911 dispatch: ‘Hey yo. The Po-leece be all raciss, but we need some po-po here down right quick at Findley Over The Rhine, two of our homies been shot and is leakin real bad, gnome sayin?’

Editorial Note: Its purely speculative, but entirely possible that it was the ghost of some white racists conjured up with a voodoo spell causing the violence on the March or something…ie It was all Whiteys fault and the shooter was an aspiring rapper, engineer and good kid about to turn his life around, you feel me?

Cincinnati.com, June 23, 2015

A march aiming to stop violence in Cincinnati ironically but not surprisingly, collided with a fatal gunfight Monday night. As Bishop Bobby Hilton and about 100 men turned a corner in Over-the-Rhine near Findlay Market, three black men began shooting at Findlay Playground. 2 black victims were shot, one fatally.  When one of the men was hit, he ran from the park and collapsed on Race Street – about half a block from the march’s leaders, Cincinnati police spokeswoman Lt. Danita Pettis said. Police have identified the deceased as 18-year-old Justin Crutchfield.

(The shooting comes a day after it was announced that Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell’s plan to reduce crime in the city would be postponed due to the Friday slaying of Officer Sonny Kim in Madisonville.)

Crutchfield was taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he later died, police said. State Sen. Cecil Thomas, a former Cincinnati police officer and city councilman, was in the march and speaking to community members about turning things around when the shots rang out. He immediately ran to the teen.

“The first thing was to try to administer some form of aid to him by talking to him, making sure he didn’t move, and trying to figure out where he was shot,” Thomas said.   “There was a lot of blood coming from the side of his body. “I walked these streets,” Thomas said. “The majority of the folks down here don’t want to be in this kind of situation, but there are a handful that we need to root out of here and that’s what law enforcement’s role should be.”

Another Unsuccessful Anti-violence march.’  Some speculate that the black community of Cincinnati is genetically Unqualified with participating in or sustaining Western Civilization, thus the standards of civility must constantly be lowered to what they can maintain. And there’s no end in sight. ie Its getting worse, not better.

They come as shootings in Cincinnati are at a 10-year high.  A 90-day plan to try to quell the violence was to begin Sunday, but it was postponed after a veteran Cincinnati police officer was shot and killed in an ambush Friday on a Madisonville street.

In a city where black criminality is high, it is a near absolute, a police officer will interact with the wrong black criminal and thus set in motion a series of unfortunate events all because he is tasked with trying to keep alive law and order.

Eventually these “foreshocks” will be the catalyst for the big one to where these standards will fall too


Note: Cincinnati Is a Dump.

According to http://www.otrch.org, “approximately 30,000 people resided there in 1950, with whites constituting 99% percent of the populace.  Fast forward to present day and 80% black populace, and welcome to the third world. 

Over The Rhine (Above) is 3rd world hellhole.  In 1950, whites were 99 percent of that population. (And it was safe, proud, and hard working)   Recent data show about 7,600 total neighborhood residents, 80 percent of which are black. Of the current residents, 95 percent live below the official poverty line” (Author Unknown, n.d.) Therefore, Over the Rhine Community Housting (OTRCH) was founded in 1988 as non-profit organization thame central, it isn’t trendy or ‘hip’ because some naive whites have been enticed to move there with its new facade, it is an urban (Black) war zone.

The real Over-the-Rhine (OTR) community without Makeup, has to be one of the most striking contrasts between affluence and poverty (Working whites vs Non working Black Criminals and Underclass).
Built in the 19th century during a period of extensive German immigration, by the end of the twentieth century Over-the-Rhine with an 80% black populace has naturally become notorious in Cincinnati as a poor, crime-ridden black ghetto. The homelessness, (common sense) increased segregation, building abandonment by absentee owners scared of black crime, high rates of unemployment (laziness) and underemployment (Tyrone cant and wont get his GED), has lead to the confusion it is currently experiencing.

Cincinnati is 50% Black and crime infested. It is getting worse.  It will come to your neighborhood, just as it has to mine.  And Note the crime scene above…real bodies, real blood…unlike Charleston