Make no mistake, this was a homicide in the making, or Snuff (execution) video, but the feral negro perps were caught due to their low IQs, which had them live stream this horror show.  Many think that It speaks volumes for the need to re-institute segregation and rescind Jim Crow and Affirmative Action Laws. Otherwise, such incidents will become more prevalent, as we descend into the abyss, with likeness akin to Anti- White Post Apartheid and Marxist (Now 3rd world) South Africa or Zimbabwe, as below.


Previous to the above referenced race based hate crime, and just weeks apart, we had another white victim pulled from his car in the same city of Chi-Congo, when he stopped to exchange insurance information, after his car was side swiped, and then beaten mercilessly as his black attackers yelled “He voted for Donal’ Trump” while commencing beating him.   Photo of said beating posted below.

A comment on a forum succinctly stated:

‘They (blacks) prey on our children, precious women and our defenseless elderly with total impunity.  They they did this for amusement, without a care in the world, laughing……

‘1 million annual Interracial Hate Crimes and 90% are black ON White. All whites are urged to travel in groups, CCW- carry concealed, avoid high crime areas / blacks in any capacity and organize citizen patrols. Practicing racism is situational awareness and may well keep one alive.


Chicago Beating