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How Did We Get Here?

There were so many great things about our city but unfortunately, the racial tensions, malfeasance, and blight, eclipse any good.
I have many fond memories of heading downtown for the various festivals.

But now? I wouldn’t touch downtown with a 20 mile pole and certainly not without a CCW (Glock or S&W).
I no longer live there, but I used to work in the downtown area. I went on a date at the Rock Bottom brewery downtown (near 5/3 fountain) that was hit by a bullet in the glass, and this was my last outing.
The news archive of that shooting is here-

A few musings:

Downtown Cincinnati has progressively gone downhill. Just before you head into the business district, the side alleys are disgusting. Trash, homeless people, dope addicts using them as bathrooms.. you get the picture.

Cincinnati had to enact several types of laws because the panhandlers were so aggressive. There are too many charities in town for these people to harass taxpayers. They know where to go to get help.

The city tried to build the Aranoff Center, which was to feature live shows and serve as a venue for local big events. But does anyone want to go downtown? No. Panhandlers and the real risk of getting attacked, has become too common.

Long ago, Over-the-Rhine was filled with German, Italian, Irish, and Polish immigrants.
They were hard-working people who would scrub the concrete steps of their stoops until you could eat off of them. They looked out for one another and their children, too.

Cincinnati OTR (Over The Rhine) in its Brewing heyday- Wielerts Beer Garden 1875.

Cincinnati arguably had more breweries than any other city in America.
A scene above from a time long passed.

America was warned by such great men as Father Coughlin, Charles Lindburgh, Henry Ford and Marine General Smedley Butler (Author WAR IS A RACKET) to be Isolationists and avoid war at all costs, but America did not heed their warnings.

‘Corral 50 Of The Worlds Wealthiest Jews and There Will Be No Wars’ -Henry Ford

Judeo Masonry ruled that America (whites) needed to help destroy Germany to spread Communism, which we did in WW2, create world government (UN), and Steal Palestine (Balfour Declaration and Israel) for European Jewry. So, we allied with Bolshevik Communists (nee Jews) and spread Communism TO 11 nations post WW2 having never directly been attacked by Germany.
100 million died over a border skirmish aka Danzig Corridor stolen from Germany via Versaille Treaty, where Pole Marxists were slaughtering Germans cut off from their German brethren.

“We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them.
We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest Great War, but of every other major revolution in your history.” ~ Jewish writer Marclis Eli Ravage, Century Magazine Feb., 1926

This was the grand plan all along, as outlined in Pat Buchanan’s well researched book.

100 million Europeans/Americans (Whites) were killed in the 2 Judeo Masonic Wars, and during this time, Millions of American Blacks migrated North to work in the booming but understaffed factories, and this brought us ‘diversity’ that has been the case ever since.


1960s Avondale

Later, in the 60’s, the grown children of those immigrants moved to the suburbs and more Blacks started moving in. The row houses started to become dilapidated and urban blight set in. Not surprisingly, the crime rates went up.

In the 1990’s, there was an attempt to renovate part of the Over The Rhine area, one street in particular. I watched as funky coffeehouses, art galleries, and micro-brewery restaurants opened. I even had a friend who tried to live on that street, thinking it was the beginning of something good. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

My friend, who was a city police officer, wouldn’t even come inside the apartment. Told me most police ignored the area because it was a constant battlefield.

Back in the late 90’s and in 2000, businesses (restaurants) started to close when there were the big Jazz Festivals (Coors Light, Ujima) because they knew the score.

Nothing but a huge headache for them to stay open, have hoodlums running around causing trouble, and of course, the typical Black patron who’d expect to be fawned over by the waiter or waitress and then not leave a tip. (Note… Black People generally Don’t Like To Tip.)

Enter 2001 Race Riots..
130 Whites pummelled within an inch of their lives for being white. A Police Officer Shot. City under lockdown for 1 week. Gun shots could be heard from Hyde Park and other nice locales. The riots caused an estimated $3.6 million in property damage, much of it on the Main Street entertainment district, and 63 of those arrested were indicted on felony charges.

Obamas FSA (Free sh*t Army) enact scenes from horror movies and blame it on police violence, irrespective of the fact that in 14 of the 15 shootings, the perps were armed, in commission of crimes and had extensive records. This was the largest Riot since LA in 1992.

‘The list of the 15 police victims shows the depraved nature not of Cincinnati’s cops but of its criminals. Harvey Price, who heads the roster, axed his girlfriend’s 15-year-old daughter to death in 1995, then held a SWAT team at bay for four hours with a steak knife, despite being maced and hit with a stun gun. When he lunged at an officer with the knife, the cop shot him. Jermaine Lowe, a parole violator wanted for armed robbery, fled in a stolen car at the sight of a police cruiser, crashed into another car, then unloaded his handgun at the pursuing officers. Alfred Pope robbed, pistol-whipped, and most likely fired at three people in an apartment hallway, just the latest assault by the vicious 23-year-old, who had already racked up 18 Felony charges and five convictions. He then aimed his handgun at close range at the pursuing officers, and they shot him dead in return. To call such lowlifes martyrs to police brutality is a stretch.’

Reverend Damon Lynch
The stupid Black “leaders” encourage their mindless mobs to protest the city businesses. Meanwhile, the nation looks on and figures it’s not safe to host conventions in Cincinnati. Nice way to slice off your nose to spite your face, you morons. No one wants to hang out in Cincinnati unless they’re driving in to one of the games on the Riverfront. So, sad.

I hate what has happened to this city.
And it’s all because of the endless rage of a demographic (ie Blacks) that has way too many entitlements lavished upon them, subsidized and paid for by White wage earners.

Many cities in America will continue to see white people leave for safer towns. Businesses and the economy that they are able to sustain will close up shop and ultimately collapse, respectively. We call this Climate Change.”

Collapse is right in front of us.
Indianapolis is now tearing down “blighted” homes, many of which have great historical importance for the city. This is happening in cities all over the country.

Black people don’t care about historical significance. Blacks think that these structures are what cause the misbehavior and dysfunction.

White people built these homes for their families years ago. White families lost money when blacks poured in during desegregation, and whites lost money when they fled.

Now, once again, the white taxpayer is footing the bill to tear down the neighborhood homes which their families built years ago. This has happened in Cincinnati and all over the Midwest too.

These houses and neighborhoods have been destroyed by underclass black people. All black neighborhoods are full blighted homes, with rotting roofs, gang graffiti, high weeds, and boards on the doors and windows.

Our local paper’s activist black reporter has a great plan. Tear down the “blighted” homes which are “infecting” our city. Now we will have a landscape full of huge empty, useless residential lots with high weeds and litter. Surrounding blacks will have a nice place to dump their garbage and abandoned vehicles.

Where will the black people go? Maybe to the suburbs with a voucher?
Already happening… So More White Flight ensues.

For an excellent play by play of the Riots, see above