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For once, I am literally speechless..
Im no expert in ebonics, but I will attempt to translate and refute where necessary his salacious and errant remarks.

‘People Started in Africa’
1. Recent Archeology discoveries point to Modern Asian Georgia and Russia as the oldest traces of Civilization, not Africa, and Asia was where Whites got their start, not Africa.
The Pyramids were built by Mediterranean Whites in Egypt. Northern Africa borders the Mediterranean Sea and its inhabitants are Arab and white. King Tut and Cleopatra’s DNA has proven them to be White caucasoid.
Sub Saharan Africa has No Wheel, Plow, Ship, 2 story building, word for love or written alphabet on arrival of the 1st Europeans centuries ago.

‘Made all dat shit and inventsions’?
2. Modern inventions, in fact, almost every single invention used in yesteryear or presently, comes from German engineers or Tesla.
In truth, Blacks have invented very few things-they claim peanut butter, but Incas grinded peanut paste 2000 years ago, Spain grew its own peanuts for almost as long.

Superieor? (I know he can’t spell!)
3. The current Boxing Heavyweight Champion of the world is Vitali Klitchko, he hasnt been beaten in over a decade-A record). White Boxers hold 16 of 22 professional boxing belts.
The Worlds Strongest Man is dominated by whites for the last 40 years, without a black ever placing, let alone winning. Besides Sprint events, theres no superiority among blacks, and those events feature athletes on lots of PEDs-drugs, HGH and masking agents. Bodybuilding is much the same-blacks have no edge or dominance in that sport, top 5 finalists prove this.
Science has proven white males as being larger in the ‘pants department’ when erect, blacks when flaccid or non aroused. Whites like John Holmes and Peter North both made ‘bruthas’ cry. Still do.

4. ‘We fasta’
I will concede you this point, only in the short sprint events. The field events and High Jump however, are dominated by White high jumpers. Has been for decades. Same with wrestling and swimming.

5. ‘Mo intelligint’
IQ tests, administered in the same format internationally, show Africa testing just above mentally retarded, about 75. Lower than all nations.
Northern European and Asian Rim nations score the highest consistently.

6. ‘Trailers n shit’
And its Funny you mentioned trailer parks as well, Ive yet to see one of them ever burned down in any riots, this is odd considering that white Appalachia is the poorest area in America, but its crime rate is 50% lower than the National Average.

7. ‘Dem Whit Bitchess’
I cant say that I blame you for being attracted to white women. Black women never did it anything for me.

White Man, without your tax dollars, these people would starve, and their world would be just as it is in Africa-3rd world hellholes..

White Girl Bleed Alot..best selling book