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Will Blacks Riots for Trayvon?

Black Pastor Tells It Like It Is…

Monday 7-15-2013 Update

Blacks on I10 in LA

And in NY, being on the dole gives them lots of time to ‘exercise their civil rights’ n chit..
No word from them or the media about 91% of all black homicides being caused BY Other Blacks, though.

Chicago Med Student runs For His Life, Security Camera Caught This Incident or Real Life Horror Show if you will..

Source: Incogman Website

As the George Zimmerman trial end draws near, with the real possibility he’ll be acquitted, White people are seriously thinking the blacks will go nuts in the streets. They may not say so openly (especially on Jewish-controlled PC media), but us decent Whites are indeed concerned; as we should be, considering how blacks actually behave out here in the real world. Blacks are none too worried – many are even openly salivating over the chance to riot (see embedded twitter captures).

Yes indeed, this criminal race would love to go haywire – robbing, looting and even killing White people with abandon. Like the psycho Zionist Israelis do to the Palestinian people all the time (with the full blessing of puppets in DC), blacks take perverse pride in “getting payback” for any imagined injustice, using whatever violent means at their disposal — always against defenseless people because they are way too gutless to deal with those who can and will fight back.

Of course, the criminally prone blacks will yell that they are totally justified going nuts over that budding gangsta punk, Trayvon Martin, should Zimmerman walk free. Probably many blacks even want to see him acquitted so they have an excuse to relive “the glory days” of the Rodney King riots they missed out on.

Folks, let’s face facts here: Blacks have always been dangerous, violent animals, some say unsuitable for citizenship in civilized societies- Haiti, South Africa, Liberia, Uganda, Brazil et al come to mind. With all the crimes they commit on a daily basis, it’s all too obvious. And no matter what efforts Whites have ever done for these spoiled brats, they continue to victimize White people all the time – including vicious “hate” crimes against us just for being White.

Now these “people” of color have gone violently bonkers many times in the past. Detroit, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Los Angeles again and Cincinnati just a few years ago. Even jolly old England last summer saw a massive chimp-out that lasted nearly a week, where “British” blacks invaded and looted the nicer parts of London like crazy.

Hell, truth of the matter is that smaller scale riots and mob attacks on Whites take place all the time wherever these feral youths live in proximity to civilized White people. Happening with increasing frequency, matter of fact. 1 million Interracial crimes annually and 90% of them are black ON White.

Basically, blacks loves to riot because they get so childishly excited at the chance to loot. The prospect of free stuff (anything) is much more important than any supposed societal affront or so-called injustice. All that’s just a convenient excuse. It’s sometimes enough to turn entire neighborhoods, including their own, into burnt cinder. Like sharks in a feeding frenzy, they don’t care one bit once they get their freak on.

In the end, we’ll just hear them loudly bitch and moan for years and years about the government (i.e. the taxpayer) not rebuilding things fast enough because of “institutional racism.” You can’t win for losing with these people. Liberia was purchased by our Founding Fathers with the intent to deport them post slavery, but it never materialized. (See video of Liberia today on Youtube and witness how ‘civilized’ it is).

The body of Matthew Ellis Haines lies covered by police after he was gunned down by a black mob in Long Beach, California, during the Rodney King riots. The White guy had simply been helping a black woman get her car started.

1992′s Rodney King riots in Los Angeles left at least 58 people dead and tens of billions in property damage. Multicult media hates talking about the riots, even resorting to obfuscation of the total number killed, saying it was 47. But that number doesn’t take into account deaths outside of the black-infested south central area. LA police are also said to have video of the crazed apes killing people so shocking they keep it under lock and key to this day.

It was all over a completely worthless drug addict named Rodney King, who led police on a high-speed chase threatening civilians for miles. The guy fully deserved his solid beat down once cops finally cornered his sorry black ass. Of course they were later forced to shower the punk and his Jew lawyers with guilt money, but like most blacks who come into an easy payday, King squandered his multimillion dollar payout on fast living, women and drugs; eventually drowning in his own pool – high as hell on drink, weed and pig tranquilizer (PCP).

And blacks might have rioted if OJ Simpson was convicted of murder in 1994. The guy nearly decapitated his estranged mudshark wife and slashed dead a nice Jewboy waiter, who was expecting a little easy Shiksa action that night. Even though it was readily apparent to anyone with a brain that OJ committed the murders (his blood was at the scene for chrissakes), the nullifying ghetto jury let the murdering fool walk free.

I don’t seem to recall any White people having riots over OJ walking, do you? Hmmm, all I can remember is blacks everywhere in the country raucously celebrating “the big win over whitey.” The spoiled black brats could have cared less if OJ did in fact kill those two people (they were White, no biggie). That’s just the way it is with this selfish swine.

Everybody who watched the Rodney King riots on TV remembers the White truck driver, Reginald Denny, pulled out of his cab and beaten close to death. One animal slammed a brick down on his head and triumphantly did a little jig over his bloody, prostrate body. News choppers overhead recorded the insane black hate for all the world to see.

I’ve seen crude artwork done by blacks treating the Denny attack like it was all so great!

Hard-working, law-abiding Koreans proactively protected their businesses by firing shots over the heads of the black mobs. It was almost like something from a movie about African Zulus. Even so, lefty fools had the GD nerve to criticize them. What? Did they expect the Koreans to just roll over and take it up the ass?

The only possible way you can deal with the childish Negro is let him know you mean serious business. It’s amazing how fast these dimwits learn that one lesson.

My advice to INCOG MAN readers is to be fully armed and ready. Organize with other Whites for mutual protection. Make sure you have plenty of food, water, gas in your vehicles and ammunition. Don’t depend on the media. Pay close attention to any nearby gatherings of blacks – they can turn violently crazy in mere moments. If possible, GTF out of there immediately.

Will Zimmerman rioting lead to a Commie Jew Police State?

One possible scenario to bear in mind: The Jews may be trying to get the blacks to go haywire for their own nefarious reasons. Hell, with the way the media is playing up the Zimmerman trial crap on all brainwashing channels, this is a distinct possibility.

We know the subversive bastards are looking for the right excuse to make gun ownership illegal and bring down the Police State apparatus they have been steadily creating under our noses by using the “war on terror” business. Just like all the Jew efforts down the years to force White people to live with these animals, the Jews will now use black criminal behavior to steal White American’s constitutional rights, too.

In fact, the lefty, J ew-controlled mass media and embedded Zionist agents in the US government may completely ignore what the blacks do in the streets, while they use “fog of war” confusion to actively go after White patriots and any of us who dare defend ourselves against the wilding Zulu hordes.

Marxist-loving J ews will finally have the hands-on control over America they’ve long lusted for. It’ll be a Red Revolution — version 2.0 – and the psycho Jews will get to do whatever the hell they want to any Goy — White or black. America will become the new Jer-USA-lem of the West!

Sound crazy? We’ll see, won’t we?

– Phillip Marlowe

Counter Protesters…
If the head is split, you must acquit!