Is Chuckie Cheese a violent place by serving pizza and games to young children, OR is it the black demographic that frequents there, bringing their collective baggage with them?

It is not an exaggeration to say that blacks absolutely ruin white society on every conceivable level.

If there’s a situation that used to be pleasant and innocent, and something which generated great memories for white families and white people to reflect back on later in life… add blacks, and it becomes something to be dreaded and avoided and cautious.

White people have a naturally higher preference for calm and quiet and peaceful environments, gardens and parks and hushed marble halls of libraries, great universities, and awe-inspired reverence for the past achievements of our forefathers. Whether we’re looking up at Mt. Rushmore or in any of our state capitol buildings, or at a memorial in DC… there is a reverence we have.

Those pleasant environments I mentioned, are disrupted and destroyed by blacks being present in them. Whites can’t relax, can’t be themselves if they aren’t with other whites exclusively.

Gun Pulled by Woman at Chuckie Cheese