This weekend in Covington Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, was the semi annual Mainstrasse event, a gathering of vendors, patrons and entertainers to offer family fun and friendly entertainment to historic German Mainstrasse.




.  This event has been put on for years. I don’t make it a point to go to these events, but am part of a Church group that has a contract, which includes the table, chair and trash pickup to help raise funds for the school at the Church.

My volunteer shift began at 9pm. Just before I had arrived for my shift, I learned of a terrible incident.  My friends 9 year old son (Nine years old!!!) was targeted by a black feral teenager for a battery assault or so called Knock Out Game.  This child was folding chairs, minding his own business.  He was targeted, brutally assaulted and punched in the ear, and the feral black assailant ran away to a group of thugs.

Said feral thugs then proceeded to gather in the parking lot behind a bar, and begin Jumping on the parked cars in some African tribal custom, setting off car alarms.  Authorities soon arrived and some thugs were cornered by the Kenton County Sheriffs department and Covington Police.  One 17 year old thug was arrested and taken into custody for carrying an unregistered revolver.  This event has not been reported in the local press media and more than likely will not any headlines or any reported story. I am working to try to get the incident report on the ‘yoof’ that was arrested.  The child that was punched is doing ok, his equilibrium was off for at least an hour after the occurance and he was well shaken up and scared.  More updates later.


African tribal celebration-Cincinnati Riots Dance


Closing statement: What a worthless race of people.  I am simply without words to describe what sickness I feel over all of it. Ive simply had it. It will not weaken my resolve but further strengthen it.  Targeting children, the elderly, women and the blind.  I’m just sick….. viewers are urged to see earlier blog entry which points out this futile experiment.



update:  Letter addressing these concerns and new measures

……, began working with Covington’s Chief of Police and City Director on an action plan to increase security. Several new strategies have been put into place to mitigate and respond quickly to any safety or security issues:
• We found that the group of teenagers, who were not all from Covington and caused similar disruptions in Cincinnati & Newport, were able to organize via social media. There is now a dedicated officer whose mission is to find these groups and stop them before they have a chance to get started.
• We will be adding additional uniformed and plain-clothed security throughout the festivals- specifically in the rides area and on Saturday night.
• There are now officers working directly with our local school Human Resource departments to serve as safety experts, problem solvers and liaisons to our community resources in an effort to provide a safe space for communication and support.
• During festivals we will provide your team leads with walkie talkies so you can communicate more directly with us and with each other. Plus, we will make sure that your team is introduced to and has direct contact info for our main security contact, Deputy Officer George Russell from the Kenton County Sheriff’s Department. As well as making sure you know what officers are on duty overnight.

MainStrasse Village Association and the Covington Police Department are committed to making our festivals a safe place for our visitors and residents to enjoy. There has been a lot of discussion on ways we can do that; for instance, making sure we choose appropriate musical acts, the size of the festival, what vendors we include and most of all, how we can bring back and restore more of MainStrasse Village’s German heritage.
On a personal note, as a resident of MainStrasse I am committed to dedicating my energy and time to the success of the Village. MainStrasse Village has an incredibly diverse and active residential community – we know that the Village is headed in a better direction and we are steadfast in our effort to see our vision for Mainstasse become a reality