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J EW Karl Marx-Anti Human

International Hallmarks of diversity and multi culturalism, include Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, seen above.
Anyone called the ‘R word’ or racist (evil smear but intellectually void of legitimacy), might object to his nation becoming a 3rd world cesspool.

Diversity, which is a key tenant of Cultural Marxism, is swell, EXCEPT for Jews and Israel.
Apartheid Racial Laws of marriage, bussing, housing, schools, roads, license plates, are strictly enforced.
But the Antifa crowd and Anti Racist crowd have no criticism for Israel, no voice to air their contempt, no disgust for the Bolsheviks in the Middle East who are given a pass, by and large.

Multiculturalism is portrayed as a real happy place and seeming utopia.

Real happy that is, until it rears its ugly head and bites you in the proverbial back for your hospitality, like the rattlesnake you took in and nursed back to good health.

The Powers that be, ie (Our Zionist Overlords) understand human tendencies, group behavior and sociology.

They know that a unified group is dangerous and difficult to manage.

But adding variety to sow discord and prevent cohesion with distraction, works to their advantage.

The Reality of Multi Culturalism:

This might be what they fear:

While YOU and Your Family were sleeping in a collective comas, seduced by TV Reality Shows, Porn, Video and Football Games in place of Your Bible, Your Faith, Your family traditions, and rather than studying history, you have forsaken your future history for materialism and nihilism, and your nation has been stolen, looted, raped and left for dead, and the worst is still yet to come.

Federal Reserve Act passed Christmas Eve 1913. Meyer Lansky & Co. were literally given the printing presses and we see how well thats worked for our dollar.

Yugoslavia used to be mildly multicultural and modern, a very nice place in the 1980s, until the 3 ethnic groups-Serbian Orthodox, Catholic Croatians and Albanian Muslims, violently warred.

A systemic societal collapse, will make for a very impolite society as Yugoslavia proved just 2 decades ago.

America is 3 meals away from such a breakdown, in this humble writers opinion, and allegiances will be naturally and ethnically drawn, as they always are in these events, history evidences this fact.

The Polite and Moral society that I knew in America (Ohio) growing up in the 1970s, where we literally left our keys in the ignitions of our unlocked cars, our front doors unlocked, our bikes in our front yard unchained, is now gone.
This is the New America, courtesy of said Zionist Overlords. So meet and greet your new neighbors-Tens of Millions of Illegals and welfare blacks being moved into your suburbs. Aint diversity grand?

And this is what you’ve got to look forward to. George Carlin said it will never get any better. Was he too optimistic?

I know of not a single multicultural nation that is a first world nation. Do you think this is coincidence?
Have you ever wondered why North America is so much more advanced than South America?

Would the European population of white Christians have anything to do with this self evident and rhetorical question?

Look at an Austrian Castle built 1000 years ago by creepy crackers.


South African billboards forecast our future.
70% of Women in this African Nation are Raped.

Public Service Billboards in South Africa, Now under Black Rule.
And under black rule, food has to be imported now for the 1st time in 300 years, total power outages are common, crime is more rampant than ever, and whites are being slaughtered en masse.
Wheres the Sun City Jet setting rock star crowd (Bono, Bruce Springsteen et al) boycotting their treatment?

Debt Collectors: Lagos Nigeria

Our Founding Fathers offered insight into sustaining freedom and liberties.

Charles Darwin wrote:
‘No man in his senses would expect to improve or modify a breed in any particular manner, or keep an old breed true and distinct, unless he separated his animals.
I think these authors are right, who maintain that the ass has a prepotent power over the horse, so that both the mule and the hinny more resemble the ass than the horse; but that the prepotency runs more strongly in the male-ass than in the female, so that the mule, which is the offspring of the male-ass and mare, is more like an ass, than is the hinny, which is the offspring of the female-ass and stallion.

And ‘[Man] has diverged into distinct races, or as they may be more fitly called, sub-species. Some of these, such as the Negro and the European, are so distinct that, if specimens had been brought to a naturalist without any further information, they would undoubtedly have been considered as good and true species.’

50,000 Somalis have been added to Columbus Ohio, Minneapolis MN and Bangor Maine. The collective IQ of this group is barely 75.

Israel maintains its cohesive Racial Laws of Jew Only Marriage, Housing, Bussing, Schooling, Roads and License plates.
It is their cohesiveness that makes them formidable, the same is true with bees, wasps.
Clannish peoples are no different.

Be Proud of what You are, who you are, who your ancestors were that built this nation and Western Civilization as we know it.

Our nation is on life support and our freedom hangs in the balance.

Ask yourself what will you do without freedom.

Diversity Enrichment..

Diversity Comes To Africa..