Theme from The Twilight Zone begins..

115 blacks were shot in’ Chicongo’ this past week but no one gives a damn, there’s no money in it and no one really cares, least of all them.




A picture=Worth 1000 words. The presumptive BLM leader in Haiti


Sheeiit be live in Liberia mane


Purple drank thief getting his dues


At Least the African Buffoons have the sense to know they are killing their own and urge the fraternal violence to end




Apartheid simply means living apart, but TPTB said its not okie dokie, except for their crappy nation in the Middle East.


Rhodesia-Pre & Post Negro

In truth, their lives don’t matter.  And they never did.   Certainly not to them.  But our collective kindness has been mistaken for weakness.  There is money to be looted from the coffers, diversity pimps to secure lucrative diversity reeducation and training etc.  The History of racial coups and tragedies of former white nations has been forgotten. The message of Haiti, Rhodesia, South Africa is but a faint memory, if not lost altogether.  Cultural Marxism is being openly practiced against Whites and our displacement is at hand in most locales if not the entire nation, and others as well in the Western world. I don’t see this ending well, for them.  But I urge all readers to stay alert, vigilant, and guarded. They have overplayed this, its a common trait and character weakness in them, and also the ‘other ‘ group running things.  My intuition tells me it will get far worse before it gets better…..My best to all readers.