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Lee Friedman: The bulk of the slave trade in Brazil, where most of the slaves went, was in the hands of Jewish settlers.

Wilfred Samuels: The Jews of Barbados made a good deal of money by buying and renting out of black slaves.

Seymour Liebman: The ships were not only owned by Jews, but were mainly manned by Jewish crews and sailed under the command of Jewish captains.

Moshe Kahan: Between 1653 and 1658 Jewish Marrano merchants were in control of the Spanish and Portuguese trade, were very interested in the Dutch East and West Indian companies, were heavily involved in shipping and most importantly had at their disposal large amounts of capital.

Arnold Wiznitzer: It so happened that cash was mostly in the hands of Jews. The buyers who appeared at the slave auctions were almost always Jews being able to buy at low prices because of lack of competition and were able to sell to the plantation owners at high prices for the same reason. Profits of up to 300% were often realized with high interest rates. If an auction fell on a Jewish holiday it was postponed.

Ira Rosenwaike: Of the Jews in the American south, 75% owned black slaves, whereas only 36% of the non-Jewish population did. Jews in the American South had developed a separate and distinctive accomodation to the slave-based economy. The southern planters depended on the Jews who had become auctioneers, slave-clothing dealers and diverse merchants. They kept the entire slave-economy oiled with money and supplies.

And here is what “The American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society” had to say in 1853:
The Jews of the US have never taken any steps whatever with regard to the slavery question. As citizens, they deem it their policy to have every one choose whichever side he may deem best “to promote his own interests”.

In 1654, the earliest known Jewish immigrant to North America, Jacob Barsimson, emigrated from Holland to New Amsterdam (New York) and in the next decade many more followed him, settling along the East Coast, principally in New Amsterdam and Newport, Rhode Island.

They were prevented by ordinances issued by Governor Peter Stuyvesant from engaging in the domestic economy, so they quickly discovered that the territory inhabited by the Indians would be a fertile field. There were no laws preventing the Jews from trading with the Indians.

The first Jew to begin trading with the Indians was Hayman Levy, who imported cheap glass beads, textiles, earrings, armbands and other cheap adornments from Holland which were traded for valuable fur pelts. Hayman Levy was soon joined by Jews Nicholas Lowe and Joseph Simon.
Lowe conceived the idea of trading rum and whiskey to the Indians and set up a distillery in Newport, where these two liquors were produced. Within a short time there were 22 distilleries in Newport, all of them owned by Jews, manufacturing and distributing ‘firewater.’ The story of the debauching of the Indians with its resultant massacres of the early settlers, is a dramatic story in itself.

By the time of the American Revolution, over 30 Jewish families could be found in Newport, Rhode Island, alone, bearing family names such as Lopez, Levy, Rivera, Seixas, deToro (Touro), Gomez and Hays. In the New World, the Jews continued to engage in their long established careers as merchants and money lenders, manufacturers and sellers of alcoholic beverages, and were leaders in the forefront of the slave trade, amassing vast fortunes by importing and selling African slaves to the colonial plantations.

Aaron Lopez and his family arrived in Newport, Rhode Island, around 1750 from New York via Lisbon, Portugal. Lopez arrived in the new world as a member of a “Marrano” family. Lopez immediately dropped his Christian name of “Don Duarte Lopez” and took the Hebrew name of Aaron and submitted to ritual circumcision.
Within twenty years, Lopez owned or had interests in over 80 sailing vessels. Lopez was also one of the original founders and contributors of Touro Synagogue and by the end of his life was recognized as one of the “Merchant Princes” of early America. His merchant trading interests included rum, molasses, dry goods and African slaves.

Jacob Rodriguez Rivera (uncle and father-in-law of Aaron Lopez) hailed from a “Marrano” family from Seville, Spain. He arrived in Newport via Curacao in 1748 where he introduced the manufacture of spermaceti candle-making. Next to Aaron Lopez, Rivera occupied the highest position in the commercial, religious and social life of Newport’s Jewish community. His daughter Sarah, married Aaron Lopez and his son Jacob owned a grand mansion on the Parade that is today located at 8 Washington Square.
History also remembers the Rivera Home then the residence of Deputy Governor John Gardiner who with the Reverend James Manning in July, 1763 met with interested citizens and first made the design known to establish a college in the English colony of Rhode Island, which eventually became Brown University.

