CINCINNATI — Someone fatally shot a white driver who accidentally struck a 4-year-old boy in Walnut Hills Friday.



Jamie Urton above top right-Loved by All. Rest in peace. And May others learn from this.

A driver was dragged from his car and shot dead after he hit a four-year-old boy who was in the street with his vehicle, according to police in Cincinnati.  Driver Jamie Urton, 44, had just left work and was with a co-worker when the boy was struck Friday, police said.

The incident happened on Kenton Street between Burbank and Wilkinson streets at about noon, according to police. The boy crossed the roadway in front of the car and was struck (By a white man traveling to work who worked for the Center For the Blind). When officers arrived at the scene, they found Urton with a gunshot wound, police said. He died at the hospital.  The 4-year-old’s injuries were not life-threatening, police said.

Investigators said they were unsure whether or not the shooting was directly related to the child being struck or not.  (Editorial comment- Not sure? He was white and the shooters black, and it was an execution.)   George Gains, who lives near the scene of the shooting, said that the sound of gunfire has become a daily soundtrack to his time in the neighborhood. College freshman Supreme Davis agreed, but said she hoped that more members of the community would take steps to end the violence.  “Walnut Hills is a sacred community for everybody,” Davis said. “A lot of our upcoming talent and kids that have a bright future come out of this same very neighborhood.”


Baby mama of 4 yr old brat & possible biological baby daddy

Editorial Comment -Broad Daylight. A black child negligently ran into the road, and was struck, but not seriously injured.  The white driver pulled over, was dragged from his car and was beaten, and then summarily executed. A passenger in the vehicle, a white minor, was also beaten.  Moral of the story?  Step On the Gas.   Do NOT Stop in a black ghetto for any reason. Turn yourself in later if there is an issue. Repeat Take home message. If you accidentally hit a pedestrian in the hood – don’t stop. If you do you will be murdered by a pack of savages.


Shithole aka Walnut Hills-Broad Daylight Post Execution

Signoff– I began this site a few years ago, when the local unreported violence perpetrated among white UC Students, and a friends son personally (by feral blacks), cried out for publicity. It morphed into more crime reporting.  It is intentionally non monetized, meaning I make nothing and want nothing.  It is for educational purposes strictly, and cathartic for me.  It occupies little of my time, quite frankly, as such stories are literally a click away on a weekly if not daily basis.  It takes me about 15 minutes to write & publish these stories.  Ive attracted upwards of a million views and appreciate the feedback and infamous notoriety albeit anonymously, But the fatigue and frustration emotionally has reached a level of exigency.   Lately, The level of anger that distracts me from other duties I have to maintain, is too much.  Not to mention that there are other great websites-from Colin Flaherty-White Girl Bleed Alot, The Daily Stormer and Incogman et al, that do an excellent job reporting day to day crime. I am ‘passing the torch’ to them and to other readers and viewers.

There are literally tens of millions of us, and we are being led by the nose by perhaps a few thousand people.  I’m hopeful that under a new Presidency,  A Day of Reckoning will right all of these injustices, and GOD knows that they are many and it is up to the people to ensure it.  I urge my readers to stay On Guard, Armed and Vigilant, To Pray, and To Look after one another.  To take in the simple things in life, as they are really the best and most valuable, ie children laughing, hugs from loved ones and laughs with friends and family.  And To guard with a jealous anger and vexation, all that is sacred to you and to yours.  Remember situational awareness at all times.  My Best to you All.

May GOD and GLOCK Bless you and keep you safe.