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Photos shown below are Pre Negro and Post Negro. Viewers can decide for themselves if the destruction is ‘racist’ or just reality. It is interesting that that word Racism was invented by a Communist Jew by the name of Trotsky, and that Jews value race among themselves as paramount, hence a Jewish State replete with strict Apartheid Segregation and Jew only Marriage Laws.



In this authors opinion, a silent race war has already commenced. Statistics evidence this fact.



Cincinnati 1905 Over the Rhine present day OTR Saloon OTR today 1880 Cincinnati-Beer Capital of the World Old St Marys Church built by industrious German and Irish Immigrants. Detroit, Once America’s Richest City (While White) Detroit today-90% Black Sixty percent (60%) of all of Detroit’s children are living in poverty. Fifty percent of the population has been reported to be functionally illiterate. Thirty-three percent (33%) of Detroit’s 140 square miles is vacant or derelict. Eighteen percent (18%) of the population is unemployed. And 10.6% of Detroit’s 713,777 residents, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, considered themselves white. An International Example Mozambique when a White Portuguese colony: Taken in the 60s: And Today: Grande Hotel, Beira, Mozambique White Rhodesia-Once the breadbasket of Africa Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) today. For the first time in 300 years and now under black rule, it is an Importer of Food as is South Africa. This is the model everywhere blacks amass in number, from Haiti to Rhodesia to Detroit, E. St Louis, Gary Indiana, Cincinnati et al. Your suburbs are next. Much of this black migration was during WW1, when blacks were brought North from the South to work in the factories (Replacement workers) now barren as Whites were busy engaging in Fraticide (killing one another 60 million) to destroy Europe for the powers that be, and to help create (nee Steal) Israel. Do you still think desegregation actually benefitted our society? Crime, Trillions wasted on welfare, social Hip Hop degeneracy, and destruction of not only housing values, but entire cities with ethnic cleansing. Keep working hard, white man. Millions on welfare depend on you.