has recommended the Cincinnati Police Department look at the expansion of its Citizens on Patrol Program. Other members of City Council have also expressed concern and the issue is expected to be brought up at Monday’s Law and Safety Committee meeting.

“Our COPPs consistently provide top-notch walking and fixed patrols in our neighborhoods,” Murray said. “I think these additions to our city’s largest events could add a significant level of peace of mind to patrons in deterring this type of intimidation, violence and criminal behavior.”

Murray said she plans on talking to Downtown community organizations to help recruit those who have an interest in providing members for a special events unit.

According to various incident reports recorded by police, two men were injured in a Shooting and multiple people were Attacked near Taste of Cincinnati festivities.

This same clueless black council woman advocates for more Rap music for thug teens, tents, and soon will advocate (in my estimation) for a Nati twerking contest.


It will be doubly named Taste of Mogadishu.  This is the Twilight Zone dear readers…..

2016 Mainstrasse Melee-Usual Suspects

This weekend in Covington Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, was the semi annual Mainstrasse event, a gathering of vendors, patrons and entertainers to offer family fun and friendly entertainment to historic German Mainstrasse.




.  This event has been put on for years. I don’t make it a point to go to these events, but am part of a Church group that has a contract, which includes the table, chair and trash pickup to help raise funds for the school at the Church.

My volunteer shift began at 9pm. Just before I had arrived for my shift, I learned of a terrible incident.  My friends 9 year old son (Nine years old!!!) was targeted by a black feral teenager for a battery assault or so called Knock Out Game.  This child was folding chairs, minding his own business.  He was targeted, brutally assaulted and punched in the ear, and the feral black assailant ran away to a group of thugs.

Said feral thugs then proceeded to gather in the parking lot behind a bar, and begin Jumping on the parked cars in some African tribal custom, setting off car alarms.  Authorities soon arrived and some thugs were cornered by the Kenton County Sheriffs department and Covington Police.  One 17 year old thug was arrested and taken into custody for carrying an unregistered revolver.  This event has not been reported in the local press media and more than likely will not any headlines or any reported story. I am working to try to get the incident report on the ‘yoof’ that was arrested.  The child that was punched is doing ok, his equilibrium was off for at least an hour after the occurance and he was well shaken up and scared.  More updates later.


African tribal celebration-Cincinnati Riots Dance


Closing statement: What a worthless race of people.  I am simply without words to describe what sickness I feel over all of it. Ive simply had it. It will not weaken my resolve but further strengthen it.  Targeting children, the elderly, women and the blind.  I’m just sick….. viewers are urged to see earlier blog entry which points out this futile experiment.



update:  Letter addressing these concerns and new measures

……, began working with Covington’s Chief of Police and City Director on an action plan to increase security. Several new strategies have been put into place to mitigate and respond quickly to any safety or security issues:
• We found that the group of teenagers, who were not all from Covington and caused similar disruptions in Cincinnati & Newport, were able to organize via social media. There is now a dedicated officer whose mission is to find these groups and stop them before they have a chance to get started.
• We will be adding additional uniformed and plain-clothed security throughout the festivals- specifically in the rides area and on Saturday night.
• There are now officers working directly with our local school Human Resource departments to serve as safety experts, problem solvers and liaisons to our community resources in an effort to provide a safe space for communication and support.
• During festivals we will provide your team leads with walkie talkies so you can communicate more directly with us and with each other. Plus, we will make sure that your team is introduced to and has direct contact info for our main security contact, Deputy Officer George Russell from the Kenton County Sheriff’s Department. As well as making sure you know what officers are on duty overnight.

MainStrasse Village Association and the Covington Police Department are committed to making our festivals a safe place for our visitors and residents to enjoy. There has been a lot of discussion on ways we can do that; for instance, making sure we choose appropriate musical acts, the size of the festival, what vendors we include and most of all, how we can bring back and restore more of MainStrasse Village’s German heritage.
On a personal note, as a resident of MainStrasse I am committed to dedicating my energy and time to the success of the Village. MainStrasse Village has an incredibly diverse and active residential community – we know that the Village is headed in a better direction and we are steadfast in our effort to see our vision for Mainstasse become a reality

Nati Town- Ground Zero for KO Game




The 31 year old attacker, aspiring Rap artist and future orthopedic surgeon..

