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The end result of any 50% Black demographic, Think Detroit, Baltimore, St Louis, Gary Indiana, Memphis, Haiti et al …

Western & Southern Financial Group has accused city leaders, advocates for the homeless and others of misleading the public and federal officials about plans to renovate the Anna Louise Inn.  Attorneys for Western & Southern, which wants to buy the inn and convert it to an upscale hotel, warned city officials in a letter that they could face tens of millions of dollars in penalties for making “false claims” to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The city of Cincinnati doesn’t track the financial return on its $250 million incentive investments

So taxpayers provide the funding, but the city of Cincinnati doesn’t have to show a return on incentive investments? Imagine the corruption at play. This story has an aroma of bagels to it, does it not?
Negress Liz Rogers (above) was given a $684,000 grant to open a restaurant and $300,000 loan by the city, and when she ran her business into the ground, she was forgiven all but $100,000 of the funds provided to her by the city.

City doesn’t track return on incentives

When the Enquirer asked Cincinnati about $250 million in incentives granted to business and developers since 2008 and how return on that massive investment is tracked, city officials couldn’t provide answers.

The newspaper’s reporters then created and scoured a database of seven years’ worth of deals and determined the city gave tax breaks and other types of incentives more than 200 times since 2008, with beneficiaries ranging from Procter & Gamble to the owners of fraternity houses.

City documents show officials expected $2 billion of investment in return, as well as creation of 14,114 jobs and retention of 15,290. The problem: The city doesn’t track those totals.

The deals were granted with no guidelines about what is a good deal — and what isn’t. And City Council approved many of them almost sight unseen because they were given details at the last minute.  In addition, the deals shortchange city schools, education leaders say.

Jeff McElravy, who served as the city’s interim development director from July 2013 through last November, resigned Tuesday in the midst of Enquirer questions related to the incentive agreements. He and other city officials could not explain discrepancies in some deals or how they calculate return on investment.

“This is a challenge because we have asked our elected officials and their staffs to do what they can do to foster economic development in the community,” said Jeff Rexhausen, research associate at the University of Cincinnati Economics Center. “Economic development is inherently … risky.”

He recommended the city get an outside evaluation before reconsidering policy approaches.  “It’s the sort of thing that I’d suggest doing that is in the long-term best interest of the city and county,” he said. “If you don’t do a review, then it’s hard to learn from those experiences outside of anecdotes.”

Mayor John Cranley said the public is entitled to know how tax dollars are spent.
“We are instituting changes to make sure all these deals are tracked, there are clear metrics with them and that the policies behind them can be fairly debated,” he said.

Incentives certainly helped lure General Electric to the riverfront and dunnhumbyUSA to the long-cursed corner at Fifth and Race streets. But roughly 15 smaller deals haven’t worked out as planned or raise questions about whether projects gave the city the best return.A Roselawn salon got a $35,000 loan in 2008, but so far has paid just $5,000.

The developer of the Clifton IGA got a property tax exemption worth $203,724 in 2011 to reopen the beloved neighborhood grocery store, but it sits vacant.
Malton Art Gallery got a property tax exemption that could be worth $17,000 to move from Hyde Park to Oakley, where it built a two-story art gallery. Property values show the location is worth $313,310. The gallery employs two people.
And, of course, there’s Mahogany’s, a 2012 deal in which the city gave restaurant operator Liz Rogers a $684,000 grant and $300,000 loan to open at The Banks. When the business failed last September, the city could have collected, but instead cut a widely criticized deal to forgive all but $100,000.

HNIC aka Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black taps Thomas B. Corey as new economic inclusion chief -Comments on the fiasco ‘ we be lookin into it n chit, where da white womenz at?’

These Buffoons are trying to spend $60+ Million on a rail car project through one of the worst ghettos in America, so the feral negroes have a cheap way to get home after causing havoc and crime in the ‘Nati.

Cincinnati Streetcar Will Only Lose $5 to $10 Million a Year

P.G. Sittenfeld and David Mann (Not pictured)-2 Rising stars in Cincinnati politics and Israeli dual citizens, outmaneuver John Cranley – Cincinnati City Council Meeting – on Streetcar. Who is lining PJs and Manns’ pockets ie what fellow Tribe members are they lobbying for?

Israeli dual citizen PJ Sittenfeld.  Certainly Looks trustworthy. If you cant trust an Israeli, who can you trust?  Just ask a Palestinian or Russian Christian.

Some KY Jelly would really be nice to go with the anal rape that Cincinnati tax payers will receive with the boondoggle street car project through the hood aka Over the Rhine.

Hidden Microphone…’IQ, standardized tests, and graduation be raciss n chit. Gnome sayin?’  Cincinnati  Public Schools Board and City Council Members Special Meeting April 21, 2014, trying to ascertain why our public schools are war zones and can only graduate 60% of students, even with incredible dollar per student ratios, latest technology and expensive buildings, and other pseudo academic classes of study. Just dumb down the SAT tests, bell that curve for minorities and give negroes more free gibmedats.

Because Fisting another mans Anus is normal, as is Gerbiling- what would sex be without rodents?  Thanks City Council for being progressive and hip to Gay rights!

Rabbi Caught trafficking organs of Palestinians for the lucrative organ black market.

“The US shouldn’t give high clearances to Jews, because when asked to help, we’re willing to do anything for the love of our country, Israel.” — Convicted Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard, during interrogation by the FBI. Make note that Pollard was born in the US and his spying put America in serious nuclear risk back in the 1980’s.

This Post is not an indictment of any particular people. Like rattlesnakes, we can coexist. We just need to judge each individual rattlesnake by its character and do away with ancient stereotypes that are antiquated in our modern society. Many rattlesnakes are harmless, dont forget.