3 ‘Youths’  (aka feral Black thugs)…. plan then hunt, stalk, rob and beat young and hard working white man (Aka Cracker, Honkey, Red Neck) of his hard earned money in Cincinnati.

Note: Not holding my breath for Hate crime charges…

All future molecular scientists no doubt that traded one profession for a life of Robbing and beating whitey


Three 16 Year Old Boys Arrested In Downtown Attack

Teen Suspects Busted, Local 12
Three Teens Arrested In Downtown Attack 
Updated: 7/09 6:18 pm

 Three teens are under arrest and charged in three attacks, including one of the recent muggings caught on surveillance in Cincinnati. 
The 16-year old’s are charged in two attacks on East Fourth Street downtown, on June 1 and June 19.
They are also charged in a similar attack on Queen City Avenue on July 4.

Cincinnati detectives made sure every member of the department viewed the video of the recent attacks and that paid off. A veteran officer on patrol downtown noticed one of the teens wearing a shirt he believed he saw in a video of one of the attacks. He called investigators who stopped the teen. That teen was in the company of one of the suspects now under arrest.
Today Cortez Baker, Randolph Jones III and Kentrelle Aldridge are all charged with aggravated robbery. That stems from a beating and robbery of a man at a downtown bus stop.
Investigators say these teens are also suspects in other attacks. They suspect the teens may have hurt other people who have not come forward
Two of the teens are from College Hill, the other is from Westwood.
Police say charges are also pending on an attack June 24 on Fourth Street.

STORY with VIDEO of Said attack here: