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South Africa Erupts in Violence in the last 2 Weeks- 2015

Knife attack here on a black immigrant to South Africa. Niggas be hatin’ n chit

Terrified foreigners hiding in police stations and stadiums. Machete-wielding attackers hacking immigrants to death in major cities in South Africa’

Cliff Notes Summary.

Zulu President Zuma seen above dancing to celebrate a slaughter of immigrant blacks..

The Zulu African King Zuma said that (Black) foreigners should go home and not be working in South Africa on work immigration visas (Ethiopians, Mozambiques, Somalis et al).
Anti-immigrant violence has been steadily increasing, with immigrant owned businesses looted, immigrants killed, burnings, stabbings, etc.

It’s ugly at the moment, every moment actually around blacks usually is, and most other African countries (especially those who are the homes of many of those immigrants,) are getting rather upset with South Africa’s failure to curb the violence.
ETA: It started in Durban, then spread to Johannesburg.

White run Rhodesia was heaven on Earth compared to Mugabe’s regime in newly named Zimbabwe, and the once bread basket of Africa that must now Import Food.

Present day Zimbabwe, once Rhodesia

Bathroom sign in Zimbabwe. Their currency was literally used as toilet paper as noted by the sign.

White farmers have been killed and run off, their land stolen by blacks that had NO claim to that land to watch crops die and land left unworked.  Zulus and others migrated South To Rhodesia to Steal what whites had built in that once inhospitable, dangerous, but fertile land.

South African Boers attacked by Feral Blacks for being White. 58,000 Whites have been brutally Killed by blacks since Apartheid ended.

Communist Blacks and Jews led the revolution to overthrow the power structure at the time, Dutch Boers and English immigrants who built their nation to 1st world status.  China, Cuba, Israel and Communist Russia funded the revolution.

‘While there, with a woman colleague, posing as a couple, we were sheltered by South African Jews, militants of the ANC, who proved Jews don’t have to be with apartheid. Millions aren’t.’

Not Ironically, if one is Jew wise, is the fact that Israel todays maintains the strictest Apartheid Laws with Jewish ONLY marriage, roads, Housing, Schools, drivers license and even bussing. The Apartheid Wall here is seen above in Occupied Palestine.

Apartheid (Basically sensible Living apart and separate for racial, cultural and ethnic reasons and preferences) was unsavory to the naive and gullible, but people (Zionists, Marxists and comatose liberals) who called for it’s abolishment, didn’t understand how Africa (and blacks) works.

This is Africa. These Are Blacks, Everywhere In Number. They will ‘Detroit’ everything they touch within 10 years.

This is South Africa.
Aside from White Cape Town built by Dutch Boers seen below, it is now a 3rd world Hell Hole, and totally under black rule.
South Africa was once a nuclear first world Super Power.

Cape Town. Quite the contrast from Mud Hut Housing and Zulu backdrop prior to the Boers arrival, the black tribes-Zulus, Tootsies migrated South to this barren and uninhabited land from Mid Continent, once whites began creating a modern civilization here,  this was when they were not genociding the indigenous African Bush People and each other.

In less than 2 decades, South Africa now has to import food for the first time in 300 years, the grid is failing, as are the social and civil systems set in place. Some say this is only a coincidence, however.
I will let my readers decide if it or is not.

Blacks cannot sustain a first world civilization, let alone build one.


Rhodesia 1970s-Whites in Charge


Former Rhodesia aka Zimbabwe today



Actual billboard in South Africa

But low income blacks are all being relocated to every white suburban neighborhood in AmeriKa. By design.  Also known as The HNIC-Obama Initiative.  ie Non Working Free Gibmedats for Negroes, Multi Generations now. Free Rent, Food, Healthcare, Child Care, Cash, Obama Sail Phone…..Aint that something?

The difference is that YOU must WORK for your ticket to a nice home and community, whilst theirs is given TO them, and they will destroy the community within 5 years- Neighborhood Watch signs will first appear, Violence will be omnipresent at all locales in the surrounding areas.

Coming to a neighborhood just like yours, and mine now.
It is their calling card.

NO, they dont. If they did, 95% of blacks wouldnt be killed by Other Blacks!

A few facts never hurt either.

Whats not reported is the 1 million interracial crimes, 90% of which are black ON white. And the 37,000 annual black ON White rapes vs 0 white ON Black rapes..

Liberias General Butt Nakes-known for cannibalism

Infamous Liberian Warlord, The General Butt Naked. Known Killer, Cannibal and All around bad dude.

Video below of a Necklacing.
Extremely Graphic.  An immigrant Black burned alive by other blacks.

Do YOU think our Kosher media, so quick to judge Apartheid advocates, will be airing this necklacing killing, or discussing the failures of said integration, the epidemic of black crime, and failure to sustain a civilization in inherited?

Dont hold your breath……