The 31 year old attacker, aspiring Rap artist and future orthopedic surgeon..

The Nati Natives (Ferals) still be keepin it real dawg, and the KO game still ‘be happenin’ all over dis muhfugga. You feel me?  Reds Games, Downtown Festivals, or just simple walks home through OTR on the way to Clifton and UC all can be enlivening.   You ‘is’ Fair game, cracka.  I think its about racism, white privilege or something.


French Cracka Thwarting a KO Game attempt in France.  The KO Game has gone International an Shiite, mane.



Gentrification or Slum redevelopment and Relocation for Whites?  No thanks.  Ill take my boring ie Safe suburbs.


The Cinderella Story with usual tragic ending when its interracial


Thanks to author Colin Flaherty for his work….