Carl Eugene Watts is one of the most prolific serial killers in US history, some suspect he may have murdered over 100 women, which would make him the most prolific.
Most Americans have no idea who he is, but Dahmer, Bundy, and Gacy are known by practically all. Wonder why that is? Could it be that he was a black man who primarily killed white women and an evident bias in the Kosher media reporting?

Web definitions on Serial Killer:
Someone who murders more than three victims one at a time in a relatively short interval.

From the article :
843 black serial killers from 1850 to present in the United States, compared to 832 whites, 64 Hispanic, and 10 Asians.

And an update :
To date there are 914 black serial killers, with 37 of the 71 new killers having surfaced in the past year (the other 34 new killers are ones I missed in my previous research of old court, prison, and media records).

It’s sadly funny in a way.
Blacks are killing each other in record numbers, committing violent crime in record numbers, but whenever a person mentions this the liberals and blacks and/or Jews scream
“You can’t judge an entire race by the acts of a few” but these same people gleefully and erroneously claim most serial killers are white males and that is somehow supposed to reflect on our entire race.
Hypocritical double standard much?