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MASON, OHIO (WOOD) — A woman listed as an alleged rape victim of former Western Michigan University football player Bryson White while he lived in Ohio, said she was shocked to learn the school had recruited him.

“A monster, that’s what they were recruiting,” Kira Carter, now 18, told Target 8.White, the now former Western Michigan University football player accused of Home Invasion and Robbery in Kalamazoo, faced four separate sexual assault allegations in his hometown of Mason, Ohio, according to police reports obtained by Target 8.

According to police and court records obtained by WLWT, from 2011-2013, White was accused of sexual assault on four different occasions. The accusations include a Gang rape at an underage drinking party, a sexual assault in the Family locker room at the Mason Community Center, and a sexual assault in a Cemetery.

White, 18, was accused in two separate alleged gang rapes and of forcing two girls to perform oral sex, all in Mason. He was never charged in any of the cases.

He was kicked off the team over the summer after being arrested in Michigan. Prosecutors said White and a teammate forced their way into a Kalmazoo apartment, robbed a college freshman and threatened to slit her throat.  While out on bond in that case, the 18-year-old got into trouble with the law again back in Ohio. West Chester police said White choked a co-worker at Kohl’s and threatened to kill her. Both of those cases are pending.

On Thursday, while WMU officials called it a “mistake” to recruit White, they said there was no way of knowing about the allegations in Ohio. An attorney working with the family of one alleged victim says WMU should have dug deeper.

“It was very easy for us to find all of the previous allegations against him, which included sex crimes as well as various other allegations, so it’s hard for me to understand how a university was not able to check on that same information,” said Elizabeth Well, legal director for the Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center.

“When you see that many charges against an individual, it should give you pause, especially in terms of bringing that individual into a campus environment.” One of the alleged victims, now 18, told Target 8 she was 15 when White forced her behind a Catholic church in Mason, put a gun to her head and raped her next to a statue of the Virgin Mary, along with two other members of the Mason High School football team.

“He put the gun against my head and basically told me he was going to kill my mom and kill myself, and I just froze,” Kira Carter said. “He raped me. They raped me.” She said she didn’t pursue the case, in part, because she was afraid. “I was going to pretend like it never happened because no one would believe me.”  She said a Mason coach also later asked her not to pursue it.

“He got away with it. They all did because they were all football players, they were all well-respected, they were popular.” “I got bullied and people just said mean things and did just cruel things to me, and I still can’t get over it.”

White was a star running back for the Mason High School Comets football team and a track star. He agreed to join the WMU Broncos football team in February. WMU officials say he was a walk-on student who was recruited by coaches. They say he did not receive a scholarship.

The allegations against him started in December 2011, when he was 13 and was accused of forcing a 13-year-old girl to perform oral sex behind a home in Mason. The girl’s parents told Target 8 she was harassed at school and didn’t want to pursue the case. In April 2012, he was 14 when he was accused of forcing a 13-year-old girl to perform oral sex. The girl later told police it was consensual.

White was still 14 in January 2013 when he and an 18-year-old man were accused of holding down a 14-year-old girl at an underage drinking part and taking turns raping her.

Mason High School varsity football coach, Brian Castner, (Possible Oven Dodger??) heard rumors about the rape and reported it to police. An officer familiar with the case said a clerical error in the grand jury led to dismissal of the case against the 18-year-old.  The officer said prosecutors then decided against charges against White.

White was 17 when he was arrested on March 28, 2016 on charges of driving under the influence of marijuana and suspended driving. Police said his passenger had a gun and a mask. In an email to Target 8, WMU Athletic Director Kathy Beauregard said the Broncos contacted Mason High School in May after a question arose about White’s character.

“At the time, our coaching staff did follow up on this concern, contacting Mason high school officials. We received positive reinforcement as to Bryson’s character, including the specific assertion of no known law breaking incident,” she wrote.

In an interview on Thursday, Beauregard refused to say what that question was about his “character,” saying it would violate his privacy. While acknowledging it was a mistake to recruit White, she said there was no way the university could have known about his criminal background.