The Nati Natives (Ferals) still be keepin it real dawg, and the KO game still ‘be happenin’ all over dis muhfugga. You feel me?  Reds Games, Downtown Festivals, or just simple walks home through OTR on the way to Clifton and UC all can be enlivening.   You ‘is’ Fair game, cracka.  I think its about racism, white privilege or something.


French Cracka Thwarting a KO Game attempt in France.  The KO Game has gone International an Shiite, mane.



Gentrification or Slum redevelopment and Relocation for Whites?  No thanks.  Ill take my boring ie Safe suburbs.


The Cinderella Story with usual tragic ending when its interracial


Thanks to author Colin Flaherty for his work….


Attending Trump Rally

Our Great leader is making rounds to record amounts of supporters in the Buckeye state.

He is also being targeted by Marxist terrorists that will likely be smashed as things escalate.

The editor of CIAD will be at the rally and encourages readers to do the same.


America has one chance left to get this right.

Otherwise we will look like South Africa or Zimbabwe, within a generation.

From a First world nuclear power, bread basket and food exporter, to a hell hole.  Pictures tell the story..



Ohio has gone full retard.  Hillary and Kasich.  I’m flat out sickened and embarrassed.  I apologize to my readers on behalf of those with some common sense left, living in the Buckeye state.




Cincinnati-A Top 10 US Murder Capital -FBI



Targeting 7 gangs, but there are over 100 in Cincinnati.


Big Cities With The Highest Murder Rates 2015
FBI’s Violent Crime Statistics For Every City In America (Per Capita)
October 22, 2015 CBS Chicago

St. Louis, Missouri 49.91
Detroit, Michigan 43.52
New Orleans, Louisiana 38.75
Baltimore, Maryland 33.84
Newark, New Jersey 33.32
Buffalo, New York 23.22
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 22.43
Memphis, Tennessee 21.38
Atlanta, Georgia 20.47
Cincinnati, Ohio 20.16


FBI’s Violent Crime Statistics For Every City In America

Way to go, Queen City!  What an honorable distinction for the Queen City.  Just A few more shootings and homicides, and you can crack the Top 5.



  The level headed negro Alexander Shelton, a recent University of Cincinnati graduate, leads a “No justice, no peace” chant during a Black Lives Matter rally at the Hamilton County. Black lives only matter when white police fire in self defense in the commission of Felony Crime, the other 98% of black homicides are irrelevant.  I’m sure that City Council will vote to waste another $580,000 on crime based initiatives, that don’t change a damn thing.  I smell another shakedown coming…..

Representatives from Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence asked Hamilton County commissioners at their Monday meeting for $65,000. The money would pay for a key piece of the crime fighting initiative: probation officers.  Specifically, probation officers in neighborhood substations would be paid overtime – bringing their 35-hour work week up to 40 hours per week for the rest of the year. They would devote the extra hours to CIRV.  The money would get the program through the end of the year. CIRV would then need about $100,000 a year going forward.  The request would supplement $580,000 from the city of Cincinnati, which includes $400,000 for street outreach workers

Tax dollars well spent. $580,000 & Cincinnati cracked the Top 10 Most Murderous Cities….



Racist Police Arrest 40 in Evanston Drug Sweep


A Cincinnati Youngster ie (Future gang yoof) gets schooled on the finer points of ‘No Snitching’ by an elder baby momma welfare leech.


This City, like many, is 1 police shooting away from another Burn dis bitch down ie Full Scale Riot-A Full scale Smash and Grab, as seen in 2001, when 130+ Whites were pulled out of their cars and beaten, and police officer shot.

Remember, white folk.  Black Lives Matter.  And No Snitching!

What a disgrace…


And in honor of black history month, Pastor Manning.