Thanks to author Colin Flaherty for the heads up.


I’m showing signs of  clinical SNF or serious negro fatigue, and was late in reporting this.  With all of the excitement from ‘diversity’ in The Nati, its hard to keep up with current negro crime (or gorillas shot at our zoo, due to recalcitrant negro children escaping into and over protected caged walls),  for this working dad.


They call it ‘fighting’ but its a coordinated battery attack on white victims, and might as well be considered attempted homicide when its 10 one 1.


The Taste of Cincinnati is an annual food event replete with local vendors, music, fun and festivities and in the last 2 years, is also ‘action filled’ with unsolicited muggings, brutal assaults, the KO game-usually on the fringes near the public parking, and this year for an encore…..gunshots fired by feral negro yoofs / thug teens from Fountain Square during broad daylight.



Fountain Square

What would Cincinnati be without such excitement like running for cover or keeping ones head down while trying to take ones family downtown for special German treats, Cincinnati Chili, locally crafted brews or funnel cakes?  Isn’t diversity exciting and vibrant?





6-4-2016  Cincinnati.com reports:

Cincinnati City Council is expected to discuss the safety and security of local events on Monday after violent incidents were reported near the city’s popular Taste of Cincinnati on Memorial Day weekend.

Council member Amy Murray has recommended the Cincinnati Police Department look at the expansion of its Citizens on Patrol Program. Other members of City Council have also expressed concern and the issue is expected to be brought up at Monday’s Law and Safety Committee meeting.

“Our COPPs consistently provide top-notch walking and fixed patrols in our neighborhoods,” Murray said. “I think these additions to our city’s largest events could add a significant level of peace of mind to patrons in deterring this type of intimidation, violence and criminal behavior.”

Murray said she plans on talking to Downtown community organizations to help recruit those who have an interest in providing members for a special events unit.

According to various incident reports recorded by police, two men were injured in a Shooting and multiple people were Attacked near Taste of Cincinnati festivities.

This same clueless black council woman advocates for more Rap music for thug teens, tents, and soon will advocate (in my estimation) for a Nati twerking contest.


It will be doubly named Taste of Mogadishu.  This is the Twilight Zone dear readers…..