The author of this blog is a now recovering, former 20 year Queen City resident, now living out of Hamilton County in the Northern suburbs, his move was prompted by the Cincinnati Riots a decade ago, when 100+ Whites were pummeled and pulled from their cars FOR Being White. Gunshots could be heard from his upscale residence in Hyde Park when the entire city was under Lockdown. White flight soon ensued.
Our Kosher owned and controlled Media is negligent in reporting black crime in general, and more specifically, Interracial crime, and that was the impetus for the creation of this blog.
Updates will follow..

I am not a white supremist, but a Realist and one that favors segregation as any common sense person of any race, does. I prefer to be around my own, like Asians, Mexicans, Italians,  Irish and Jews do.  I am not Anti Semitic, I am a practicing Christian who finds my Faith diametrically opposed to Judaism and to those that Killed Christ.   Rather, I find Talmudic J EWs to be Anti Christian and Anti Gentile.  I refer any Christian to 1 Thessalonians 2:15.

As a poorer white kid growing up in an all white area I lived in an infinitely happier, freer, cleaner, safer, more enriching environment than my kids do living in an economically well-off multicultural environment. F*ck Marxist multiculturalism.
I’m sick of the crime. I’m sick of the social engineering. I’m sick of the insipid, shallow, banal culture of diversity and political correctness. I’m sick of paying for my own cultural and economic destruction. I’m sick of the slandering. I’m sick of the collective dilution and schizophrenia. I’m sick of the shyster politicians who can’t say shit when their mouth is full of it.
Marxist Multiculturalism is an unnatural, unhealthy, false ethos. It’s an ethos of the weak and stupid and gullible and cowed. It’s untenable. Anyone with half a brain knows it’s one part social experiment that’s doomed the western world and one part political weapon wielded by those who are benefiting from that destruction by feeding off the carcass. Fuck the people that sold us this con-game.
F*ck the Marxist governments that are desperately trying to make this idiotic charade work by destroying my freedom, my community, and my way of life. Fuck the new America. I wish for its destruction. I hope it dies. We all know how this ends, but few of us dare call it like it is.

Homicide crime scene in Cincinnati-Winton Terrace aka Little Uganda

A Rant:
I am really sick and tired of certain individuals (and groups) trying to excuse their underachievement and criminal behavior, by promoting their self-serving agenda, and trying to play the “white guilt” card, claiming there is racism in every corner in the USA, when they don’t get their way or when whipped into a frenzy by our Kosher media ala Trayvon trial.
Heaven forbid that someone deny them special favors ( like their wallet, and be subjected to reverse Hiring Racism in the workplace via Affirmative Action, to more qualified White candidates) or dare disagree with the popular (dumbed down) narrative, defending the bias with real reasoning and logic, and daring to point out the blacks disproportionate role in crime.

I have never in my life discriminated against someone because of their race, but I have been discriminated against because of mine.
I have never judged someone to be either good or bad simply because of their race, but I have been judged to be bad because of mine.
I have never asked for special favors due to my race, but I have been affected by others asking for special favors because of theirs.
I’ve never once considered harming a person because of the person’s race, but I have been threatened with harm because of mine.

In short, I haven’t done anything to feel guilty about and I’m not going to accept any “group guilt” designed and deemed a requirement by the Politically Correct Squad. Their opinion means nothing to me.

“Absolute tolerance” is an illusion. It can’t be.
“White guilt” is also an illusion. It is based upon fiction that all whites are responsible for all the ills of all other races, seemingly to give the other races a free ride. Whatever those races do… and whatever the results — it is the fault of the so-called white race because once upon a time some whites did whatever they did, or appeared to do whatever was thought to have been done. In truth, Whites didnt own slaves, majority of slave owners were Jews, who controlled the slave trade, yes, slave auctions were cancelled in America If they fell on a Jewish holiday. Blacks also owned and sold slaves en masse.

I’ve always been sorry for any wrongs done unto any person, regardless of skin tone and race. However, I didn’t do them. I don’t belong to any group that did. But my group of Irish Catholics suffered more slavery per capita and total than African Blacks from 1600-1700) I’ve never benefited from those wrongs, but I sure have paid for them.
So… simply put,… there are people that appear to be playing a game made possible by the PC movement
(As Mel Gibson said: Political Correctness is nothing more than intellectual terrorism).

