I grew up close to this area, and almost attended this high school ‘fun festival’ last Sunday. A group of white students were having fun at the festival, until some blacks decided to play the shoot em up and kill whitey game. What’s a family fun fest without some diversity, cultural enrichment and gun fire?  Said black feral yoofs (Being charged with Felonious Assault by inept and corrupt prosecutors!!!)  exchanged slights and the white students, trying to avoid trouble, got in their car and left, thinking that it was over.  They made it as far as 1/4 mile before an ambush of sorts where their car was blocked.  The driver, a 16 year old student, was an innocent bystander in all of this, and was shot in the back of the head by a negro. He was put on life support,  but has since died.

This is the first murder this year for quiet Kettering Ohio, where I grew up.  It was idyllic. We often left our front door unlocked-even at night, keys in our unlocked cars, bicycles in our yard for days at a time with never a problem, about 30 years ago.  Interstate 675 brought ‘progress’ and with that, DIVERSITY!!!! ie Section 8 housing, feral negros, and all of the rest that goes with it like crime, lowered property values, blight, budget woes and malfeasance, TNE or Typical Negro Effects.

Dayton was extremely segregated them, blacks were sensibly resigned to the West Side (Great Miami River), and life just seemed safer and more peaceful, probably because it was. Cincinnati is a dump, but West Dayton is every bit as much, if not more than a dump and one of the more dangerous areas in the nation, due to its concentration of feral negros.

My prayers go out to this young boys family and I hope justice is dealt in prison to the ferals. Friends at the DAs office confirmed that the shooter and accomplices were all black, except a token Wigger who was with them. Whats a real posse without an Eminem in tow?


Ronnie Bowers , deceased victim rip +


Appreciate all the diversity, goyim!  How could you deny it and not be ecstatic about them in your suburban schools?!


Alter High School Festival



Entire blocks of vacant homes on the once prestigious West Side of Dayton, 20 minutes away). Why not just re-home the ferals who destroyed them, to the ‘Burbs for cultural enrichment?   Dayton was once a gritty but thriving manufacturing mecca, The ‘Silicone Valley’ of mechanical engineering and Invention capital of North America-Car Starter, Cash Register, Flight,   Motorized Wheelchair, Stepladder,  Refrigeration, Pop top cans, Motion Picture Cameras, Light bulb, Airplane Fuel, Gas Masks, Parachutes, phonographs, et al even sicko Larry Flynt called it home.  Re: Dayton. Same theme: Negros came, jobs left, and it becomes 3rd world.  Now the Heroin capital of America and an official Sh*thole, 4th on the Most Miserable Cities Index.

Dayton Inventors:



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FBI warns police that Dayton Gang Crime will spread to the suburbs (Gee you think??)