No, Its not the starting lineup of the Bengals or UC Football team, though it could be.  Its Cincinnati’s Most Wanted.  And there is a possible trend as far as race is concerned, but more on that later…

First, look at these thugs.

Some are sneering. Most look defiant and angry. All of them have the dead, menacing eyes of a rattlesnake, soulless and mindless staring. I don’t detect a flicker of humanity, intelligence or contrition in a single face in this lineup of this evolutionary debris.

Now…the names.

Aiesha and her monthly check, I mean son, Khyren. Dante. Juanzell. Kentarius and DeJuan. I mean, seriously, Kentarius? Please Don’t laugh…these names are signifiers of low rent thuggish, throwaway ghetto culture and mentality and are severe impediments to success. If I’m the manager of a business, and a job application from Kentarius (3rd row-Middle) comes across my desk, I don’t look at it, I simply blow my nose on it and toss it in the circular file.

Have a second look.  Is there anything behind those eyes?. Anything at all?.. No shame. No guilt. No remorse. No thought. No introspection. How does one control a population that believes that prison gives you “cred”?. Is a rite of passage?.  Are any of these people stirred by anything at all?  Anything beyond their base desires of GibsmeDat, Soul Food, and muh dick?..

Happy African

Not so happy African

This behavior is EVERYWHERE the same. Be it the cities of America, to Haiti, to the Caribbean, to ALL of Sub Saharan Africa, to immigrants in Europe. The same! Yet it is taboo to acknowledge this..

Our race creates music, architecture, and art that is beautiful and sublime beyond belief. Stunning in its magnificence. The Hagia Sophia. Cologne Cathedral. Beethoven’s 7th symphony, Chopin, Wagner et al.  Or Michalangelo’s “Pieta”.  Our science created the modern world and everything inside of it, and if our civilization survives, it will propel us to the stars, literally.  Could their race even conceive of such things? Has Africa ever produced an automobile, an airplane or firearm even? (No, of course not.) ….

Now look at the councilmen. Both black, and both want the same thing to combat crime….dollars. Smitherman wants 300,000 dollars. Thomas wants full funding of yet another “Stop the Violence” initiative, that is as doomed to failure as every other initiative designed to uplift blacks into functional humans. Unless that 300 grand is going to be spent sterilizing every black female under the age of 30, you may as well take that money and set it on fire.  And NO, here in West Chester, we do NOT have to focus on black crime because we are FREE of it, for now.

The wonderful police chief. Officer Blackwell. He was hired on a platform of “community engagement”. NOT on a platform of, say, law enforcement. And how quick he is to assure everyone that he will not have a policy of “zero tolerance” for crime. May I ask why not? Isn’t that exactly the policy, indeed the only policy, that a police force should have? Because, if you don’t have zero tolerance for crime, then what you have is tolerance for crime.

Cincinnati Murders by Race and Age

Out Kosher media says You need to hire more black police.  However in so doing, Crime continues unabated. However, more black cops are on the scene. Black criminals are now more likely to get away with crimes. Arrests go down. Arrest stats are paraded as evidence crime is down. Hurray for diversity!

Advancement for many non-black police officers depends on job productivity. With black cops, job productivity is irrelevant. As long as they have black skin and don’t seriously screw up, they WILL advance quickly and very far up the ladder. So even if a black officer doesn’t abide by the “no snitching” rule when it comes to pursuing black criminals, he has little reason to exert himself in investigating crimes because he can’t get fired and is assured of promotion. East St Louis did exactly this, and that town is a Mini Detroit. The common denominator is NEGROES. Always.

When I grew up, cops rarely (like less than 10%) were not able to solve murders, robberies, etc. Now clearance rates of 30-50% or less are seemingly the norm and 10% Clearance rate for Detroit ! Is it “No Snitching”? Is it black prosecutors? is it simply the unbelievable wave of Negro crime?