As i see it, The game, (I’m betting), isn’t to make it better for those who have been suppressed or oppressed, but rather, to make all us ‘un-elite’ goyim (yiddish for cattle) the suppressed and oppressed, individually and as isolated groups, that think all others are out to get us.


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  1. Your Worst Nightmare, A Black Jew said:

    It’s funny that you can say you have never singled someone out because of their race, and then have a blog dedicated entirely to black crime in Cincinnati as well as a lot of anti-Jewish rhetoric. You are a scum bag. Out of touch with what is actually happening downtown. You know nothing. You spread hate. You spread ignorance. Also goyim is yiddish for gentile, you fucking twat.

    • Considering that almost ALL serious crime in Cincinnati IS black related, and that ALL Murders in Cincinnati are black ON Black, is it surprising that this blog focuses on black crime?
      You find the truth hateful and that is sad. There are other blogs that will lie to you, mine wont. Goyim is a word for a Non Jew and also means Cattle referring to us.
      You are anti Gentile and anti Christian as well. I hope you come to Christ in your life +

      • Your reasoning is all false. Not all murders are not black on black, there are plenty of innocent young black men being killed for being black and plenty of white young men being killed for being white. Murder is a sin and if you are the Christian that you say you are then what happened to the scripture, “Thou without sin shall cast the first stone”. You sin everyday so you have no right to shine light on others. God bless you with some logic and some common sense because this being called the “truth” is a mockery!

      • 94% of black homicides are committed by other blacks. That’s not an anomaly. Blacks cause an over representational amount of crime and are the epitome of under achievement.
        Please tell me how Haiti went from the richest to the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, after throwing off the yoke of evil white oppression.
        Silly negro

      • Silly Honky! If only you shown your face people would know what stupidity actually looks like. Look at this all but one of our presidents were white, why are we broke? China owns us, trillions of dollars in debt! Yet wait, the white man is smarter, haha I challenge that. You are the epitome of a child throwing a tantrum because his mommy didn’t give him candy. Grow up and look around white people are Not the only race and we as minorities are not leaving. Pretty soon your race will be interrogated with the people you despise and white will soon be the minority.

      • J ews run our money you ignorant mongrel mullato

      • Whomever is running the money is an idiot. We as an nation as broke. And its spelled Mulatto. Spell check would be a great investment for you. You don’t even bother checking your spelling, I wouldn’t be surprised that you don’t take the time to validate your sources for your “resources”.

      • I prefer the word mongrel or bastard, and I wont dignify the satanic bastardization of races with its ‘proper’ spelling opting instead for mullato.

  2. So, are you a Graeter’s or an Aglamesis Brothers or a UDF kind of guy?

    • Ive had all three, and all three are good.
      UDF is most convenient and most frequented, but when Im in the area or feel like driving a bit, Graeters Coconut is hard to beat. Thanks for your post, add content when you can. Be a set of eyes and ears. Thats what this is all about.

    • the lady said:

      I personally love Graeter’s. Delicious.

  3. You are an embarrassment to Cincinnati, Ohio, and all of America. Racist bigots like you make my heart sink to the bottom of my stomach; you make it difficult for me to get our of bed in the morning. That’s how depressing you are. Not just to me-but to most people. You don’t even deserve to be acknowledged but this is juuuust offensive enough to waste my time commenting on your ignorant prejudice nonsense. Good luck with living with yourself- sounds awful!

    • Cincinnati itself is an embarrassment.

      Fiscal mismanagment, a ‘Monica Lewinsky type’ stadium deal that stole $ 1 billion (with overruns) from every taxpayer and did nothing to enhance downtown or its safety, dangerous crime infested areas and high murder per capita rate.
      Comparable sized Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Columbus have all managed their cities and prosper, but Cincinnati has been stagnate and/or regresses to third rate.

      Life is good in the Northern Burbs of Mason, West Chester and Warren County, I can assure you. I dont worry about negro crime, bullets, high property taxes to fund the stadium debacle, failing schools, council mismanagement, or race riots.
      And note: Depression is a sign of sanity and reality.

    • the truth hurts swallow all of it by the shovel full cuz you’re either part of the plague or an self loathing apologist maggot that needs to go kill yourself. The funny thing is I was debating w/ some afrocentrist on YouTube who lives outside of Cincy who just got out of Lebanon prison & was bragging about beating & robbing random whites not only in Cincy but the suburbs too.

