It already began a long time ago…
Above is a pictorial of the innocent white people who have been victimized by Eric Holder’s people/Obamas’ Sons since Congress, per Zionist Israeli Emmanuel Celler who sponsored the Hart-Celler Immigration Act, forced integration on the white population on July 2, 1964 i.e. Civil Rights Act.

Note: In 2005, the Justice Dept. – in one of only two cases that I can find – released a report regarding crimes that crossed racial lines. More than 90% of all the violence in these types of crimes came from African-Americans.. And almost ALL of their victims – 580,000 of them – were white. SOURCE (bottom of pg)

Prior to 1964, whites and blacks lived separately. When there was a rare flare-up of inter-racial violence back then, it was almost always provoked by blacks –usually a rape or a murder of a white person.

Black on white crime though, was virtually statically immeasurable prior to 1964. Then came the forced integration law (Civil Rights Act 1964). Black on white crime exploded. Black racism and hateful violence against white people has continued to get progressively worse.

However, white on black violence post 1964, like pre 1964, it has continued to be very rare – statistically immeasurable.

Comment: The media has created an illusion that blacks are the ones who will return your lost dog, hand you your wallet when you drop it, and are so cool compared to nerdy White people. It is on about every commercial now, in case you have not noticed. It is NOT the “All-State” man you will find in Americas’ ruins.

As important as not playing with fire or looking both ways to cross the street; parents should be teaching their children to ALWAYS stay away from African Americans.

Keeping your kids alive is far more important than being told you’re a racist, bigot or not Christian for avoiding multicultural enrichment.

Innocent, unsuspecting, and hopelessly naive Whites are mugged, raped and murdered each day. The African Americans are becoming much more violent each year. Law Enforcement seems to insure the criminals’ rights are upheld far more than arresting obvious criminals. Think about your loved ones; Death is a high price to pay for an incorrect assessment of Black Crime.


Look at the shot above. Just think about it for a minute or two after you read what happened to the guy and White people below the “continue reading” button.

One of the black teen punks who killed JP. Looks like the little bastard has gold grillwork on his teeth — I guess the “oppressed” black needed “mo money” to support his budding gangsta lifestyle.

On October 4th, 2013, John Palmer Shelly, a Memphis, Tennessee, contractor and father of two, affectionately known among his family and friends as “J. P.,” was working on a house (building and fixing things like us White men tend to do) when two black teens broke into the house to do a “lick.” The feral savages then just shot the guy, and he died a couple of days later at the hospital.

They rob, rape and murder us White people all the time. Then I read about a professional bass fisherman, James “Jimmy” Johnson, whom the filthy blacks also shot and killed just the other day. Or the popular coed, Kim Kilgore, where a carload of black women followed her home after some kind of road rage incident and shot the girl dead. Can you believe this, and yet it is not ever making National Kosher News like Zimmerman?

Folks, this is one days worth of local news, buried on the last page. It happens daily in America..