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Black Extortionist: ‘We be Owed n chit, gnome sayin? Its time fo’ whitey to pay fo’ mo’ free gibmedats.’ White Devil: ‘To Hell you say. Get a Real Job and Stop Defending Black Criminals.’

Black Extortionists attempted to use the 2015 All-Star Baseball game as a political platform to Stop Police from arresting black criminals, and  Demand ‘Mo Money for Their ‘Blacks Lives Matter’ Campaign, with our local Kosher Controlled Media Covering the Event and Legitimizing it.

Pastor Bobby Hilton: ‘We got raciss po-leece and white devils keeping us down. We Deman ‘Mo Money or we gonna burn it down like 2001 Riots, gnome sayin?  The ‘Pastor’ Damon Lynch, infamous for his role in the previous  2001 Cincinnati Riots, was also in attendance stating ‘We gonna burn dis bitch down. Ya’ll aint even seen nuthin.’

White Devil holding a sign ‘Diversity Means Chasing Down The Last White Person’ or Diversity = Too White.

Point in fact: black people are terrorizing pretty much every neighborhood they are found in America, with marches against violence in 65% black Baltimore a reminder of why white people abandoned the city; and black leaders and black clergy in Cincinnati are calling for an infusion of $50 Million to the black community to “creating businesses and employment opportunities and restoring blighted buildings in areas affected by crime.” Mo money for “pastors” and ‘dem programs that have worked do well up to this point and repairs for buildings they destroyed!!

Ebonics over a bullhorn with demands of ‘Stop Po-leece brutality’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ being screamed at Cracker Devil, Matt Heimbach.

Great American Ballpark.  A Great Place for a Middle Class Suburban family to see Diversity In Action,  and to witness blacks acting childish and demanding Mo’ Money.  The demands for ‘Mo money were stifled in this case and it was stonewalled, by all accounts.

Once the Blacks Demands Are Met, whitey will be forced to hand over $6 Trillion more dollars for Israelis, descendants of Russian Bolsheviks, who killed 66 million Christians in USSR from 1917-1949.

Video from the Scene at great American Ballpark with Black Extortionists and White Devils..

And in other related news:

‘Gun violence in the United States reached new highs during the Holiday weekend, as over 100 people were shot and dozens were killed across Three of America’s most crime-plagued cities.  More than 100 People were Shot in Chicago, Baltimore and New York over the Memorial Day weekend amid a Nationwide gun epidemic across the country.’

No one cares….least of all, blacks.

In Perspective via a visual chart.. Gun violence among whites in the USA, rivals that of peaceful Belgium and Finland. But Add Blacks to the equation, and Katie Bar the Door-South Africa here we come.