      • Grace you are one of few sane people on this bizarre blog that believe what they say is the truth. Aren’t most rapist and murderers white men? So its okay to attack if your’e white but if your black you are damned, Great logic genius. It’s taking everything in me not to tell you off like you do “Negroes” but my parents taught me that all people are equal and to embrace everyone around you that have the sense to accept that the United States of America is not a WHITE country! Your ancestors love to take away but hate the consequences after the oppressed is done with the foolishness and mistreatment.

      • No. Crime stats now errantly classify Hispanic mestizos as whites.
        The safest cities, states and nations are dare I say, white. Your parents lied. Not all of us are the same and racial differences are the compelling reason as to why. None are dying to get into black or brown nations. But they are with white nations.

  4. sickntired said:

    You might like this too! Defend America From Jewish Predation. The American Defense Party. Just like Hilter started small and the truth came out as to whom was causing the wars, the economic collapse, the sickness, the corruption…………..his party grew to oust the snakes and their venomous traditions. The German economy and it’s people thrived once that problem was solved.
    109 nations in history expelled these rats and America and U.K., and France and Germany and Australia and every other white country is sickeningly being controlled by these imposters!
    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=723_1397311648 – don’t believe it..search for it.
    And one example of their own information:

  5. sickntired said:

  6. A reporting of a white man, brutally beaten for being white is somehow an Anti african rant?
    130+ whites pulled from their cars and beaten for driving while white during the Cincinnati Race Riots but I have an anti African rant for describing it factually?
    Name? I go by Jacob Goldstein. Shalom

  7. 1 million Interracial crimes annually and 90% are black ON White, but I have an Anti African rant for a site for daring to discuss it? Thats great.
    You seem to be in denial, and I dont mean the river in Egypt.

    • Calling You disgusting for telling truth is disgusting in itself

      • Being stupid isn’t a sin. I will pray that God gives you all guidance toward the truth. A white man can kill a black boy and run free. But once a white face is pictured as the deceased it’s a completely different story. Good riddance

  8. Thank you for this blog. The truth must come out. Ignore these idiots who don’t want to hear the truth. Truth doesn’t match their utopian vision. I’ve heard that even when they are being targeted in a riot (for being the white devil) they will still hold onto utopian ideas. Evolution has selected them for extinction. If you can’t discern danger when it’s right in front of you, you die. BTW, these liberals who think “all human races are the same” are NOT the ones breeding, so their kind will vanish. Most of them are choosing voluntary extinction because the 3rd world is having a population explosion, they think they should not breed right here in America. No good deed goes unanswered. LOL

  9. Gitwood said:

    I’m moving back to Cincinnati for family issues, not looking forward to all the nonsense from the black residents. Ive lived in a white paradise for years and sure haven’t missed the diversity I was force fed as a kid. I remember it all too well, crime, fights, riots and all around rascality. Looking to move as far out of the city as possible. Thanks for keeping me informed and keep up the good work, far too few people are talking about this nonsense and I have no tolerance for it any longer, my white guilt card was burned years ago.

  10. Skyline or Gold Star?

  11. Riots today on the UC-police shooting at 5:30pm on campus near the baseball field. If you want to counter-protest, shoot me an email!

  12. keep fighting, goyim!!!

  13. Great website! Thank you for putting the information out there…the MSM won’t.

  14. Michelle saenz said:

    Thank you

  15. Thank you for the useful information!

  16. White trash troll. Hope you get shot in a movie theater.

    • It’s very possible depending on the locale. This white boy will however fire back in defense, use situational awareness and will avoid the darker parts of town. Thanks for the well wishes. Stay black, bruh

    • “Noah Buddy” is black man or an agent using a photo of a pretty young white girl to promote the “agenda”. This is what they do. To cause confusion and create false impressions on the new young generations while giving blacks and other non-whites encouragement to move beyond fat unattractive white women and approach attractive young white women of this caliber.

      So this person and millions like him will make posts about how they prefer black men or don’t date white men etc etc anything to support their genocide agenda. .

      It’s all propaganda for the disinformation campaign.

      I honestly have no idea why they want to genetically exterminate white people. It really makes no sense. The question is: will genetic white people be stupid enough to fall for it. Because so far it appears to be working and nature takes no prisoners.

