Same Race, Different City. Same M.O. Same results. Same Destruction. This writer is suffering SNF or Serious Negro Fatigue, an acquired social diversity syndrome.  Recent news update below.

Freddie Gray Had Spine Surgery Just One Week Before His Arrest

When you have spinal surgery and neck surgery I imagine the doctor tells you to stay in bed and heal, especially one week after surgery. Freddie Gray most likely caused his own demise by damaging his spine when he ran. BREAKING: Freddie Gray Allegedly Had Spine Surgery Just One Week Before Arrest | The Fourth Estate

Reminds me of the ‘Nati riots.. Niggas be keepin it real. Baltimore now looks like Liberia Not a good sign Surreal. They learn young.. Future engineers and Med Students Firehoses slashed. Cant say Im speechless….Nothing shocks me with blacks.

‘Pastors’ Flock Be Wrecking, Up In Dis Muhfugga.

5 Finger Discount on the Bathroom tissue, gnome sayin?

Showing off his Baltimore Orioles Colors. Nice drawz, dawg.

Modern Say Shakespeare reciting a Sonnet, Im sure. Most likely Hamlet. How Do I love The Rioting and Free Shopping, Let Me Count The Ways.

Dont sweat it. Whiteys’ taxes be payin fo all dis chit.

Lamars limp wrist throwing style will still do some damage up in dis muhfugga

Riot carnage.  My guess is the insurance co. will call this one a ‘Total’ ? Buildings set ablaze

A serious note: Exiting a vehicle is Not a smart move during black ‘unrest’ .. I mean urban terrorism.

Free Sh*t, Man! I love deese free shoppin days, dawg.

Hands up, Dont Loot. Actually, Hands up, dont destroy our city busses, transplanted African imbeciles, is a more accurate sentiment.

Who needs to work on a weekday? Whitey give us all dis free cheese: Food, Rent, Heat, Medical insurance, Obama Sail Phone, Legal aid. Gnome sayin?

Walking or driving while white, in the hood, can get you killed. Situational awareness always. A Glock is an equalizer too.  This white victim is unresponsive.

Hands Up, Dont duck..

Black Power N Chit. Burn dis bitch down.

More of the Same, Do You Have SNF or Serious Negro Fatigue yet?

. Armed Negro with knife assaulting white man for being white

The ‘Future biochemistry Honor Student’ Freddie Gray, to whom all of this destruction is attributed.

The usual……He was a good Keed, he was turnin’ his life around n chit, he was signed up for da programs and going to church, gnome sayin?

Dear Baltimore,  you want to judge all Cops by the actions of a few but tell us not to judge Baltimore by the actions of thousands?

 You can’t have it both ways.  And I have never witnessed whites anywhere, the poorest people in the entire country, in Appalachia, burn down their trailer parks or whites creating war zones via rioting.