Moses Levy and the Moses Seixas families both lived in one of Newport’s large colonial mansions at 29 Touro Street. Seixas was a founding member of the nation’s oldest Jewish Masonic Lodge (King David in Newport) and Grand Master of the Masonic Order of Rhode Island. Seixas was well known as the Cashier of the Bank of Rhode Island.
President (Parnas) of Touro Synagogue at the time of the George Washington visit and letter to the congregation, Seixas also performed the Covenant of Circumcision (B’rith Milah). Prominent merchant and trader Moses Levy of New York and Newport was one of several Ashkenazi Jewish families in Newport at that time. Levy owned the Touro Street Mansion and willed the property to Moses Seixas in 1792. Levy was also one of the original benefactors of Touro Synagogue.

Rev. Isaac Touro was the First Spiritual leader of Congregation Yeshuat Israel. His family came to America from Amsterdam via the West Indies, though originally from Spain where family name was “de Toro.” Rev. Touro arrived in Newport in 1759 when only twenty years old, having been trained in Holland for the Jewish ministry. He provided from memory the design of the Touro Synagogue from the great Sephardic Synagogues of Amsterdam. Sons Abraham and Judah would become great 19th century philanthropists.

Moses Michael Hays was not only brother-in-law of Rev. Isaac Touro, but a prosperous merchant. Hays introduced the Order of the Scottish Rite Masonic Order to America. He was the Grand Master of Massachusetts Masonic Lodge with Paul Revere and friend of Patriot Thomas Paine and he helped organized the King David Lodge in 1769. Hays moved from Newport to Boston in 1780. He is credited as being one of the founders of the Massachusetts Fire and Marine Insurance Co., which grew to become the Bank of Boston.
At the Old Colony House, one of the oldest existing government buildings in America, in June, 1776 (one month before the Declaration of Independence) Hays delivered a now famous letter to Rhode Island General Assembly protesting the requirement that Jews sign loyalty test before the fledging government.

Ezra Stiles was a Congregationalist minister in Newport and close friend of Isaac Touro and Aaron Lopez. His diaries contain the most extensive descriptions of 18th century Jewish life in Newport. Later he would become first President of Yale University and add Hebrew to the university seal.

Judah Touro was the youngest son of Isaac Touro and he moved to New Orleans in his early twenties where he made his fortune as a merchant/trader. At the time of his death, his estate totaled nearly one million dollars, most of which was given to charitable organizations, orphanages, religious institutions, and towards good works in various cities including his birthplace, Newport. Land was purchased with his generous gift in 1855 for the purpose of providing a public park and preserving the historic Old Stone Mill.

Touro Synagogue is the oldest existing synagogue in North America (completed for Chanukah in 1763) located on what was originally called Griffin Street. The founding Newport congregation organized as “Yeshuat Israel” or Salvation of Israel never named the synagogue Touro. Those recognizing Abraham Touro’s generous gifts to restore the building, street, and boundary walls loosely called the synagogue “Touro’s Synagogue” in the mid-19th century.
Under the Bimah lies a trap door that was used to house runaway slaves as part of the Underground Railroad. The trap door also represents the Marrano tradition of remembering the perils of Jews living in Spain and Portugal during the Inquisition and having to flee from soldiers of the Holy Office at a moments notice.

The Hebrew Cemetery on Bellevue Avenue has origins dating back to 1677, making it the oldest (existing) Jewish Cemetery in America. The final resting place of many of the first Jewish families of Newport and America, including Touro, Hays, Myers, Lopez, Hart, Seixas and Rivera. The 1712 map of the Town of Newport identifies the cemetery on “Jew Street.”

