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Madisonville, a black ‘hood’ which runs along Interstate 71,  15 minutes north of downtown Cincinnati,  is just one neighborhood away from the sophisticated and overrated (for this reason alone)  Hyde Park, Oakley, and the quaint Mariemont, and it  exploded Friday, when the negro natives ‘got all real up in dey hood’ and ‘got live up in dat muhfugga’, and did what mature and adult-like 60 and 30 year old negroes always do when there is a disagreement at an Elks Lodge, they settled the matter by shooting anything and everything that moved.  White racism is most surely to blame, as black lives matter, and whites are keeping the negroes down or something.

Liberia or Cincinnati? I really cant tell anymore..

This may come as a surprise to the viewers here as it was to this writer, but negroes have been known to carry out this type of violence even in their own Utopia like nations in Africa, where no racist whites oppress them.  One would think that with the 6 trillion sheckels spent here on their public education, free food, paid rent, free medical care, utility subsidies, cash, affirmative action and race based hiring initiatives, that negroes might actually think before ‘acting a complete fool’, especially at such mature ages, when, according to the Hollyweird Producers and Kosher Film industry, blacks metamorphosize into quasi cool Samuel L. Jackson types,  or the ever wise Morgan Freeman types in their adult years.  In this and many cases, the inverse is true.

Ever stately, courtly, resplendent, and wise Morgan ‘Lock up you young nieces’ Freeman. Muh dick.

Price Hill on Glenway in the ‘Nati or West Africa?

Not sure if standard issue combat fatigues, but would scare the hell out of most heterosexual men in this West African, Bruce Jenner get up dress. Liberia is a muhfugga, man. (-Real Photo Liberia)

Misdirected and seemingly retarded Marxist indoctrinated filth wont touch Over The Rhine, Avondale, Winton Terrace, or Madisonville killings ie Black on black shootings with their pathetic marches. Negros killing negroes (98% of black homicides) don’t count.  Big on Feels, but Short on Reality and Logic. They are not racial realists.

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