      • A people with no heritage or roots are more easily led, controlled and enslaved. They know this and why the barrage of assaults to do just that

      • @ bharford

        Black people have the best heritage, history and culture. I fell asleep during U.s. History which is nothing but the long list of white oppression over the years. It was so easy to enslave the Africans because that country has more than just one language. So they could not communicate with each other to escape. Our roots go much deeper than your roots. Just because our roots may be undocumented, for the mere fact that blacks were not given birth certification and were viewed as just livestock, is the reasoning behind that our roots white people cannot see. A true brother and sister knows that although our family tree may not have all our ancestors that should be there, we know in our hearts that what they suffered will always be a reminder for us to keep fighting against simple minded and mediocre people like you that try to demonize our beautiful heritage and roots.
        #blacklivesmatter. #alllivesmatter. #proudmulatto

      • Best is probably correct. No Ship, Plow, Word for love, 2 story building, written language….Oppression is simply negro speak for ‘we aint dun shiite buts we gots to blame somebody’

      • Whites feed tens of millions of Africans, lest they die in Africa, So much for survival. Youre too stupid and or prideful to read this blog and actually gain anything from it. I suggest you find another blog to read that will lie to you. Mine wont.

      • Less than 10% are engaging in interracial relationships and it’s usually the mentally disturbed…. Or lower self esteem. They know people are more easily ruled when they have no sense of heritage or belonging and why they work overtime to push it. But of course most refuse and this makes it much harder

  17. One day the current era will be known to historians as the Afro-crime era. Our nation is gripped in fear of these people. It’s time to fight back.

  18. Crime exists everywhere..now imagine being a decent, well-educated African American with a successful career. Kind of puts me in the middle with both sides hating me. I get labeled a sellout for bringing up any time of statistics regarding crime in black communities but White America tends to assume what I am without even knowing me. There is a possibility of relocating to Cincinnati and work at UC Medical Center. Not exactly a dream location but it is a dream career. Your thoughts? Take it and move to the suburbs, stay in Tampa, or some other opinion?

    • Theres good and bad here as there is everywhere. Not many trasnients here so that can make it tough. There are probably better options for a young professional than Cincinnati, this city simply does not have its act together in comparison to other Mid Sized cities like Columbus, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Austin et al Thats just my opinion. Good luck to you though.

  19. The author is a racist but everything he/she says about how this country has de-evolved coinciding with racial diversity is correct. We know for a historical and statistical fact when this country was predominately white and moral it was generally (again: generally) a suburban utopia. Unlocked cars, doors, open windows, low crime, friendly neighbors, safe fun schools, cohesive families, etc. were the norm. Yet these facts are intentionally ignored or never mentioned so people will forget them.

    Those of us blessed (or cursed) with a vivid long term memory remember how good things were – before they came. Even if you were “poor” or “lower middle class” you generally had a happy childhood.

    My parents were just graduating from college when I was born. We lived in a place called “Pine Hills” in Orlando, FL. in a small yet affordable house on a cul-de-sac. There was very little crime. All the neighbors knew each other and looked out for each other. We had neighborhood BBQ’s, Christmas events, Halloween parties, and I played with kids from, several blocks away. Even though my parents were just starting out in life and we were “lower middle class” I had a blissful childhood in a largely all white community. I would play outside and at a different house every day. We had sleepovers, pool parties, surprise parties, movie parties where 10-15 of us would all fall asleep in the living room laughing or playing little jokes. We went to church on Sunday’s. We all freely rode bicycles and I had so many little childhood friends. It was heaven on earth.

    Then it happened. Blacks started moving in. I learned recently that Real Estate prices were low during that time and special government programs were offered to “minorities” (no idea why they use that word “minority” when 93% of the world’s population is a “minority”) and “real estate investors” would buy houses and Section 8 them off the taxpayer.

    Slowly things became unsafe. There would be “encounters”. Fights. Cars broken into. Blacks showing up at the door making up stories asking for money. a small pack of black kids approaching white kids to ask for money and start problems for no other reason. The crime rate started to go up. They would show up at the BBQ’s and neighborhood events and cause problems for no reason. They would accuse people of being “racist”. Suddenly I didn’t see my little friends outside as much. And people started moving away. Today the area is called “Crime Hills, Orlando FL” (slang) instead of “Pine Hills, Orlando FL”.

