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Dubose, the 6-4, Rapping, Motorcycle black gang leader, and quintessential deadbeat dad,  is now freed from supporting his 13+ kids, leaving the burden to whitey.  He was incapable of following simple instructions, and had to ‘Keep It Real’ and won the Darwin Award Prize.  His ‘famibly’ will likely receive millions in a lawsuit (Negro lottery) and the officer will have his life ruined.  Obama officials and Reverend Al Sharpton will officiate his burial. The shakedowns from the Black Reverends and ‘Community leaders’ for Mo’ money in the tens of millions will also commence.

Samuel Dubose Stopped in Clifton Wearing Bloods Gang colors..connection uncertain but a motorcycle gang membership IS certain.

Over the past 20 years, Dubose has been charged more than 75 times in Hamilton County, including driving without a license, joyriding at excessive speed, window tint violations, misdemeanor drug possession. An assault charge in 2013 was dismissed. He’s faced eviction seven times, and he had his license suspended indefinitely in January by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, ie He had no business even being on the road driving in the first place.  This incident was caught on video by two other police cars. The videos show the policeman being pulled by the car. One policeman witness verbally captured on tape, said “yes, I saw you being dragged. You OK?”

Officer Kim, a 25+ year veteran,  was killed by a negro 2 weeks ago in Madisonville. Working in black ghettos is hazardous. Asian police lives dont matter, or white lives for that matter..

Cincinnati Craigslist Post Calls for Blacks to Shoot Cops, Burn Police Stations

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“Dont shoot at the chest because they have bullet proof vests on – Aim carefully and go for the head”
A shocking Cincinnati Craigslist post is calling on black Americans to execute police in the wake of recent high-profile shootings.’

Video of the shooting:

Our kosher media claims that a possible future orthopedic surgeon, Father of the year and about to turn- his- life- around good ‘keed’ rapper, was murdered by the evil raciss’ white police cracker because he hated all blacks, and had no business stopping the honor student African on his way to study hall and later tutor handicapped students.

My CIAD narrative is slightly different,  in that I conclude this was factually a 43 year old negro with 75+ prior arrests, with no valid drivers license or job,  having at last count 13-20 illegitimate ‘chillins (who will be looked after by your tax dollars) operating a vehicle illegally without a front plate, got shot and killed while attempting to flee arrest, in a moving and potentially dangerous vehicle, at a routine stop.

The photo frame below is telling and supports the officer, the UC Campus police officer has a prior spotless record, appeared polite and professional but the kosher narrative is that he murdered the negro out of pure hatred for his skin color.  Incidentally, The UC campus, 13th Most Dangerous College Campus in the USA,  is surrounded by one giant ghetto of violent feral Africans, just uphill from the famed Over The Rhine ghetto, Avondale and Walnut Hills to the East.  CIAD supports law and order, but also justice and if facts are proven to show otherwise, then the narrative here may change, pending the facts.

In this case, The Negro victim:

1. Had no front plate, in accordance with Ohio law, Did not or refused to show ID- (This is elementary folks)  (Dubose had No Drivers license, it was suspended).

3. Refuses to exit the car when commanded, and Has a bottle of alcohol with him in the afternoon that wasnt in a bag, making him a DUI suspect, and with possible firearm in the car.

3. Fled the scene in a deadly weapon (car itself) after trying to reach for something that caused the officer to react, the fleeing is potentially a cause of serious possible injury to the police officer, dragging him severely..or hitting and killing a pedestrian while fleeing.

ie Play Stupid games = win stupid prizes.  With no license or warrants, he would’ve been bailed out of jail in 5 hours, and later freed, if not gunned down by another negro later,  as so many are. The officer is now charged with murder, rather than exonerated or charged with manslaughter.

I dont expect the police to politely wave bye- bye when members of the criminal community flee in deadly weapons of 4000 pounds and 200+ horsepower,  causing possible harm or death to said police officer or pedestrians. Some others do, and rationalize the irrational.

Roughly 90% of Cincinnati’s murder victims are black, killed by fellow blacks. University of Cincinnati would need no police if it didnt border a Ghetto on all sides, and Cincinnati itself could eliminate 80% of its police forces with 1900 A.D. white demographics in this city,  rather than a 50% black populace in 2015. But I digress.

ie Black lives matter, but only when a raciss’ white cop shoots them, and there is money to be had burning ‘dis bitch down’ and shakin’ down Governments for Mo’ money. Sign translation: A nigga need some breathing room n chit to be gettin my game on, pimpin hoes, and earnin’ me some cheddar out working da corner, gnome sayin?

Sellout Prosecutor Joe Deters had negroes who beat his own son charged with hate crimes,  but Not the recent attack after the Reds game when it was 40-1 and a white man brutally beaten by feral negroes. He is errantly charging the officer with murder.  Sellout Deters called it a “chicken crap stop” and CIAD believes the real chicken crap is the prosecutor and city officials who refuse to stand by the police & people who are charged with maintaining order in an African-infested community. Let them deal with this African thugs daily. Then we’ll see how eager they are to sing We Shall Overcome.

Natives ‘be getting’ restless. Been there, done that in 2001 Cincinnati Riots, when 130 white people were beaten violently for driving- while- white, by black mobs.  Flashback video below for The Cincinnati Riots 2001

* No mention of the white female jogger pushed out into traffic by an armed negro in Pleasant Ridge last week, assaulted by the knife wielding African. He was released by the police for lack of evidence and later arrested 1 hour later, this time caught doing the same with the knife on another victim.  UC Campus today is Closed, students and faculty are not on campus and were sent home.  The Sellout President of the University met with the victims family.

The Neo Marxist York Times has as its headline, “White Officer Indicted in Killing of Black Ohio Motorist“. So, the Marxists continue to push the narrative of black victimization in the hands of whites, when in reality more whites are killed annually by the police than blacks. Yes, the statistics are actually lopsided, and pointing in exactly the OPPOSITE direction. And of course,  It is taboo- to- report on black-on-white crime which is out of control and has been so, FOR DECADES.

These still frame photo shots tells the whole story. Deters is a Sellout thinking only of his career in politics, throwing this cop under the bus. Damn him to Hell.

Sign off:   I’m really suffering SNF,  or serious- negro- fatigue. This may well be my last journal entry. I will link the sites that inspire me and keep me informed near the bottom of the page.

I wish all my readers the very best and urge you all to be safe, avoid the city and black crowds like the plague.  Obtain your CCW permit as well.   Bottom Line: I’ve been covering black crime for over 2 years and it is in a word, exhausting.  Ive watched the University of Cincinnati become the 13th most dangerous campus,   http://www.wlwt.com/news/local-news/cincinnati/Report-UC-ranked-13th-most-dangerous-campus/17604354

Cincinnati is officially a Top 20 Most Dangerous City with more shooting victims this year than anytime in the last 10 years.  All of the perpetrators, with rare exception, are black.  I expect future riots in this once great city of Cincinnati. It Will get much worse before it gets better.  I view the historical event in Tulsa Oklahoma decades ago as a proud and notable example of whites refusing to cater to violent blacks, and control the situation at hand.

Flashback 2001. Future Proctor & Gamble executives exercising their right to violently beat 100+ whites for being white and burn this bitch down. 15 Blacks were killed by police that year, 12 of whom were in the commission of serious felonies and were shooting at, stabbing or wielding axes at the police- mere frivolous details the kosher media conveniently leaves out.

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