The following is a partial of the slave ships owned by Jews:

‘Abigail’ by Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy and Jacob Franks.
‘Crown’ by Isaac Levy and Nathan Simpson.
‘Nassau’by Moses Levy.
‘Four Sisters’ by Moses Levy.
‘Anne & Eliza’ by Justus Bosch and John Abrams.
‘Prudent Betty’ by Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix.
‘Hester’ by Mordecai and David Gomez.
‘Elizabeth’ by David and Mordecai Gomez.
‘Antigua’ by Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell.
‘Betsy’by Wm. DeWoolf.
‘Pouy’by James DeWoolf.
‘White Horse’ by Jan de Sweevts.
‘Expedition’ by John and Jacob Rosevelt.
‘Charlotte’ by Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks.
‘Caracoa’ by Moses and Sam Levy.

Slave-runners, also owned by Jews were the ‘La Fortuna’, the ‘Hannah’, the ‘Sally’, and the ‘Venue’.

Some of the Jews of Newport and Charleston who were engaged in the distillery or slavery trade, or both, were: Isaac Gomez, Hayman Levy, Jacob Malhado, Naphtaly Myers, David Hart, Joseph Jacobs, Moses Ben Franks, Moses Gomez, Isaac Dias, Benjamin Levy, David Jeshuvum, Jacob Pinto, Jacob Turk, Daniel Gomez, James Lucana, Jan de Sweevts, Felix (cha-cha) de Souza (known as the ‘Prince of Slavers’ and second only to Aaron Lopez), Simeon Potter, Isaac Elizer, Jacob Rod, Jacol) Itodrigues Rivera, Haym Isaac Carregal, Abraham Touro, Moses Hays, Moses Lopez, Judah Touro, Abrtham Mendes and Abraham All.

Of some 600 ships leaving the port of Newport, more than 300 were engaged in the slave trade. A typical cargo of one ship, ‘La Fortuna’, was 217 slaves which cost about $4,300 and sold for $41,438.00.

Dr. Arnold Wiznitzer:

“The West India Company, which monopolized imports of slaves from Africa, sold slaves at public auctions against cash payment. It happened that cash was mostly in the hands of Jews. The buyers who appeared at the auctions were almost always Jews, and because of this lack of competitors they could buy slaves at low prices. On the other hand, there also was no competition in the selling of the slaves to the plantation owners and other buyers, and most of them purchased on credit payable at the next harvest in sugar. Profits up to 300 percent of the purchase value were often realized with high interest rates….If it happened that the date of such an auction fell on a Jewish holiday the auction had to be postponed. This occurred on Friday, October 21, 1644.”

Jews in Colonial Brazil (1960), pp. 72-3; [Note: Wiznitzer, Arnold Aharon, educator; Born in Austria, December 20, 1899; Ph.D., University of Vienna, 1920; Doctor of Hebrew Literature, Jewish Theological Seminary of America; Emeritus research professor, University of Judaism, Los Angeles; Contributor to historical journals in the United States and Brazil including the Journal of Jewish Social Studies and the Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society. Former president, Brazilian-Jewish Institute of Historical Research.]

Dr. Seymour B. Liebman:
“They came with ships carrying African blacks to be sold as slaves. The traffic in slaves was a royal monopoly, and the Jews were often appointed as agents for the Crown in their sale….[They] were the largest ship chandlers in the entire Caribbean region, where the shipping business was mainly a Jewish enterprise….The ships were not only owned by Jews, but were manned by Jewish crews and sailed under the command of Jewish captains.”

New World Jewry 1493-1825: Requiem for the Forgotten (KTAV, New York, 1982), pp. 170, 183. [Liebman is an attorney; LL.B., St. Lawrence University, 1929; M.A. (Latin American history), Mexico City College, 1963; Florida chapter American Jewish Historical Society, 1956-58; Friends of Hebrew University, 1958-59; American Historical Society Contributor to scholarly journals on Jewish history.