    So my parents decided to move to a community near “Apopka”, in Orlando. The blacks were already moving in and after just a couple short years the exact same situation repeated itself. So they took on a larger mortgage and moved into a bigger more expensive near Hiawassee, Orlando during the 80’s and put me in a private school.

    At that time the community near Apopka was (almost) 100% white and it was a repeat of my earlier childhood days. Everyone knew each other. We had neighborhood “meet and greet”. When we moved in people started showing up to introduce themselves etc. I had so many little childhood best friends I lost count. I had such a fun and blissful childhood. I was in boy scouts. Sports. Made excellent grades in school. Played with all my friends in school and the community. swam and took Karate classes. We were always going to Disney, Bush Gardens, Cypress Gardens, Sea world etc. Sure you have the occasional normal hiccups in life. A fight with the local bully here. Little skiffs and things there. But it was a blissful repeat of before.

    When I was around 10, non-whites started moving in. Neighbors started selling their homes. And I switched schools because of zoning regulations. Again things started changing for the worse and neighbors started closing/locking the doors. My parents sold the house. I remember the “buyers” who showed up to sign papers and get the keys were a family of dark Pakistanis fresh off the boat with some kind of government backed program from the Realtor to buy the house which would guarantee the loan. So my parents again sold the house (they just wanted out and this was now the 3rd time we moved) to a very expensive area on the beach.

    To this day, in 2016, the house is one of the ultra-rare near 100% white areas and comparatively speaking has almost no crime. The only crime comes from people driving over there from outside areas. Here’s the catch – the cheapest house now starts at 1 million+. When my parents moved there it was almost 1990. And it was only 150,000 for a house on the beach. Of course, the area is more “liberal” in 2016.

    It’s easy to be a white liberal and promote racial diversity and anti-white laws when your community is white and you’re staring at the world though a crystal wine glass. However, recently, very recently, even that is changing. I’m noticing more non-whites in the grocery stores, etc. They are not black but Asian. There has been no crime rate increase but seeing them show up is almost unusual

    I remember the 1980’s and how great it was as a child. And If you look anywhere in the WORLD in ANY white community you find this exact same general theme. Yet I’m supposed to be brainwashed to say it’s all a “coincidence” and that every problem whatever it is – is white peoples fault. I’m also supposed to feel “guilty” for something like “slavery” which has been practiced by white people the LEAST from the global historical perspective.

    I’m also excepted to walk on eggshells, kiss non-white and black peoples asses, since they are diligently looking out for “racism” constantly, and to feel frightened or scared to tell the truth or make ANY kind of common sense observation or obvious remark to another white person related to race least the media show up at my door with torches and pitchforks and I lose my job, business, and reputation since even white people who agree 100% will pretend they don’t, lie to themselves, suffer from “group think” and brainwashing or will refuse to hire/do business with me because of this artificially created media social taboo.

    I almost feel like I’m living during the Spanish inquisition and must say I believe the world is flat when it’s round. Especially around other white people.

    You see, most white people agree – but PRETEND they don’t or are “horrified” and externally self-righteously brag this to other white people as though it makes them morally superior. It doesn’t. It just makes them victims of willful ignorance and collective suicide.

    Congratulations white people. You’ve allowed yourselves to be destroyed. Someday there will be no place to run to. And if this farce is maintained and supported by a politically correct liberal socialist USSR style government; there is no reason to believe that what happened in the USSR will not happen in America: and white people will be the first “race” of any species on this planets history – in 5 billion years to WILLFULLY GO EXTINCT before losing face.

  20. By the way.. writing this and thinking back.. I typed in “Pine Hills Orlando 1980”. This article came up:


    It was written in 2006. It’s sprinkled with a little less typical white journalism racial B.S. then normal. The statistic about 2 crimes every 3 days in 1978 is simply untrue. In 1978 it was white. The crime didn’t start off until 1980 when blacks moved in.

    Same thing with Apopka and the other areas. These areas were at or almost 100% white. They were lower middle class. Yes. But they were safe and wonderful places to raise a family, with good schools.

    Now it’s a shit hole of crime.

    I suppose it’s white peoples fault for fleeing, right?

