What’s a day in da Nati without a drive-by, some pop, pop, pop and a little gun play?  Well, it’s all made better when it’s on Film, baby!!!!

(Warning: Video contains vulgar language.)


Cincinnati Police are investigating a video that appears to show a man shooting into a crowd of people as he drives through a Price Hill neighborhood.

In the video, a man records himself in the back of a car aiming a handgun out the window and firing at about a dozen people – most of which appear to be minors. The video had been viewed more than 90,000 times on Facebook, but has since been taken down.

Comment:  (Straight gangsta!!   And It’s probably best to cut all gifted programs so we don’t hurt their feelings.)

It is unclear if the weapon was real or if shots were fired. However, no injuries in that area have been reported.

Cincinnati Police say they are aware of the video and are investigating.

A department spokesperson said this incident could carry misdemeanor charges of aggravated menacing, or felony charges of felonious assault if someone was hurt.

“It’s crazy. That’s not funny. They’re shooting at little kids,” said one woman who lives nearby. “That’s not funny. I don’t think it’s cute. You’re think you’re big? That’s not cool. That’s not the cool thing to do.”

Can you imagine how boring our lives would be without diversity?   Ie Blacks around, committing violent crime,  and doing hoax drive-by’s and putting them up on facebook?

we would suffer from tedious boredom probably