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* For those who have never been to the region, the UC-Cincinnati campus is located right in the middle of the ghetto area of Clifton.
Every year, these violent assaults go on like clockwork and nothing is ever done. Many go unreported or are covered up by the local Kosher media.

Parents, would you let your students walk down this street? Many do..and become statistics.

Here the latest incident of black crime near the UC campus. Actually, its the usual crime which is under reported, if reported at all.
(Its Bad for business)


A 21-year old male student is shot in the stomach after refusing to hand his wallet over, his girlfriend’s purse was taken by the savage. Welcome to the jungle, white boy.

Hours earlier a man was robbed after being threatened with a gun.
You will note that the article, while reporting the crimes, also runs on the headline that “crime is decreasing”. Of course no descriptions of the attackers were provided in the article. (Feral Negroes of course)

The kosher media is the enemy.
There are typically 4-5 violent assaults like this weekly on the UC Campus.
Note: They negtlect to mention that in the admissions and recruiting officers, however.
Go Bearcats n chit.

Is It A Crime Problem That Cincinnati Has, Or A Black Crime Problem?
A town where extremely high rates of Black violence, enables the medical college there to train emergency medical squadrons on how to evacuate wounded personnel from combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan (by treating the Black people shot by other Black people).
Sadly, this story was removed from the archives of the Cincinnati Enquirer, but its archived here:

‘The violence is so traumatic that University Hospital, the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and the U.S. Air Force train emergency medical teams in how to evacuate wounded personnel from combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan by treating the city’s gunshot victims.’

A Once Proud Historic German Neighborhood Destroyed In A Few Decades With Multi Culturalism, Gentrification and ‘Urbanizing’

Likely Future Cincinati Medical Students On Their Way To Study Hall To Prepare For The MCats Exam…?
Dont think so.

An All Too Familiar Photo For Reporters, However, Most Crime and Interracial Crime Here and Elsewhere, Is Not Reported By The Chicken Sh*t Local or National Media.

‘Nati Boys Probably On Their Way To Law School

Affirmative Action Police Chief Craig Says Hes Got Crime Under Control despite The Murder And Crime Epidemic. ( Update: Chief Craig has since taken over as Detroit Police Chief. He was car jacked his first day on the job in Detoilet as Police Chief!)

Here are the top 25 Most Dangerous cities in America.

1. St. Louis, MO
2. Camden, NJ
3. Detroit, MI
4. Flint, MI
5. Oakland, CA
6. Richmond, CA
7. Cleveland, OH
8. Compton, CA
9. Gary, IN
10. Birmingham, AL
11. Baltimore, MD
12. Memphis, TN
13. New Orleans, LA
14. Jackson, MS
15. Little Rock, AR
16. Baton Rouge, LA
17. Buffalo, NY
18. New Haven, CT
19. Hartford, CT
20. Dayton, OH
21. Kansas City, MO
22. Washington, DC
23. Newark, NJ
24. Cincinnati, OH
25. Atlanta, GA

Click on the following link to see the full list:


Enterprising Young Youths, Future P&G Executives?

Lots of Exhibits and Things To Do and See…

Cincinnati Murders Out of Control.

The Usual Suspects. aka Obamas’ Sons or FSA (Free Sh*t Army)

Cincinnati Police report an increase in the city’s murder rate, compared to 2012.
Police have investigated 29 homicides so far this year, compared to 19 at this time a year ago.
Officers are targeting the increase in violent crime by keeping a closer watch on repeat offenders, and attemping to get more information from crime victims.”