    • No, it’s the authorities fault for taking 45 minutes to an hour to aid those in need. If we had more competent law authorities crime would decrease dramatically. We have money to build stadiums for sorry teams but not the money to invest in a better task force to protect this city. White people can flee more room for us, that’s what most of you do anyway is run instead of facing the problem head on. And don’t you realize that families are being ripped apart because of crime period not just black crime. So that article you want to parade around is false. I just hope that another riot is not necessary for you incompetent people to understand that we will take the blame for all that goes wrong. Hell we have been doing it for years, but we always persevere and we shall not be moved or conquered!

      • Blacks hate and defy the police. There is contempt for them by blacks, because they view them as a tool of so called white oppression.
        Just admit it. You like da hood. You like the first Friday of every month. The parties, the gangsta rap, cashing welfare checks, drinking 40s, living off whiteys taxes, the violence and edginess that blacks have as a part of their being.

      • Most all crime is synonymous with blacks. Take out Hispanics, statistically labeled white at crime reporting time and whites and Asians have extremely low crime.
        Try again black racist

      • Haahaha wow. I apologize if you were not loved as a child. God loves you dearly and will always. You know NOTHING about me so cut the crap. There are plenty of White, Hispanic, Asian and Black criminals. Yes I am from the hood, yet I speak with more common sense and more dignity than you will ever posses. If you stood by what you say, you wouldn’t have a picture of a dog instead of yourself. Well I guess it fits because your’e acting like a B**ch. Step in the hood and they will find you, just like how your ancestors would find my ancestors and hang them up on a tree because of the color of their skin.

      • Michael said:

        @ kaliagreenway

        I see you’re mixed race and photo shopped. Thank you for posting your picture.

        So it’s the authorities fault. They should have had totalitarian control over the neighborhood like prison guards. That would have solved the crime problem.

        Wrong. Like doesn’t work like that. Eventually the water meets its own level. The place was a paradise BEFORE blacks moved in. It only changed AFTER blacks moved in. This is a statistical fact that repeats itself in every black gentrified community in the WORLD.

        The article is correct. Pine Hills and millions of other communities were once almost 100% white. They were safe, clean, crime free, wonderful places to live and raise a family with good schools. After blacks showed up everything went to shit.

        The only reason you deny this is because it hurts your feelings/emotions.

        The only way to “face the problem head on” is with racism and violence. So white people flee. Then of course, black people and other minorities follow them.

        The truth is, if you look at history, the West is at “peak negro”. Blacks have never had it so good. And the reason is because of government intervention and taxation theft.

        People in other countries, like Mexico, India, and China, look at these situations in the USA and laugh. For them, not having blacks in your communities is common sense.

        Blacks are literally used as a social weapon, funded by taxes, to destroy white communities, ruin schools, and turn communities into shit.

        Whites have no choice to run.

      • @ Michael
        I appreciate that you think that I am photo shopped. It makes my natural beauty feel so effortless. I guess its the blackness that I inherited that makes me so phenomenal.

        Black people are suited for survival. Life is for the fittest, if you are not strong or fast enough then you will die like in the jungle. It’s your choice if you want to be the predator or the prey. Black people have been prey for too long taking whatever white people did and said. Your just mad that we oppress differently than your ancestors did. I am not condoning but trying to let you know that no one is innocent in this matter of racism.
        Police officers get the slap on the wrist for shooting young black men. When I called and spoke to officers about a grown man hitting my teenage cousin they simply said, “Your’e not his mother so you can’t call for us”. What stupid shit is that? Or when a grown ass man is looking for my teenage sister at 2 a.m. and it took them 1 hour to come. So if my family lost their lives whose fault would that be. Get your facts straight, if you call the police they come in 5 minutes top, where I live 45 minutes is their fastest time. Michael your white skin gives you endless opportunities, so thank God that he blessed you with a free ticket to a care-free life

      • Blacks been prey?
        Blacks are the only species besides the Js that seek others as prey. They prey on each other, just as they sold each other into slavery. Rape, crime, murder, robbery, assault….its a black thang. Underachievement and despair.

      • As I recall Jewish people were enslaved by Northern Africans, so your who ideal on enslaved people are incompetent will also work in terms for your beloved Jewish people. As well as the Holocaust, millions slaughtered and no one could change anything. I have no beef with Jewish people, I have tons of Jewish friends. But stick with the facts bro.

