If Obama had a jogging partner….

Martin seen streaking here. Despite obvious similarities, there is No relation to Liberian warlord General Butt Naked.

Cincinnati drivers along I 71,  headed to the safety of their suburban homes, got a delightful ‘Taste of Africa’ this week by a Streaking Negro, who was wrongly charged by the racist police, for causing multiple accidents,  and fleeing the scene of said accidents, after driving the wrong way at 80 mph on our racist highways.


This follows along the same path I travel to Church and to my children’s school.  A truly wonderful zoo (in a war zone) graces our city, but who needs such amenities with colorful Africans enriching our culture with selfless acts such as these?  Oh.  And the murders, rapes, muggings, knock-out games, demands for Mo’ money,  devaluing of our real estate when they arrive, shootings and pack attacks.


A Racist cop attempting to arrest this African simply for being in traditional African garb, and causing a mere 6 car pileup.

I am thankful to live in a diverse, vibrant culture like Cincinnati for these and other reasons.  I don’t even have to turn on the radio to hear the reports, I can now see them along I 71.

When asked why he caused the accident,  and more importantly, why he fled in the bare butt naked tradition, the African responded with a most poignant and succinct statement…. ‘ Muh Dick‘   Muh dick time, is now ALL the time, apparently.

Thanks Africans and their handlers!