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Feral Black Mob “hunted” white victims in Cincinnati

July 11, 2013
WKRC reported:

Police say the teens essentially hunted their victims. One says the suspects were passengers on his bus when they targeted him. “They didn’t ask me for anything.”

Cincinnati Police Capt. Paul Broxterman described the string of assaults to WLWT, as “a pack of lions hunting down a wounded zebra.”

Of course, not one national media outlet has seen fit to give these racially-charged attacks any coverage, while providing nearly around-the-clock coverage to the George Zimmerman trial.

read more : Media blackout: Mob “hunted” white victims in Cincinnati – Norfolk Crime | Examiner.com


A family friend was walking out of dinner at 6:45 last night (6-20-2013) in O’bryanville, a hamlet of Cincinnati, a nice neighborhood with large old mansions from quasi famous industrialist and lots of popular bars and restaurants, you can find about 50 white people walking around on the sidewalks in large groups at anytime.

It is bordered by neighborhoods filled with the sub-human garbage of the FSA (Free Sh*t Army), three of ‘Obama’s sons’ walked up to this lady, and her son, at 6:45, when it was bright as day out, as they walked from the restaurant door to the parking meter, all of 15ft and hit her in the head multiple times with bricks until she was out cold. She has structural damage to her face and skull, that is all I know.

She is a kind Christian women, that does not weigh more than 120lbs, who gives tons of money every year to charity and a ton to these walking piles of diarrhea in taxes. I am so angry I can’t even put it into words. When is enough enough? Please pray for her, she is going to need it big time, life as she knows it will never be the same.

We coddle the dirt bags here. They have structured a system to keep them out of jail and on the dole. I Have a friend that has seen 4 shootings this year, two of which were killed outright, that is the only one I have seen in the news.
It got a paragraph on the Cincinnati.com website, never made it to print. This is the second person I know this happened to this year. Yet nothing has ever made it past the police report, the police said “this happens all the time…daily” No one gives a sh*t if youre white and violated.

Video Above of A Woman with Children, who gets the Hell beat out of her by a Black Home Invader.
There are close to 1 million incidents like this annually and 90% are Black On White. Yet are media portrays blacks as Will Smiths, Denzel Washingtons and Morgan Freeman types, not what most Americans see and know in real life as seen in the video above, from New Jersey.

The Incompetent Mayor had this message for travelers to the Nati..which is poignant, except when you are targeted for being White.

From the Race Riot thread..
Yawning at Black-on-White Violence (04/16/01)

Excerpted from the Townhall.Com
Commentary by Syndicated Columnist Michelle Malkin
“Cincinnati is burning. Does anyone care?

“This mid-Western city has been under siege since Monday, April 9, 2001, its downtown and surrounding suburbs overrun by black demonstrators targeting innocent white bystanders and businesses. Roving thugs have looted dozens of white-owned shops, burned down several buildings, and vandalized police precincts and firestations.
City Hall, which had 28 windows smashed to bits on Monday night, is under lockdown. So is the Cincinnati police headquarters, where an American flag was pulled down from its flagpole and hung upside down.

“CNN, which downplayed the violent rampage as a “disturbance,” failed to mention the rampant outbreak of black-on-white hate crimes. Members of the radical New Black Panther Party swarmed the streets; rioters donned masks or gangster-type bandanas. Sympathizers laughed and cheered, waving signs with racial pride slogans like “Honk if you’re black” while white citizens feared for their lives.

“A black rioter shot a cop, who escaped harm when his belt buckle blocked the bullet. A white female motorist in one of the city’s neighborhoods was not so fortunate. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, a mob of black youths stopped the woman’s car and dragged her into the street, beating her until other neighborhood residents rescued her. She was “busted up,” a witness said.

“In multiple scenes reminiscent of the brutal attack on white truck driver Reginald Denny during the 1992 Los Angeles riots, black Cincinnati rioters beat and bloodied white motorists. The assailants hurled cement bricks at their victims as they drove by, and used baseball bats and bottles to damage their cars.

“As is typical of cowering politicians more worried about public relations than public safety, Cincinnati’s public officials failed to quell the race-based violence immediately. Instead, a city spokeswoman went on national TV to tout the fact that they were “showing restraint” and “allowing citizens to vent their frustration.”

Malkin concludes “The racial chaos in Cincinnati shows that public officials have learned nothing from [the deaths of previous white victims of black violence]. I cannot decide which is worse: the government’s cowardice in dealing with black-on-white race riots, or the rest of the country’s apathy toward these vengeful, racist mobs.”

On April 17th 2001 Bill Cunningham, a WLW radio talk show host in Cincinnati, stated on his show that 128 whites were attacked. Roslyn Jones, an albino black woman, was also attacked. She says blacks who approached her from behind and yelled “white woman” threw bricks at her car.