Jacob Rader Marcus:
“All through the eighteenth century, into the early nineteenth, Jews in the North were to own black servants; in the South, the few plantations owned by Jews were tilled with slave labor. In 1820, over 75 percent of all Jewish families in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves, employed as domestic servants; almost 40 percent of all Jewish householders in the United States owned one slave or more. There were no protests against slavery as such by Jews in the South, where they were always outnumbered at least 100 to 1….But very few Jews anywhere in the United States protested against chattel slavery on moral grounds.” United States Jewry, 1776-1985 (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1989), p. 586.
Marcus describes the mockery of the Indian by Hyam Myer’s “Wild West Show” in his book, The Colonial American Jew:

“[Myer sought] formal permission to exhibit some Mohawks in Europe. Myers sailed with the Indians before the proper certificate was forthcoming from the Indian Commissioner, and had already begun to parade them in Holland and in the taverns of London when the Lords of Trade urged Lieutenant-Governor Cadwallader Colden in New York to have Johnson put an end to the undertaking. From all indications Myers made no money on his grand European tour, for he ended up owing the Indians money – or refusing to pay them. Then, as now, there was “no business like show business!”

Dr. Ira Rosenwaike:
“In Charleston, Richmond and Savannah the large majority (over three-fourths) of the Jewish households contained one or more slaves; in Baltimore, only one out of three households were slaveholding; in New York, one out of eighteen….Among the slaveholding households the median number of slaves owned ranged from five in Savannah to one in New York.”

The Jewish Population in 1820, in Abraham J. Karp, ed., The Jewish Experience in America: Selected Studies from the Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society (Waltham, Massachusetts, 1969, 3 volumes), volume 2, pp. 2, 17, 19.

Whites Owning Black Slaves in USA Hoax



Since the advent of Jewish liberalism, the slavery issue has been a touchy one for America, with many Negroes running around screaming that they want reparations for their time in bondage and slavery to “white people,” which essentially means they want us to pay them more than we already have in terms of government subsidized housing, food stamps, free health care via medicaid cards (you didn’t know about the free health care?), affirmative action laws in which we allowed the Jews running our government to disadvantage us and discriminate openly against us in their (the Negroes) favor, and many other amenities for something our ancestors supposedly did hundreds of years ago, and which modern Negroes in reality have no concept of personally.
And in return for those things, the feral blacks youths destroy our cities, rob, rape, torture, and slaughter our people and contribute absolutely NOTHING to society but violence and mayhem.

So many blacks owned slaves by the time of the civil war that 3,000 of them (Negroes) in New Orleans alone, or 28% of their total population, owned one of their own kind as a slave by the time of the Civil War. Meanwhile, it is well documented that no more than 2-5% of white Americans ever owned slaves.

In fact, 70% of the slave owners in America were Jewish, the Slave Trade was Controlled by Jews, in fact, slave auctions were cancelled in North and South America IF they fell on a Jewish Holiday!

And the vast majority of slave owners in this country were the Negroes themselves. The slavery lie is nothing more than a way for this race (the black one primarily, although it serves the Jewish agenda very well also) to continue to hold the white race hostage with things like affirmative action and reverse discrimination. Take your country back America, before it is destroyed by Jews and non-whites based on complete lies.

American textbooks are filled with images of “slave auctions” that portray Negros in chains, or being beaten or treated in some atrocious manner, so much so that by the time the indoctrinated history teachers are finished indoctrinating their prey, school children are left with the impression that America was a country in which at any given time one could walk down Main Street U.S.A. and see such a spectacle.

America is portrayed as the Wal Mart of the slave trade, and big bad whitey has been demonized as the manifestation of pure evil for his role in said trade.

White Americans have always been accused of oppression by Afro-Americans. Everything that is wrong with black America is because of the legacy of slavery, according to them, and they take every opportunity to bash the white population as they would the devil himself. As it turns out, the spectacle of slavery as it has been portrayed in the historical record is entirely false, and just as with every other historical event or events that I have taken the time to study of late, the white race is less guilty of the practice than any other race, and is, in fact, the most honorable and humane race ever to exist on the planet.

And with the exception of a very few bad apples several centuries ago, as a collective people we are essentially not guilty of the institution of slavery. It is just another massive propaganda ploy they have used to demonize the white race, and it is a complete lie. 
The institution of slavery on the North American continent was somewhat of a rarity between 1525 and 1866.

During that 341 year period, 388,000, or approximately, at a yearly average, 1,138, Negro slaves arrived every year. And the fact of the matter is that most Americans never actually met another American who in fact “owned” a slave. And given the other FACT that at least 70% of the people in America who owned slaves were Jews, that idea that few Americans probably ever met any other Americans in possession of a slave becomes even more likely, given the Jewish penchant for and tendency to separatism.