“We have 16 sports, over 350 student-athletes,” Beauregard said. “Yes, you’re going to have some mistakes along the way. This one is a mistake. We are regretful that this happened.  (Mistake????? ie Kick the can down the road so he can commit more violent felonies)

“I don’t know what more homework we could have done on him than what we did. They talked to the football coach directly; they talked to administrators at the school, teachers at the school. It was absolutely stated to us that there were no issues at all with this young man.” While she refused to blame the Mason head coach, she questioned why he didn’t tell them.

“We assume that people tell the truth when we ask it,” she said. Castner, the Mason High School football coach, refused to comment on Wednesday when confronted by Target 8 in Ohio. White is back in Mason. Target 8 tracked him down to his father’s home. White refused to comment. White and teammate, 18-year-old Ronald George, are accused of forcing their way into an off-campus apartment in Kalamazoo on Friday and robbing a woman of marijuana and money. White allegedly was armed with a knife, George with a gun. The Broncos later dismissed them from the football team.”   

Dashcam Video of the Rapists:  http://wwmt.com/news/i-team/dashcam-video-shows-arrest-of-former-wmu-football-players

Comment: Colonialism could be the cause, or a case of simply Muh Dick.  This falls on the heels of the Negro Bengal  ‘Pac Man’ Jones assaulting security guards, committing battery, and spitting on a white nurse. Probably due to colonialism suffered by their ancestors 350 years ago or something.  I’ve intimated that the proper acronym for the NFL= Negro Felon League.  WMU Football was 14-1 this year. Go Broncos!!. Hope it was worth it, coach.   And 3 weeks ago, a Basketball WMU player was arrested for Murder.  Isnt Diversity enriching?

I’m suffering serious chronic negro fatigue. The entire system needs to be obliterated.  I’m just sick of it all. Segregation Now.  This buffoons have no business living amongst us in our suburbs now (Mason is an upscale North Cincinnati suburb) or at our Universities in African Studies or P.E. to maintain a C average to stay eligible and perform circus tricks.  It is social engineering at its finest.


“The faster they run, the Whiter they get.”
So said an Auburn University Board of Trustee member in the late 1960s regarding the athletic abilities of Black males, in response to the impending fall of the color line in Southeastern Conference (SEC) football. Though the SEC produced some of college football’s top teams when they boasted all-white lineups, the integration of the all the member teams by 1972 ushered in an epoch that would come to be dominated by Blacks.

It is through this contact with Black athletes who represent Predominately White Institutions (PWI) in the South and around the nation at prestigious schools in the Atlanta Coast Conference (ACC), Big Ten, Big 12, and Pac-12, that primarily white alumni formulate their positive impressions of Black males. Representing Florida State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, the University of Southern California, the University of Miami, and especially the now-14 member SEC, the Black athletes at these schools help wash away images of Black Dysfunction that would otherwise be the only representation of Black males that white alumni would have.

In the pages of Opiate of America, Paul Kersey takes you on a journey into the world of college football, and shows you how programs across the nation recruit primarily Black athletes who only gain acceptance to the school because of their ability to run or catch a football. You will learn that white high school football players routinely are discriminated against by recruiters, who believe that only Black athletes can play certain positions like corner back, running back, or receiver at the collegiate level.

Throughout the 267-page report compiled on the Penn State scandal and the coverup of the Jerry Sandusky child abuse, it is one line that cuts to the heart of why America is in so much trouble: “A culture of reverence for the football program that is ingrained at all levels of the campus community.”

Paul Kersey dares take you down the rabbit hole and show you how far that reverence for college football goes on the campuses of some of America’s best colleges and universities. And in the process, he clearly shows that a new form of discrimination has emerged; that against white high school athletes. The godfather of college football recruiting, Tom Lemming, told the Chicago Sun-Times in 2009, “”College recruiters talk off the record to me,” said Lemming. “They talk off the record that if an athlete is white, no matter how great his production, they won’t recruit him.”

“On his annual coast-to-coast trips to evaluate the top 1,500 prospects in the country, Lemming sees hundreds of white tailbacks who are very productive but few get a chance in college.” Paul Kersey will show you the ramifications of majority black major college football, where the Southeastern Conference (SEC) went from all-white teams up until the early 1970s to fielding squads of almost black starters who rely on “special admits” to gain acceptance to the university.