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If this werent so sad, it would be funny.
Blacks are too incompetent and ignorant to even catch rain water, so we (whites) must educate and show them, at our own expense.

Most residents walk 2-3 hours daily to fetch disgusting river water.

The wheel isnt widely known in Haiti or even used, for that matter. Exhibit A.

Though they live in a tropical rainforest, 40% of the people in Haiti lack access to clean water and only one in five have access to a sanitary toilet. Can you say diseases like Cholera, boys and girls?

Diseases like Cholera abound in Haiti

Here comes the White man to the rescue, yet again.
Enter Raincatchers, a White (well intentioned but foolishly naive) Humanitarian Group, to show them how to catch rain.

You see, its called fastening a GUTTER to a house-and then a downspout to barrels/cistern, and it takes all of about 1 hours time with just simple hand tools. Faster with powered tools. Rocket science it is not.

Video of White Rainwater educators here:

To keep things in perspective, these are the same people who shower with cow piss in their native lands of Africa, when not out building pyramids n chit..(Pyramid building is just more Afro Centric Bullshit to the gullible

Whites teach African Liberians how to filter water. More rocket science.

As is building wells, done again by white humanitarian groups for Africans.

Haiti was once a beautiful land..


But unfortunately, it is populated by Negroes, who have destroyed it, as they do everything, left to their own devices.
Haitians share the same island with Dominicans, who have a much more developed and productive island, but of course, a Spanish, mullato and admixture population.

The capital Port au Prince, BEFORE the earthquake.

Social and living conditions in Haitian slums like Cité Soleil are a (black) human tragedy but all too typical.

Kin folk in Africa be eatin Fruit bat supper

And yummy crocodile

Heres a short but fascinating history lesson on their revolution which created utter despair once the whites were killed off.

Corpses being dumped in Liberian streets.
Can you say Ebola contaimination spreading, boys and girls?