      • You’re too stupid to have a dialogue with.
        J ews controlled the white and black slave trade. They were never enslaved.
        And lastly, I don’t believe the fictional narrative as it exists i.e. that 6 million died in a 3 car garage sized room by use of bug spray in 18 months
        J ews actually declared war On Germany in 1933.
        Hitlers crime was resisting Judaism and Marxism, many claim, and making Germany the wealthiest nation in just three years transforming from the poorest, in Europe by jailing them and throwing them out of banking

  21. It’s quite hilarious. Isn’t the oppression and segregation being handed over from race to race. Now I’m not racist at all but the white man never truly needed to watch their back now they do. It’s about time, and your children should be around other cultures so their thinking isn’t as simple minded as yours. There are plenty of white men and women doing crimes and not being caught. And thousands of innocent black citizens in jail due to the system getting a check for each inmate. Yet you sit here ranting how Hyde Park isn’t safe? Wow try living in Bond Hill or Westwood without getting shot or simply being able to stand at the bus stop and relax. Black people never relax, we look over our shoulders and step on eggshells not to “offend” white people. Yet white people can paint their faces brown, wear deadlocks and throw “black parties” and get away with it. I am not condoning violence nor am I saying that all white people are bad or racists but look at the bigger picture and not just yourself. Nor am I saying that all black people are saints, we are all people no matter where we come from, what color our skin is, or what God we praise. That is called selfishness and that is a sin, remember that. If people like this continue to think this way, humanity has no bright future and I refuse to bring a child into this mediocre society.

    • Blacks are destroyers whenever assembled a group. They can’t stop the violence even with stop the violence marches, without violence and gunfire. Just admit yours is a failed race. Liberia only allows blacks to become citizens. It sounds like a perfect place for you to move and expatriate.

      • Why don’t you go back to Europe where your ancestors are fro . Your race are takers of others freedom and countr . If you can’t take interracial socializing then you need intensive therapy.

      • We invented freedom you mental midget.
        Yet Your people had no wheel, plow, ship, word for live, rape or 2 story building even on arrival of the first Europeans to sub Saharan Africa. Little has changed.

      • The Whites “invented” freedom! Hahaha that’s the most hilarious thing that I have every heard. Let me teach you something that you should know about “YOUR” people since you don’t know. The colonist wanted freedom from the British, by doing so they imprisoned the Natives. Took their land and killed their people, the Natives and the Africans were truly free. They had no one to run from than the whites and their enemies (which in the end the whites were the only enemy). You can’t invent freedom to take it away STUPID. And my people are your people too. Did you forget that the first sign of human life came from Africa? Oh yeah you must have forgot that your ancestors are from Africa. So stop with the ignorance and send me some facts. Silence is golden my friend, don’t open your mouth unless you know what you are talking about.

      • And you speak of Liberia not allowing other races other than black be citizens, but how long did Blacks had to fight to be citizens. Then not given the right to vote. In our homeland your people still oppressed and not allowing blacks to hold citizenship in Africa as well. So quit crying it;s not attractive in men.

      • Blacks control and controlled all of Africa and still couldnt make it function as even a 2nd world type nation. In Liberia, freed US slaves were in turn enslaving the natives and others starved, so the experiment of slave repatriation was cancelled. Everything is whiteys fault for you underachievers and pathetic non achievers..

    • Your’e quick to point the finger that black blame whites, but you blame the blacks for all of the crime. If you truly wanted peace and prosperity in your city, this bogus blog would not be up. You making what should be an awareness of crime period in Cincinnati into a racial thing. I know that Cincinnati is not the safest city in the country, but where in the country someone has not been brutally mistreated or killed. No nation is perfect and no one is perfect despite their beliefs, skin color or incompetence. If your blog was representing something more positive like #alllivesmatter maybe the change in safety may change, but being negative and making the wrong ones mad will only end in a terrible way. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Everything you do has consequences and this white biased blog will only have a negative impact on what you truly want: a safer city to call your home.

  22. Also you don’t have to ask for special privileges because being white is an all access pass for endless opportunities

    • The inverse and opposite is true.
      Whites and Asians are passed over by less qualified negros and Indians at job and college enrollment time.
      Whites build and work, blacks destroy.

