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Cincinnati native and White Victim of Black on White Crime. A story not often told or discussed yet there are close to 1 million incidents per year and 90% of them are Black ON White.

Yawning at Black-on-White Violence (04/16/01)

Excerpted from the Townhall.Com
Commentary by Syndicated Columnist Michelle Malkin
“Cincinnati is burning. Does anyone care?

“This mid-Western city has been under siege since Monday, April 9, 2001, its downtown and surrounding suburbs overrun by black demonstrators targeting innocent white bystanders and businesses. Roving thugs have looted dozens of white-owned shops, burned down several buildings, and vandalized police precincts and firestations.
City Hall, which had 28 windows smashed to bits on Monday night, is under lockdown. So is the Cincinnati police headquarters, where an American flag was pulled down from its flagpole and hung upside down.

“CNN, which downplayed the violent rampage as a “disturbance,” failed to mention the rampant outbreak of black-on-white hate crimes. Members of the radical New Black Panther Party swarmed the streets; rioters donned masks or gangster-type bandanas. Sympathizers laughed and cheered, waving signs with racial pride slogans like “Honk if you’re black” while white citizens feared for their lives.

“A black rioter shot a cop, who escaped harm when his belt buckle blocked the bullet. A white female motorist in one of the city’s neighborhoods was not so fortunate. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, a mob of black youths stopped the woman’s car and dragged her into the street, beating her until other neighborhood residents rescued her. She was “busted up,” a witness said.

“In multiple scenes reminiscent of the brutal attack on white truck driver Reginald Denny during the 1992 Los Angeles riots, black Cincinnati rioters beat and bloodied white motorists. The assailants hurled cement bricks at their victims as they drove by, and used baseball bats and bottles to damage their cars.

“As is typical of cowering politicians more worried about public relations than public safety, Cincinnati’s public officials failed to quell the race-based violence immediately. Instead, a city spokeswoman went on national TV to tout the fact that they were “showing restraint” and “allowing citizens to vent their frustration.”

Malkin concludes “The racial chaos in Cincinnati shows that public officials have learned nothing from [the deaths of previous white victims of black violence]. I cannot decide which is worse: the government’s cowardice in dealing with black-on-white race riots, or the rest of the country’s apathy toward these vengeful, racist mobs.”

On April 17th Bill Cunningham, a WLW radio talk show host in Cincinnati, stated on his show that 128 whites were attacked. Roslyn Jones, an albino black woman, was also attacked. She says blacks who approached her from behind and yelled “white woman” threw bricks at her car.

While whites were being attacked, many blacks were displaying signs of racial pride. Some held homemade signs reading, “Black Power” and “Honk if you’re black.” Others waved black, red, and green “African‑American” flags as well as signs promoting the Nation of Islam. Many also held professionally made “Don’t shoot” banners. The professional character of these signs indicate that the protestors were being organized.

Blacks smashed storefronts and looted Findley Market in the Over‑the‑Rhine neighborhood. Findley Market had represented a major success in the gentrification of Cincinnati’s inner city. Wealthy liberal whites, which have been renovating old Victorian homes in the inner city, began revitalizing Findley in the early 90′s. Much of Findley Market was deserted for 20 years following the 1968 black riots after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. leveled the neighborhood and sent business owners packing in fear. White business owners, interviewed by the media, expressed confusion over why they were targeted since they had brought jobs and money to the community.

Numerous police officers reported being attacked during the riots. Blacks threw bottles at white cops from apartment windows, and rocks from street corners. Half a dozen police reported being fired upon. One officer was hit by a bullet but only slightly injured.

Local schools in Over‑the‑Rhine cancelled evening events. Some cancelled Wednesday classes. Mail delivery was also halted in Over‑the‑Rhine. Several fires were set, including one in a three‑story apartment. Despite limited coverage of attacks on whites on Tuesday night, the media was silent on the issue Wednesday morning. When Ohio’s numerous newspapers came out, they spoke of “rioters, looting, and vandalism.” No mention of Anti‑white attacks. Cincinnati’s television newscasts even changed their tune and began downplaying the crimes.

Protests continued Wednesday, this time in four new neighborhoods. There was only sporadic violence and looting. Large groups of black clergymen, at one point forming a wall between protesters and police, urged blacks to be peaceful.

On Thursday, Mayor Charles Luken declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew on Cincinnati. Luken actually referred to anti‑white violence, which is rare among today’s politicians who are mindful of being politically correct. In a press conference he stated, “whites are tired of being targeted in their cars.” By this time, the weather had turned sour and rioters were staying home.

Nothing was out of harms way from swarming and angry black residents. One almost thought the welfare checks were late to arrive.

Even Hot Dog Vendors felt the wrath…


Cincinnati Black Residents swarm the Cincinnati Police Department Headquarters, cops stay vigilant

Local residents (most if not all welfare beneficiaries), led by their clergy said ‘police be raciss and to stop killing black folks.’
But they didnt take into account that almost all of the Police shootings were on perps armed with deadly weapons, and that more than 90% of black homicides are caused by fellow blacks. Facts are seemingly unimportant to them.

Burn baby burn…As a sidenote relating to sociology, it is interesting that you dont you see much rioting in poor trailer parks?


Future Bengals Athletes perhaps, with the proper direction and coaching.

Upstanding Cincinnati citizens taking the day off of work from corporate offices at GE and P&G to exercise their civil rights standing atop someones car on Race Street.

Local residents using their problem resolution skills….


Cincinnati Police showing restraint


Great inventiveness and mastery of the English language shown here by these academic scholars…



Rappers get into the action now too.  Gots to be rappin n chit…


The inept Cincinnati City Council, known for its great lack of visionary leadership, made determinations that blacks must be afforded new upscale housing for their efforts in Rioting and destroying the vibrant downtown resurgence, so CMHA approves moves for the African Americans to the suburbs, particularly the West Side and to the North and South. Even Hyde Park got their share of OTR residents.
It is a rhetorical question, but is the issue more tax money for new housing, or is it a systemic Race issue with African Americans and their propensity to degrade and destroy neighborhoods?

Perfume on a Pig?

Is the issue one of some paint on the exterior and interior walls, or one of the class of neighbors and abundance of blacks?

Meet your neighbors downtown…urban living is all its cracked up to be and then some.
Suburbanites and adventure seekers are encouraged to move to this locale and reap the rewards that come with multi culturalism.