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Enterprising ‘Nati’ type Youths frequently encountered by UC students..

4 white Cincinnati college students beaten in hate crime mob attacks. Kosher controlled Media naturally censors race:

At least four college students in Cincinnati were attacked by a mob of feral black teenagers.
The media and University is censoring the race of the perpetrators. If the races had been reversed, this would be a national news story and the media would list the race of the perps and the victims in the headline.
WLWT (NBC), WKRC (CBS), FOX19, and the local Cincinnati Courier all reported the assaults, interviewed victims, looked at police reports, and knew full well what the race of the perpetrators are.
They censored that information because they believe that political correctness is far more important than public safety. In each case, the media referred to the vicious (feral negro) perpetrators as “teens,” “teenagers,” or “boys.”
The feral negro thugs didn’t steal anything, they simply wanted to beat up some random white people.
Watch the interview with one of the hate crime victims.
Cincinnati is a hotbed of black on white racially motivated hate crime violence.
Word on the street: Niggas be exercising their civil rights n chit by unsolicited muggings with tacit approval of the HNIC Obama and his sidekick Holder, and of course, the SPLC.

Similar attacks also reported in Louisville and Dayton (and every city with a large influx of blacks).
Note to parents of UC students:
Please Send them to college with a CCW permit and snub nose 38 revolver to put down these feral yoots/youths/teens/flash mobs, and whatever PC term the Kosher media uses to disguise their true identity.

Local Aspiring Rapper rappin’ bout jumpin whitie..

UC students speak out after recent string of assaults near campus

University has invested in extra cameras, lights, patrols (Note: but hasnt fenced off the area to feral negroes responsible for these weekly attacks)
Feb 24, 2014

CINCINNATI —A UC student who was assaulted by a group of teens near UC’s campus spoke out Monday night.
Police: Group of teens assault group of UC students

University of Cincinnati police are investigating an assault that occurred Saturday
The student is a fifth-year engineering student, but chose not to be identified.
Four other students who were attacked Saturday night were outside their fraternity house near Clifton Avenue and Clifton Court.

The engineering student jumped in to help and ended up beaten so badly, he had to go to the hospital.
“Little bit scared for my safety at that point,” the student said. “Why would they do that? I didn’t understand?”
One of the victims said that the area was usually safe, so the Saturday night assault was very surprising.
The engineering student said he was on his way home from a banquet with his girlfriend when about 10 teenagers (Note: Negroes call this a fair fight) started yelling and provoking two other fraternity brothers that were walking on Clifton Avenue toward campus.

“I sort of jumped in just to make sure you know, that nothing bad was going to happen and they just started going to town on all of us, punched and kicked all of us and had us on the ground for about 30 seconds, then they all dispersed and ran off,” the student said.
Other students said that with the recent string of assaults on or near campus, they are only walking in big groups.
“Everybody is just a little shaken up, tensions are kind of high (Note: ah, the joys of diversity), we’re frustrated with the whole issue because it just seems like nowhere is safe on this side of campus anymore,” student Nick Padavana said. (Note: Nick said what others KNOW to be true living with negroes)

The (clueless) University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono said the university has invested in extra cameras, lights and patrols.
In a few days, the university will announce a new initiative called Block by Block—which will work like a paid community watch (Note: How about restricting negroes from this his campus or in white suburbs where they dont belong?)

“We will do everything we can. This is a city problem and the city and university are working together hand in hand trying to make the area safer,” Ono said.
“Our crime numbers are at a six-year low (Note: Liar, liar pants on fire!!), we’re seeing a steady decrease in the numbers so I think we are seeing success with our efforts,” UC Interim Police Chief Jeff Corcoran said. “On the other hand, when we see a crime like this it’s obviously not acceptable and not what we want to see.”
The victim said while he was grateful to be alive, he won’t take any more chances.
“I’m personally a concealed carried permit holder. I’m not allowed to carry on campus so I’m not going to do that, but at the same time if the university is not going to provide significant resources to provide us the safety we need then at least let me take care of myself with it,” the victim said. (Note: Good! Put them in the ground next time)

If anyone has information on this assault they’re encouraged to call CrimeStoppers 513-352-3040

Read more: http://www.wlwt.com/news/local-news/cincinnati/uc-student-talks-about-sunday-night-assault-near-campus/24649584#ixzz2ygkLSwNA