Not the starting Bengals lineup. Its Cincinnati’s Most Wanted Criminals. Can YOU spot any trend here in looking at this photo?

‘This year has been one of the Bloodiest in recent memory in Cincinnati.

By early this month more than 320 people had been shot this year within the city limits, with nearly 50 dying from those wounds. And while the city’s homicide rate has remained steady compared with 2014, the overall shooting totals are 30 percent higher than at this point last year.

Gangsta shooting style like so, common in hoods like the ‘Nati might be a factor, as opposed to the more accurate Weaver style stance and proper aim technique to hit center mass, and foster lethal shooting.

The victims range in age from 4-year-old Martaisha Thomas, who was shot in the head but survived in late July, to Edward Rose, 87, who died at the hands of his son, who then shot and killed himself.

The surge has riled politicians in City Hall and is said to have been a factor in the firing of the city’s police chief earlier this month.

In other words…. Niggas be gettin’ live up in dis muhfugga, and we aint know what da hell they be trippin on, but dis sheet hasda end right quick.

While the impact is plain to see, the recent gun violence surge has left police, elected officials and those on the street struggling for answers, especially as overall crime rates have only risen slightly as compared with the violence.

When asked for possible reasons for the violence, Mayor John Cranley simply says “I don’t know.”

(This blogger thinks there is a correlation between blacks (Mostly nonworking) and violent crime, but that’s going out on a limb of course, and probably has something to do with white privilege or Mo Money for ‘dem programs)

Then there is the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence. Created after the city suffered through a record-high 89 homicides in 2007, the program is now in flux, and is not as active as it once was.

Homicide in the fashionable hipster playground and war zone aka Over The Rhine earlier this year, which coincided ironically with an End The Violence Street Protest march, which was taking place when the murder occurred. In other words, the Sheet be gettin’ real in the ‘Nati.

CIRV was designed to keep tabs on crime stats, put workers on the street and track potentially violent criminals and let them know police were watching. Social services like job placement and housing assistance were offered to people who wanted to leave the street life.

Local advocates say that in its heyday, the program would hold such “call-ins” several times a week, but now they say that number is down to just once a week, if that.

In addition, several officials who help run the program are leaving the city to help restructure the University of Cincinnati police force. And the number of CIRV street workers has dwindled from 15 to just seven over the last few years due to budget cuts.

That has led some in City Hall to recommend dramatic overhauls to the program, while even one of CIRV’s founding members has said the program doesn’t work anymore.

Dr. Victor Garcia, a pediatric surgeon and founding director of trauma services at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, now says the only way to bring down violence is to target longer term issues such as poverty and low education standards.

But (No Nuts Cuckservative) Cranley says the city is “trying to get the band together” with both CIRV and CPOP, pulling in more resources and community activists to recharge both programs. The city recently allocated another $125,000 beginning this month with the Community Policing Partnering Center in Avondale to expand such services. And new interim Chief Eliot Isaac has strongly expressed support for reviving community oriented policing.

Blogger Comment:  Cincinnati has been aggressively redistributing the ‘Shiite’ FSA (or Free Sh*t Army, throughout the city and into the North suburbs, Western Hills, Covedale, Delhi et al).  Essentially what you do is take a jar of contained excrement or manure like so: 

And spread it around to the other parts of the city so it creates a …..

But when it comes to a quick fix to the violence, the clueless and spineless mayor Cranley says that “we understand that it will take time and won’t be like flicking a light switch to end all this.”

Not John Cranley but close..

In the meantime, the violence continues almost unabated.”

Stay safe out there, fellow Queen City residents.

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