And the estimates of Jewish slave ownership are sometimes higher, which leads me to believe that, given the Jewish penchant for rewriting history with complete lies, the actual institution of slavery on the North American continent was probably an entirely Jewish operation, with a few anglomoron lackeys thrown into the mix. We already know that the civil war was just another one of the wars engineered by Jewish bankers on the road to world dominance, and we are devastatingly familiar with the lies surrounding the last one, which go as far as a manufactured Jewish holohoax.

Just a cursory look at the genuine evidence is enough to convince me that we are in need of a new historical term, and that is slavery denial, because, like the Holohaox, black slavery in America on the part of the white race is really just another giant historical lie and propaganda ploy designed to demonize the white race.

Most authors who write about the institution of slavery are astonished at the FACT that 42 MILLION Afro-Americans have come to exist on this continent from such a SMALL number of slaves as was actually brought here, while the rest of the world, including black and Arab Africa, was engaging in not only slavery but savagery on a massive scale, and still are to this very day. And even though the Europeans were trying to bring civilization to the continent, the Africans resisted, and today accuse the evil white man of something referred to as “colonialism,” when in fact what European “colonists” sought to do as much as anything else was CIVILIZE a continent of savages. I would submit to you that genuine “colonialism” in its most nefarious form is in full swing today, as Jewish owned companies have succeeded in coming to dominate Africa and are currently raping the continent of its natural resources. And all the while whitey is still being blamed, even though the Jewish colonization of Western society has long since been accomplished via the Jewish central banking system.

Guess what? What LITTLE slavery ever actually existed on the American continent was for the most part done by Jews, in the same way that they carry out their dominance of our governments today, with the assistance of a few gentile lackeys. The reality is that slavery in America was essentially nothing more than they Jews’ and the Negroes’ endeavor to Africanize this continent.

The only reason the Negroes have amassed such a huge population on the continent, to the amazement of historians who look at the real numbers, is because of their tendency to over breed, which is a tendency that has always been observed by the members of other races. Although I cannot say that, given the depth of Jewish deception and the lengths to which they will go to destroy white civilization, I would not put it past them not to have just seeded the continent with shiploads of Africans.

And the only reason the vast majority of them have not experienced famine and starvation on this continent is because they live(d) among a people who were and still are good hearted enough to help them. The number of blacks living on government assistance and food stamps to this very day is proof enough of that.

The idea of slavery in America as an institutionalized practice by the white race is essentially another Jewish-written historical lie on the scale of the Jewish holohoax. And just about the only thing that keeps it from being quite on the same level as the Jewish Holohoax is the fact that it was practiced here by a few nefarious individuals, the majority of whom were Jewish, whereas it can be quickly and easily proven that no gas chamber ever existed in National Socialist Germany and not a single Jew died in one of them. Other than that, in reference to ordinary white, hard working, god fearing Americans, the idea that slavery was an institution of everyday American life is just a complete falsehood. And there is just no getting around that fact when you look at the genuine numbers as they were recorded by the people of the time involved in the trade.

White people, wake up. All of history is written do demonize you illegitimately to the point that the non-white races have a hatred for you that is seemingly innate. If you had actually done anything to deserve that kind of hatred, it would be different, but you did not, and the fact is that as a collective race you and yours are light years ahead of the other races in terms of honor. Even the history of all the great white civilizations of the past, from Egypt to Rome and every one in between, is being stripped from you, re-written, and attributed to people who have never yet come close to being your cultural equal.


A part of our history not taught is that more White Irish Catholics were enslaved in America from 1600-1700 than Blacks and that the word Slave comes from SLAV-White Christians enslaved by Jews and Muslims. See attached link:


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The True World Masters of Slavery – 40% of American Colonial Jews Owned Slaves, Only 2% of Everyone Else
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An incredible documentary that is full of direct quotes from celebrated Jewish historians who have boasted of two thousand years of Jewish domination of the slave trade, including the horrific trade in slaves from Africa to the Americas. A video that will forever change your views of the real masters of the slave trade.

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