    • Tell that to the poorest people in America, that live across 8 states in Appalachia. Being white means building and creating: making the most of the brain God gave you, hands to work with and shoulders to carry a load. Negros like you come with a host of excuses to validate and rationalize your inherent failures. It’s a black thang

      • The simple fact that you believe that being “white” is that definition makes you naive and your parents should have taught you better. Although I am half white, I do not discriminate like you do. Our president is black, he has shaped this nation better than any of those who ran against him. And as of jobs, you are just mad because you are jobless because there are millions of jobs out there so get one. Minorities are not taking all of the jobs, but hey if you aren’t working hard then someone will. Black people have invented thousands of contraptions that you use today! You need God to bless you with some sanity

      • Obana is a mongrel and illegals have taken millions of jobs, further driving down labor costs. Outsourcing is another nail in the coffin as well as bringing in smelly Indians who also drive down tech wages

    • Magna Carta was the basis of individual freedom and Human rights as well as the English system Of common law and habeus corpus et al.
      Indians were paid for by their land and traded it away. They now live well running casinos with national sovereignty.
      African Negros were enslaved and sold by fellow negros to j ews who ran the slave trade. Negros ethnically cleansed the indigenous Bush people of Africa and each other warring among the Hutus, tootsies et al
      There were fewer than 3000 lynchings in US history most were horse thieves, rapists and murderers. And that’s fewer than are shot by each other is fellow negros in Anerica every year.
      The problem is you’re an idiot and mongrelized to where you have just enough intelligence to question but you’re too stupid to connect dots and research. I suggest Dr William Pierce on Haiti for you. Black run. Poorest nation In The Western Hemisphere, but at one time the wealthiest. Negros killed off all whites and then half breeds like yourself as they were a reminder of the white French. And then it descended into the abyss

  23. Hahaha wow. The simple fact that you concoct this simple minded history to make white people less responsible for the centuries of oppression to minorities. Although other negros sold their brothers, those same negros were sold as well. And there were more lynchings than you believe. Why wont you read or watch the movie roots. It made Kathy Bates character in American Horror Story: Coven cry, it may give your heartless life some meaning. I’m not a racist by any means, I love my ancestors and love my heritage. I’m far from an idiot and a half breed is running the country. My thoughts and prayers to all those who listen to your idiotic rampages. I hope they find sanity and common sense. Finally your illiterate self needs spell check, your quick to call one an idiot but have excessive typos. Good day

  24. See your words despite what you try to say will not make me feel less or change my way of thinking. I may be a bastard but my father loves me. I do have heritage, like you well know I have a white parent so my heritage is yours as well. My history may consist of what you claim, but “stealing what whites gave us” my ancestors didn’t ask to come here. So if there is anyone to blame for the “destruction and high crime rates” it’s your ancestors. You have no one else to blame but them. My ancestors went through hell and were never defeated. Maybe your race should take an African American class to be informed on how to suppress oppression. Under achievement has no skin color, it is based on a person’s quality of life. And I prefer incompetent or bigot to describe who you are

    • I don’t care how you feel.
      It’s a feminine response. I’m a creature of logic and thought
      It’s not your fault for being born, I just don’t wish to live around you or your sick parents

  25. You’re a very intelligent man. Sad to say your blog is all true. It’s not racist it’s realist.

  26. Jack Berk said:

    Pity you are a coward not to post your real name. Small boy with a big mouth. Though in the magical realm of the internet, finding your name shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

  27. According to your ‘about’ section, you’re not a ‘white supremist’. I assume you meant ‘white supremacist’. In any case, you write like one.

    • I actually believe in the supremacy of White European Culture. Its why those from all other races spend their lifes savings and well being trying to immigrate TO white nations. Maybe you think its coincidence that there isnt 1 Black run first world nation, but I dont. And I dont apologize for those facts or not sugar coating the truth. I dont think that the USA is on magic soil. I know it is first world due to the contributions solely of mostly Germanic and European peoples, VS South America, which is resource rich, but comprised of mullatos and half castes, and is 2nd and 4rd world.

      • Okay. So, how are you NOT a white supremist…err…white supremacist?

      • I dont even know what the question alludes to. Do whites build superior societies and everything in said socieites? The answer is an resounding YES!
        So if one acknowledges this obvious fact, one is a supremacist? Its a stupid, joo baiting tactic disguised as a browbeat session in the form of a question.
        so How about just F Off?

      • I’m just asking questions.

        And what makes you think that white people have built superior societies, and what constitutes as ‘superior’ in your opinion? Lastly, if it is true, did you – as an individual – built any superior societies, or are you an exception to the rule?

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