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The ironic turnabout  in this story is epic. This cretin judge, Judge Dlott, dual citizen of the Apartheid state of Israel with husband Stan Chesley,  is the victim to  a violent home invasion in her $8 million dollar, 29,000 square foot ( largest home IN Hamilton County)  estate in Indian Hill, the most affluent suburb in Cincinnati.

This federal judge, who outlawed “racial profiling” (common sense policing to the more discerning) receives a welcome home invasion by Armed Africans who profiled her in her Bentley.  The poor youths were later arrested making their getaway through Madeira after being stopped for “rolling through a stop sign” ie racial profiling!!!!  One couldn’t scrip this any better if they tried.

But this blogger says Shame on her for accusing these aspiring rappers, good keeds, future engineers, and/or medical professionals of such a crime.
She is just racist that is all, profiling these oppressed kids just trying to score, nome sayin?.
3 troubled youths about to turn their lives around, record rap albums and go back to school…
An interesting comment on a web forum:
“She wants special treatment because she is a federal judge, she wants the US federal marshals called out against 3 armed Africans, would she agree to calling them out to assist a lowly citizen after a home invasion?  Of course not! I am glad she is an unarmed liberal at the mercy of the same third world savages she has set on us!’
Live call here:


Judge Dlott served on numerous boards including the Dayton and Cincinnati Federal Bar Associations, the Ohio Building Authority, Cincinnati Arts Association, and Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.