While whites were being attacked, many blacks were displaying signs of racial pride. Some held homemade signs reading, “Black Power” and “Honk if you’re black.” Others waved black, red, and green “African‑American” flags as well as signs promoting the Nation of Islam. Many also held professionally made “Don’t shoot” banners. The professional character of these signs indicate that the protestors were being organized.

Blacks smashed storefronts and looted Findley Market in the Over‑the‑Rhine neighborhood. Findley Market had represented a major success in the gentrification of Cincinnati’s inner city. Wealthy liberal whites, which have been renovating old Victorian homes in the inner city, began revitalizing Findley in the early 90′s. Much of Findley Market was deserted for 20 years following the 1968 black riots after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. leveled the neighborhood and sent business owners packing in fear. White business owners, interviewed by the media, expressed confusion over why they were targeted since they had brought jobs and money to the community.

Numerous police officers reported being attacked during the riots. Blacks threw bottles at white cops from apartment windows, and rocks from street corners. Half a dozen police reported being fired upon. One officer was hit by a bullet but only slightly injured.

Local schools in Over‑the‑Rhine cancelled evening events. Some cancelled Wednesday classes. Mail delivery was also halted in Over‑the‑Rhine. Several fires were set, including one in a three‑story apartment. Despite limited coverage of attacks on whites on Tuesday night, the media was silent on the issue Wednesday morning. When Ohio’s numerous newspapers came out, they spoke of “rioters, looting, and vandalism.” No mention of anti‑white attacks. Cincinnati’s television newscasts even changed their tune and began downplaying the crimes.

Protests continued Wednesday, this time in four new neighborhoods. There was only sporadic violence and looting. Large groups of black clergymen, at one point forming a wall between protesters and police, urged blacks to be peaceful.

On Thursday, Mayor Charles Luken declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew on Cincinnati. Luken actually referred to anti‑white violence, which is rare among today’s politicians who are mindful of being politically correct. In a press conference he stated, “whites are tired of being targeted in their cars.” By this time, the weather had turned sour and rioters were staying home.

Nothing was out of harms way from swarming and angry black residents. One almost thought the welfare checks were late to arrive.

Urban Memorial for Gunned down victim

Blight is all too common in the ‘Nati’

A mini ‘Detoilet’ or Detroit if you will in many parts, and just about as dangerous.

Victim of North College Hill ‘boredom beating’ has died
Prosecutor orders autopsy

Last Updated: 6 hours and 13 minutes ago
By: Casey Weldon, WCPO Digital

CINCINNATI – A man allegedly assaulted and robbed by six (Feral) black teens during a “boredom beating” in North College Hill has died.

Pat Mahaney, 46, passed away Friday at University of Cincinnati Medical Center a little less than a year after the vicious beating that caused him to suffer internal bleeding and put him in the hospital for four days.

Investigators determined the teens instigated the August 2012 attack because they were “bored” and looking for something to do.

North College Hill Police Chief Gary Foust said the juveniles jumped Mahaney from behind, hit him in the head and knocked him to the ground with a six-pack of beer he had just purchased.

“As they were approaching the individual they actually discussed this event, before actually doing the event,” Foust said.

Marty Korte said he still doesn’t understand why anyone would want to hurt his neighbor.

“He was a good boy. He was taking care of his mother,” said Korte, who has lived on the Dallas Avenue block where Mahaney was attacked for 50 years.

He said the attack affected Mahaney socially as well as physically. Korte said he had only seen Mahaney one time since the incident because Mahaney “was afraid to walk down the street.”

Hamilton County prosecutor’s office spokeswoman Julie Wilson said prosecutor Joe Deters has asked the county coroner to perform an autopsy to see if the injuries sustained during the attack played a role in Mahaney’s death.

The teens, who were 13 to 14 years old at the time of the attack, were charged with felonious assault and aggravated riot. Their cases are being tried separately in juvenile court.

Three of the six suspects pleaded guilty in March to felonious assault in a plea agreement in which prosecutors agreed to drop aggravated riot charges.

They were originally indicted under a serious youth offenders statute that allows them to be sentenced.’
Read more: wcpo news.
Penalty for brutally beating White man – Black teens get Probation, community service, and a book report!!!!
It doesn’t end there, the Black judge in this case has ignored a contempt of court charge and prohibited the media, or anyone else, from being present in the courtroom during sentencing of the thugs who beat Pat to a bloody pulp last year.


And then there is this, from the article,

“The controversial judge said last month she wants an expert to weigh in on whether publicity on the cases is mentally harming the teens, who were 13 and 14 when they beat Pat Mahaney, 46, so viciously he was hospitalized for four days.”

