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Is It A Crime Problem That Cincinnati Has, Or A Black Crime Problem?

A town where extremely high rates of Black violence, enables the medical college there to train emergency medical squadrons on how to evacuate wounded personnel from combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan (by treating the Black people shot by other Black people).
Sadly, this story was removed from the archives of the Cincinnati Enquirer, but its archived here:

‘The violence is so traumatic that University Hospital, the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and the U.S. Air Force train emergency medical teams in how to evacuate wounded personnel from combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan by treating the city’s gunshot victims.’

A Once Proud Historic German Neighborhood Destroyed In A Few Decades With Multi Culturalism, Gentrification and ‘Urbanizing’

Likely Future Cincinati Medical Students On Their Way To Study Hall To Prepare For The MCats Exam…

An All Too Familiar Photo For Reporters, However, Most Crime and Interracial Crime Here and Elsewhere, Is Not Reported By The Chicken Sh*t Local or National Media.

‘Nati Boys Probably On Their Way To Law School

Affirmative Action Police Chief Craig Says Hes Got Crime Under Control Depsite The Murder And Crime Epidemic

Here are the top 25 Most Dangerous cities in America.

1. St. Louis, MO
2. Camden, NJ
3. Detroit, MI
4. Flint, MI
5. Oakland, CA
6. Richmond, CA
7. Cleveland, OH
8. Compton, CA
9. Gary, IN
10. Birmingham, AL
11. Baltimore, MD
12. Memphis, TN
13. New Orleans, LA
14. Jackson, MS
15. Little Rock, AR
16. Baton Rouge, LA
17. Buffalo, NY
18. New Haven, CT
19. Hartford, CT
20. Dayton, OH
21. Kansas City, MO
22. Washington, DC
23. Newark, NJ
24. Cincinnati, OH
25. Atlanta, GA

Click on the following link to see the full list:


Enterprising Young Youths, Future P&G Executives?

Lots of Exhibits and Things To Do and See…

Cincinnati Murders Out of Control.

The Usual Suspects. aka Obamas’ Sons or FSA (Free Sh*t Army)

Cincinnati Police report an increase in the city’s murder rate, compared to 2012.
Police have investigated 29 homicides so far this year, compared to 19 at this time a year ago.
Officers are targeting the increase in violent crime by keeping a closer watch on repeat offenders, and attemping to get more information from crime victims.”

And in Other News…
Saturday, May 25, 2013
Three Murders in 48 Hours
Cincinnati Police make one arrest.
700WLW News

(Cincinnati) — An outbreak of violence in Cincinnati, in the days before the unofficial start of Summer.
Thursday afternoon, four people were wounded by gunfire, on Elm Street, near Liberty. That night, 29 year old William Barnes, Jr., was shot and killed on Goose Alley, a few blocks away.

Friday afternoon, two people were wounded near 12th and Spring, in the Pendleton section of Over-the-Rhine. And Friday night, in Madisonville, 21 year old Josh Gibson was shot and killed at a bar in the 5800 block of Bramble. Homicide detectives arrested Courtney Miller, and charged him with murder.

Saturday afternoon, Cincinnati Police found a man in a crashed car, in North Fairmount, near Moosewood and Bowling Green. 21 year old Quentin Snell had been shot, and was deceased. Nearby, a second victim was found with a gunshot wound. That person’s name and condition have not been released.
Source: WLW

Cincinnati plagued by spate of unsolved murders

Published: May 31, 2013 10:15AM

CINCINNATI (AP) — Cincinnati police department records show that the agency has solved only two of the latest spate of 18 murders that have occurred in the city since early March.
That statistic was reported Friday by The Cincinnati Enquirer, which called it one of the longest and deepest dry spells in case resolutions in recent years.
The department says a leadership transition now in the works and threats to staffing have nothing to do with the unsolved cases or spike in violence. Leaders say positive gains in 2012 — the city saw the fewest killings last year since 2001 — make the bad stretches more noticeable. And, police say, violence generally increases in the spring when it stays light longer and more people are outside.

The last two weeks have been especially bad in the city. Since May 14, Cincinnati has seen six slayings and 23 nonfatal shootings, a pace that’s quicker than normal( We can all guess the race, cant we?).

Police successfully closed eight of the year’s first 11 homicides in January and February before hitting roadblocks. And it comes at a time when officer layoffs had been threatened and the department is facing changes in leadership after Chief James Craig’s announcement that he’s leaving to be chief in his hometown of Detroit.

Newly promoted Lt. Col. Dave Bailey, now in charge of the Office of Criminal and Special Investigations, said just because the cases haven’t been closed doesn’t mean there aren’t suspects.
“A lot of closures are in the pipeline,” he said.
Information from: The Cincinnati Enquirer

‘Tsall Good In The ‘Nati

Family of Dead Baby, Horror Scene in Winton Terrace Ghetto

Urban Memorial for Gunned down victim

Blight is all too common in the ‘Nati’

A mini ‘Detoilet’ or Detroit if you will in many parts, and just about as dangerous.

Update on Crime In The Nati…more of the same, feral blacks killing other feral blacks and causing mayhem.

Homicides fueling violent crime spike in Cincinnati; killings on pace to surpass 2008 mark

JUNE 25, 2013 – Cincinnati police investigate a fatal shooting in District Three that happened on Van Hart

Posted: 07/18/2013
By: Kareem Elgazzar, WCPO Digital

CINCINNATI – A 54 percent jump in homicide is fueling an uptick in violent crime in Cincinnati during the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.

That troubling trend has some leaders wondering privately if the downturn in crime last year was an anomaly, while others are concerned if the trend continues Cincinnati will log its most murderous year since 2008.

Through the end of June, 37 people were slain in Cincinnati, and if the current rate continues, the total could reach 74 by year’s end. In 2012, there was a total of 53 homicides. In 2008, 73 people were slain.

The all-time record of 89 was set in 2006.

“We haven’t hit those levels, but we’re approaching them,” said Interim Police Chief Paul Humphries. “We’re at a level now that everything is guns, and 20 years ago, it was a fist-fight on the corner where the winner went to jail and loser went to the hospital.

“Now, it’s over stuff that people didn’t shoot each other before – you looked at my girlfriend, you sat on my car.”