Report: UC ranked 13th ‘most dangerous’ campus
Nov 30, 2012

Report: UC ranked 13th ‘most dangerous’ campus

(* Blogger note-13th is somewhat disappointing, with better reporting of crimes and more interaction with the resident black populace, UC could crack the Top 10 Most Dangerous Campus environments-an honor of sorts.)

CINCINNATI —An online report about the crime rates on college campuses concludes that the University of Cincinnati is the 13th “most dangerous” campus in the U.S.
Minutes after Brandon Tyler-Tharp was Shot to death on Jefferson Avenue, the University of Cincinnati took action to protect the students and staff on campus.

“University of Cincinnati saw a big drop in violent crimes in 2011, down to 19 after an alarming 49 in 2010. Property crime was down too — but things are still pretty bad,” BusinessInsider.com said.
* (Blogger Note: Bullsh*t!
Most of the crime at UC isn’t even reported and there are multiple violent assaults happening weekly, most never make the news. Were it reported accurately, tuition enrollments drop = Loss of Revenue.
Damn you for lying about the crime and the dangers inherent at the campus of U.C.!)

The rankings were determined by averaging FBI crime data per capita from 2008 to 2011 for schools with enrollment over 10,000. The data was compared to information collected as part of the Clery Act. Schools were ranked based on a combination of the violent crime rank and property crime rank (weighted 4:1).

Several recent crime incidents around and on the UC campus have resulted in arrests. The school said Friday that among other improvements, it will increase the number of officers on patrol by 30 percent beginning Jan. 1.

Other results of a campus safety summit earlier this week include:

1. Student orientation will now include a joint presentation by UCPD and Cincinnati police on how students can best protect themselves and promote safety. (* Blogger comment: How about protecting students from Feral negroes?)

2. UC’s Advisory Committee on Public Safety and the Student Safety Board will work with CPD to develop a “Students on Patrol” program modeled on the “Citizens on Patrol” program. (*Blogger Comment: Great idea, if theyre armed)

3. The Student Safety Board will develop a proposal to expand the Bearcat Transportation System to include designated routes to and from popular student destinations. (*Blogger comment: Arm the bus drivers, train them to shoot to kill criminals)

“Although we made significant progress, by no means is our work done. Campus safety remains a top priority for my administration,” Dr. Santa Ono said in a memo about the summit. “Equally important is for each of us to take reasonable steps to promote safety. That means being acutely aware of our surroundings at all times; proactive in our reporting of suspicious behavior; and increasingly knowledgeable of the safety-related resources, service and programs at our disposal.”

Check out these sample headlines from UC Campus:
More: Black Teen charged in UC parking garage groping case.

Police have arrested a juvenile accused of groping two women at University of Cincinnati parking garages.’
‘Woman says man attacked her inside UC parking garage’

Students at the University of Cincinnati are on alert after a woman claimed a man tried to rape her at gunpoint.
‘Juveniles arrested in string of UC-area car break-ins’

‘University of Cincinnati police say a group of juveniles caught in a parking garage may be to blame for a series of car break-ins in the area around the UC campus.’

Read more: http://www.wlwt.com/news/local-news/cincinnati/Report-UC-ranked-13th-most-dangerous-campus/-/13549970/17604354/-/sfldvgz/-/index.html#ixzz2rGwFdWbl

* Blogger note: The Kosher News Media finally reported what Ive been blogging about for a year.
Heres the Elephant in the room no one will discuss.
And WHO is behind all of the Violence at UC campus and surrounding areas?
White fraternity students, Asian students, Asian Indian interns, OR Feral Negroes? Ill let you ponder that one…