Yes this is another example of the justice system being so unfair to Black offenders. Pat Mahaney dies just weeks before, due in part from the injuries he suffered at the hands of these savages, and this Black power judge gives these creeps no jail time and one of the offenders gets a book report, the others community service. And on top of that wants to explore the idea that the offenders were “mentally harmed” by the media coverage surrounding the case.
You would be hard pressed to find a story as revolting as this entire incident – and yet Whites are still somehow afraid and find a way to suppress their dissatisfaction with this kind of garbage.

Security Camera Films Med Student Fleeing For His Life

How Did We Get Here?

There were so many great things about our city but unfortunately, the racial tensions, malfeasance, and blight, eclipse any good.
I have many fond memories of heading downtown for the various festivals.

But now?
I wouldn’t touch downtown with a 20 mile pole and certainly without a CCW.
I no longer live there but I used to work in the downtown area. A few musings:

Downtown Cincinnati has progressively gone downhill. Just before you head into the business district, the side alleys are disgusting. Trash, homeless people using them as bathrooms.. you get the picture.

Cincinnati had to enact several types of laws because the panhandlers were so aggressive. There are too many charities in town for these people to harass taxpayers. They know where to go to get help.

The city tried to build the Aranoff Center, which was to feature live shows and serve as a venue for local big events. But does anyone want to go downtown? No. Again, the panhandlers and the real risk of getting attacked, has become too common.

Long ago, Over-the-Rhine was filled with German, Italian, Irish, and Polish immigrants.
They were hard-working people who would scrub the concrete steps of their stoops until you could eat off of them. They looked out for one another and their children, too.

Cincinnati OTR in its brewing heyday.

Cincinnati arguably had more breweries than any other city in America. OTR Bar scene above.

Judeo Masonry decided whites needed to help destroy Europe and spread Communism, which we did in WW2, and create world government (UN) and Steal Palestine for European Jewry. Yes, We allied with Communists and spread Communism TO 11 nations post WW2. The plan all along.

While 100 million Europeans were killed in the 2 Judeo Masonic Wars, Millions of American Blacks migrated North to work in the booming factories, this brought us ‘diversity’ that has been the case ever since.

Later, in the 60’s, the grown children of those immigrants moved to the suburbs and more Blacks started moving in. The row houses started to become dilapidated and urban blight set in. Not surprisingly, the crime rates went up.

In the 1990’s, there was an attempt to renovate part of the Over The Rhine area, one street in particular. I watched as funky coffeehouses, art galleries, and micro-brewery restaurants opened. I even had a friend who tried to live on that street, thinking it was the beginning of something good. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

My friend, who was a city police officer, wouldn’t even come inside the apartment. Told me most police ignored the area because it was a constant battlefield.

Back in the late 90’s and in 2000, businesses (restaurants) started to close when there were the big Jazz Festivals (Coors Light, Ujima) because they knew the score. Nothing but a huge headache for them to stay open, have hoodlums running around causing trouble, and of course, the typical Black patron who’d expect to be fawned over by the waiter or waitress and then not leave a tip. (Note… Black People generally Don’t Like To Tip.)

Reverend Damon Lynch
The stupid Black “leaders” encourage their mindless mobs to protest the city businesses.
Meanwhile, the nation looks on and figures it’s not safe to host conventions in Cincinnati. Nice way to slice off your nose to spite your face, you morons.
No one wants to hang out in Cincinnati unless they’re driving in to one of the games on the Riverfront. So, sad…

I hate what has happened to the city.
And it’s all because of the endless rage of a demographic (ie Blacks) that has way too many entitlements lavished upon them.

Many cities in America will continue to see white people leave for safer towns. Businesses and the economy that they are able to sustain will close up shop and ultimately collapse, respectively. We call this Climate Change.”

Collapse is right in front of us.
Indianapolis is now tearing down “blighted” homes, many of which have great historical importance for the city. This is happening in cities all over the country.

Black people don’t care about historical significance. Blacks think that these structures are what cause the misbehavior and dysfunction.

White people built these homes for their families years ago. White families lost money when blacks poured in during desegregation, and whites lost money when they fled.

Now, once again, the white taxpayer if footing the bill to tear down the neighborhood homes which their families built years ago. This has happened in Cinncinnati too.

These houses and neighborhoods have been destroyed by underclass black people. All black neighborhoods are full blighted homes, with rotting roofs, gang graffiti, high weeds, and boards on the doors and windows.

Our local paper’s activist black reporter has a great plan. Tear down the “blighted” homes which are “infecting” our city. Now we will have a landscape full of huge empty, useless residential lots with high weeds and litter. Surrounding blacks will have a nice place to dump their garbage and abandoned vehicles.

Where will the black people go? Maybe to the suburbs with a voucher?
Already happening… So More White Flight ensues.