After the 2001 Riots, I like many white families moved to the Suburbs, the places that white people fled to precisely to get the f*ck away from the black urban suckhole of Cincinnati. We moved there so they wouldn’t have to live in a place where precious little LaDarius gets his foot blown off as collateral damage in a drive by. But the blacks cannot leave them alone. They can’t conceive of a world in which they solve their own problems. They only can do what they’ve always done…beg for money, blame everyone else, exploit the living shit out of affirmative actions policies, and secretly pray that whites will bail them out one more time.
They are the Zionist J EWs Shock troops. And because of their genetic inferiorities and appalling cultural toxicities, there is only one thing that blacks absolutely, positively must have. Whites. And this post drives that point home like a wrecking ball.

OTR Section 8 Town Homes

For their part in helping destroy and burn much of downtown in the riots, negroes were given fine new welfare town homes built  strictly for the black underclass in Cincinnati, which this author has been to, outside and inside (And they are already looking weathered and run down).  Their white neighbors paid upwards of $300.000-400,000 for the same homes less than 2 blocks away.  But no free handouts for them, as they are white, working, and not prone to violence or whining.

They really are all f’ing work together. Notice how so-called decent blacks will NEVER denounce the violent welfare parasites among their populations. They NEED them for job security. They all have made a deal with each other and the devil.  The violent black ghetto trash wild, sell drugs, destabilize society with their violent crimes and degeneracy, which creates more jobs to prop up the fake black middle class, who steals jobs from more qualified whites via Affirmative Action. The fake black middle class then seizes power from institutions and government, creating more racial spoils and “programs” for the violent black underclass. I believe this is of the devil.

What can be said about the negro,  except that it is a massive societal burden and a royal pain in the ass which everyone could do without?
Imagine all the cities without negroes and all their social pathologies, dysfunctions, demands and whining. That would be a massive positive whereas their presence is a massive negative.
It all comes down to the oft repeated observation that we don’t need them, they need us. That’s the reality.
If we Europeans all returned to Europe, we’d live in and contribute to modern first world societies. If all American negroes returned to Africa, they’d all live in third world cesspools and contribute nothing but their social pathologies and revert back to their natural state of a feral existence. One massive Liberia or Haiti.
Every negro in America would (if their ancestors had not been brought here) be living in a Nairobi style slum or in a mud hut village without any modern conveniences. We know it and they know it although they’ll deny it completely and would be “building pyramids and sheeit.”

Co-existence is not possible. They’ll “detroit” everything they infest ( or worse if not subsidized and supported)and drag it down to their level.

White Americans are finding themselves as victims of black crime more and more. In Emergency rooms they cry waiting to find out how much of their children/husband/family member they are going to get back from black violence, if any. The number of negros imported has grown so large and they are so embolden by what they perceive as Government permission to attack Whites for amusement, that States that have taken these “refugees” (Somalis, Haitians or Feral Negroes like New Orleans experienced) in are shell shocked by the violence.

This process cannot and will not be stopped until we separate from them and that’s going to require a massive upheaval. Failing that, you can kiss the modern first world country of your ancestors goodbye. They will kill it just as they kill entire neighborhoods, towns and cities.

I want reparations for the hundreds of cities and towns across America rendered uninhabitable by the roaming bands of savage black and otherwise non-white gangs. But knowing this will never happen am encouraged by the news of rational action finally being taken in one of them.

Before some on the fence readers view this blog as hateful, prejudiced, bigoted, or biased, just Video of a (flash) Mob of feral black yoots doing what they do, attacking, looting, destroying and pummeling shoppers at a mall, all white victims traveling alone, naturally.  Events like this are weekly in frequency, in any large city where they congregate, whether Cincinnati, Memphis, St Louis, Chicongo, Detroit, NY, Filthadelphia or Kansas City for that matter, This is not a civilized people, nor a people I wish to have any dealings with, whatsoever.  Nor would any sane person.