Charlotte is 35% Black.




Facts are hate speech


Charlotte-Pre Riot..Vibrant but functioning.


Charlotte-Riot.  Now things be gettin all live Up In dat Muhfugga dawg. Nome sayin?


White bystander who has never read my blog.  He was Beaten and stripped naked.  I presume rape was pending, but the locale lacked discreet romantic setting most bruthas desire, and ambience wasnt quite right. Some Marvin Gaye, D’Angelo, or Teddy Pendegrass mightve been just the ticket to get these bruthas in the mood for some homo lovin. Or maybe there were just too many witnesses.


When there is no purple drank to steal when looting, Red Bull is the next best thing, along with Newports and Salem Menthols..

Deja Freaking Voodoo all over again. Im in the Twilight Zone yet again.

The deceased, an X Con said by his family now to be a Card carrying Member of the Charlotte Book Of The Month Club, just happened to have no book, but  did have a gun, and yet failed to drop the gun when ordered by the ‘Jump Out Boys’ or local police authorities, and commits suicide by cop.   ie Play Stupid games = Win stupid prizes.  Another month, another Riot, another case of SNF or Serious Negro Fatigue.  Stay vigilant, readers.