Black Man Kills White Teen-Back Shot Acquitted

Jury Finds Roderick Scott Not Guilty
By: Mike Hedeen

Acquitted Shooter

Not guilty: The verdict in the manslaughter trial of Roderick Scott. After more than 19 hours of deliberations over two days, a jury acquitted the man in the shooting death of Christopher Cervini, 17, last April.

Court papers revealed the teenager killed was shot in the back. District Attorney Mike Green confirmed that Christopher Cervini, 17, was shot in the back from about 20 feet away on Baneberry Way in Greece on Saturday, April 4. Another bullet struck Cervini’s hand, went through his chest and out his armpit.

A grand jury on Thursday rejected Roderick Scott’s claim of self-defense, finding enough evidence to send the case to trial. Scott told investigators that Cervini charged him after Cervini and two other teens were confronted about going through a neighbor’s car.
Judge Patricia Marks set bail for Roderick Scott at $25,000 cash, $50,000 bond.

“I just want to say thank you to the people who believed in me, who stood by me,” Scott said following the verdict. “I still have my regrets for the Cervini family; it’s still an unfortunate situation for them. I am happy that at least this chapter is over.”

As deliberations dragged on over two days and the jury asked for testimony to be read back, Scott admits he didn’t know how it would all turn out.

“I was nervous of course,” he said. “You never know what direction this whole thing is going to turn, so I have no idea. But it worked out and I feel that justice (was) served today.”

Cervini’s family members say justice wasn’t served. They say Christopher was murdered in cold blood, that he’d never been in trouble and Scott acted as judge, jury and executioner.

“The message is that we can all go out and get guns and feel anybody that we feel is threatening us and lie about the fact,” said Jim Cervini, Christopher’s father. “My son never threatened anybody. He was a gentle child, his nature was gentle, he was a good person and he was never, ever arrested for anything, and has never been in trouble. He was 16 years and four months old, and he was slaughtered.”

Scott says he acted in self defense when he confronted Cervini and two others saying they were stealing from neighbors cars. He told them he had a gun and ordered them to freeze and wait for police.

Scott says he shot Cervini twice when the victim charged toward him yelling he was going to get Scott.

“How can this happen to a beautiful, sweet child like that?” asked Cervini’s aunt Carol Cervini. “All he wanted to do was go home. And then for them to say, he was saying, ‘Please don’t kill me. I’m just a kid,’ and he just kept on shooting him.”

Scott says the last seven months have been difficult for him and his family. If he could go back to the events in the early morning hours of April 4, there are things he says he would do differently.

“If it meant a person not losing their life, absolutely,” he said. “Would I still have tried to stop what was going on? That I would have done. But if I knew ahead of time that I could do something to help somebody from losing their life, I don’t want anyone to lose their life.”

Scott says the first thing he was going to do was go home and get a good night sleep. When asked if he’ll continue living in his current home, which is just one street away from the Cervini’s, he said “for the time being.”


15 thoughts on “Black Man Kills White Teen-Back Shot Acquitted”

  1. said:

    typical cromagnum skull

  2. sonofeurope said:

    Must have been a negro jury.

  3. The simple fact that this site is legitimate and people believe and read this is hilarious. Not all African Americans are out for white people and not all white people are saints. This site is preposterous the simple fact that no one will realize that young black men are killed everyday because they “look” like they are going to strike and are innocent. Modern day lynching I say. Killing young black men is like killing a hog, out of sport when life is the most precious and irreplaceable matter. Cincinnati is dangerous because those who live here believe they have nothing to lose and with the limited amount of resources why would we question the anarchy in our city. the public school system is only trying to make money not educate children, the police department are more focused on narcotics than catching killers, and its only the 6th month into 2016 and we already are close to the numbers of 2015 in terms of rapes, homicides and robberies. Yet you sit there and waste your time writing about how Cincinnati is a dump because of black crime, you’re an idiot! Cincinnati is a dump because simple-minded people like the author of this site are pointing fingers and not making a difference. Black people are not the problem, mediocre people like this make Cincinnati a terrible place to live.

    • 1500 blacks shot by fellow blacks in Chicago this year, but simple minded idiots like you don’t utter a word or say that pointing out such facts is “raciss”
      Blacks destroy every city they reside in. In short, they are destroyers
      This model of destruction is omnipresent in Cincinnati and every mid and or large city, not just in Anerica but across the world.

    • Stats dont lie….

    • Next youll tell us there is no coincidence that Blacks took over the wealthiest nation in the western hemisphere in Haiti, killed of fall whites and mullatos and it now is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere…..its due to simple minded idiots, not blacks themselves.

    • Collin Hennessy said:

      This was in Rochester NY, not Cincinnati. Rochester is a dump because of it’s high violent crime rate. I’ll let you do some research, so you can see for yourself just how much of the violent crime in Rochester is committed by whites.

  4. First you need spell check because you are illiterate and plain naiv . White people have been destroyer’s of the black race. Raping women, splitting families and killing our people. Ignorance will make you paranoid not all black people are killers and nptball white people are stupid like you

    • Haiti, Liberia, Sudan et al.
      No white influence of interference.
      All are crapholes. All are black run and majority black populace with no white interference.
      Under achievement. It’s a black thang…and yet today a story on the 10 safest nations. All are white. A coincidence I’m sure. Rolls eyes.
      FYI you mention spell check but can’t spell naive

  5. Underachievement is not a black thing, it’s an idiotic thing. I know plenty of white people that are not millionaires and there are plenty of Black achievers. Yet you have called one spell check of mine look through your comments. Your need for spell check is severe

    • It’s a black thang alright… A group is judged by its average. Haiti, Jamaica, South Africa, Ghana, Liberia, Rio and every inner city in America

  6. Okay think about logically, all of the countries you have listed were oppressed and colonized by white people that wasn’t happy with their current living arrangement. Forced the natives to their ways and enslaved their people. Underachievement is not a black thang, I know red necks that are poor and dropped out of high school, and I know black people that are college educated like Maya Angelou and my ancestors. Do your history quit the speculation.

    • The crime rate in Appalachia is 60% lower than the Natl average. They are the poorest people in America. Blacks and Muslims enslaved far more people than whites ever did, and they still do, in Africa and Israel. A group is judged by its average. Blacks can’t sustain let alone create a first world advanced civilization.

    • peejerbeeb said:

      Though the argument of white colonization was/is used a lot, Haiti was protected by America from colonization, Liberia was a place the US relocated free blacks to, it was independent from the get-go. FYI, Frederick Douglas didn’t want blacks to go back to Africa because he knew they’d be enslaved by THEIR OWN again. Sudan was colonized by not enslaved or whatever you say. Egypt was just as much a colonizer there. There were non-black colonized places in Asia and elsewhere that are doing fine now. How’s that history?

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