Lil Wayne & Drake getting their party on at the Cameo Club

Last night at the Cameo Club in the East End of The ‘Nati, an upstanding member (And his posse)  of the negro community and likely future bio chemist, saw fit to shoot 16 people, killing at least one. Is the “White system” is to blame because its racist?  One ‘Nati resident opined that the ownership is to blame because ‘even though they use wands and metal detectors, there was no formal dress code in place’ and that contributed to a bad element and thugs entering. A Very plausible, efficacious, and insightful commentary from that astute black patron in this writers eyes.  Other negros blame the ownership for faulty security, even though 4 police officers (and even more off duty officers) provided security there.  I have to conclude that all of this is accurate. The shooter is probably not to blame.  There are too many intangibles in the black intellect, their mind is truly a riddle wrapped inside of an enigma as to what provoked this and other incidents like it.

Its been projected that this all occurred over a slight in Da Club. Its not easy being a G. For this shooter, Africa is his safe space.  There is No evil racism there to cause such actions. And remember black community, Snitches get stitches. To date, with over 200 eyewitnesses, no one has come forward to name the shooter in Da Club.  Its estimated that between 30-40% of the patrons know WHO this shooter is.  So, Kudos black community.  Way to keep it real.


Cameo in Better Days-Dope talent too!


Inside the Cameo


What’s a night out without dodging a few bullets?


Talent At The Cameo. FabOlous !!


It Aint no party until The County Coroner arrives!

Its cold in the Nati..