Theme from The Twilight Zone begins..

115 blacks were shot in’ Chicongo’ this past week but no one gives a damn, there’s no money in it and no one really cares, least of all them.




A picture=Worth 1000 words. The presumptive BLM leader in Haiti


Sheeiit be live in Liberia mane


Purple drank thief getting his dues


At Least the African Buffoons have the sense to know they are killing their own and urge the fraternal violence to end




Apartheid simply means living apart, but TPTB said its not okie dokie, except for their crappy nation in the Middle East.


Rhodesia-Pre & Post Negro

In truth, their lives don’t matter.  And they never did.   Certainly not to them.  But our collective kindness has been mistaken for weakness.  There is money to be looted from the coffers, diversity pimps to secure lucrative diversity reeducation and training etc.  The History of racial coups and tragedies of former white nations has been forgotten. The message of Haiti, Rhodesia, South Africa is but a faint memory, if not lost altogether.  Cultural Marxism is being openly practiced against Whites and our displacement is at hand in most locales if not the entire nation, and others as well in the Western world. I don’t see this ending well, for them.  But I urge all readers to stay alert, vigilant, and guarded. They have overplayed this, its a common trait and character weakness in them, and also the ‘other ‘ group running things.  My intuition tells me it will get far worse before it gets better…..My best to all readers.



Taste of Cincinnati- Gunfire A la Carte



Thanks to author Colin Flaherty for the heads up.


I’m showing signs of  clinical SNF or serious negro fatigue, and was late in reporting this.  With all of the excitement from ‘diversity’ in The Nati, its hard to keep up with current negro crime (or gorillas shot at our zoo, due to recalcitrant negro children escaping into and over protected caged walls),  for this working dad.


They call it ‘fighting’ but its a coordinated battery attack on white victims, and might as well be considered attempted homicide when its 10 one 1.


The Taste of Cincinnati is an annual food event replete with local vendors, music, fun and festivities and in the last 2 years, is also ‘action filled’ with unsolicited muggings, brutal assaults, the KO game-usually on the fringes near the public parking, and this year for an encore…..gunshots fired by feral negro yoofs / thug teens from Fountain Square during broad daylight.



Fountain Square

What would Cincinnati be without such excitement like running for cover or keeping ones head down while trying to take ones family downtown for special German treats, Cincinnati Chili, locally crafted brews or funnel cakes?  Isn’t diversity exciting and vibrant?





6-4-2016 reports:

Cincinnati City Council is expected to discuss the safety and security of local events on Monday after violent incidents were reported near the city’s popular Taste of Cincinnati on Memorial Day weekend.

Council member Amy Murray has recommended the Cincinnati Police Department look at the expansion of its Citizens on Patrol Program. Other members of City Council have also expressed concern and the issue is expected to be brought up at Monday’s Law and Safety Committee meeting.

“Our COPPs consistently provide top-notch walking and fixed patrols in our neighborhoods,” Murray said. “I think these additions to our city’s largest events could add a significant level of peace of mind to patrons in deterring this type of intimidation, violence and criminal behavior.”

Murray said she plans on talking to Downtown community organizations to help recruit those who have an interest in providing members for a special events unit.

According to various incident reports recorded by police, two men were injured in a Shooting and multiple people were Attacked near Taste of Cincinnati festivities.

This same clueless black council woman advocates for more Rap music for thug teens, tents, and soon will advocate (in my estimation) for a Nati twerking contest.


It will be doubly named Taste of Mogadishu.  This is the Twilight Zone dear readers…..

2016 Mainstrasse Melee-Usual Suspects

This weekend in Covington Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, was the semi annual Mainstrasse event, a gathering of vendors, patrons and entertainers to offer family fun and friendly entertainment to historic German Mainstrasse.




.  This event has been put on for years. I don’t make it a point to go to these events, but am part of a Church group that has a contract, which includes the table, chair and trash pickup to help raise funds for the school at the Church.

My volunteer shift began at 9pm. Just before I had arrived for my shift, I learned of a terrible incident.  My friends 9 year old son (Nine years old!!!) was targeted by a black feral teenager for a battery assault or so called Knock Out Game.  This child was folding chairs, minding his own business.  He was targeted, brutally assaulted and punched in the ear, and the feral black assailant ran away to a group of thugs.

Said feral thugs then proceeded to gather in the parking lot behind a bar, and begin Jumping on the parked cars in some African tribal custom, setting off car alarms.  Authorities soon arrived and some thugs were cornered by the Kenton County Sheriffs department and Covington Police.  One 17 year old thug was arrested and taken into custody for carrying an unregistered revolver.  This event has not been reported in the local press media and more than likely will not any headlines or any reported story. I am working to try to get the incident report on the ‘yoof’ that was arrested.  The child that was punched is doing ok, his equilibrium was off for at least an hour after the occurance and he was well shaken up and scared.  More updates later.


African tribal celebration-Cincinnati Riots Dance


Closing statement: What a worthless race of people.  I am simply without words to describe what sickness I feel over all of it. Ive simply had it. It will not weaken my resolve but further strengthen it.  Targeting children, the elderly, women and the blind.  I’m just sick….. viewers are urged to see earlier blog entry which points out this futile experiment.



update:  Letter addressing these concerns and new measures

……, began working with Covington’s Chief of Police and City Director on an action plan to increase security. Several new strategies have been put into place to mitigate and respond quickly to any safety or security issues:
• We found that the group of teenagers, who were not all from Covington and caused similar disruptions in Cincinnati & Newport, were able to organize via social media. There is now a dedicated officer whose mission is to find these groups and stop them before they have a chance to get started.
• We will be adding additional uniformed and plain-clothed security throughout the festivals- specifically in the rides area and on Saturday night.
• There are now officers working directly with our local school Human Resource departments to serve as safety experts, problem solvers and liaisons to our community resources in an effort to provide a safe space for communication and support.
• During festivals we will provide your team leads with walkie talkies so you can communicate more directly with us and with each other. Plus, we will make sure that your team is introduced to and has direct contact info for our main security contact, Deputy Officer George Russell from the Kenton County Sheriff’s Department. As well as making sure you know what officers are on duty overnight.

MainStrasse Village Association and the Covington Police Department are committed to making our festivals a safe place for our visitors and residents to enjoy. There has been a lot of discussion on ways we can do that; for instance, making sure we choose appropriate musical acts, the size of the festival, what vendors we include and most of all, how we can bring back and restore more of MainStrasse Village’s German heritage.
On a personal note, as a resident of MainStrasse I am committed to dedicating my energy and time to the success of the Village. MainStrasse Village has an incredibly diverse and active residential community – we know that the Village is headed in a better direction and we are steadfast in our effort to see our vision for Mainstasse become a reality

Nati Town- Ground Zero for KO Game




The 31 year old attacker, aspiring Rap artist and future orthopedic surgeon..

The Nati Natives (Ferals) still be keepin it real dawg, and the KO game still ‘be happenin’ all over dis muhfugga. You feel me?  Reds Games, Downtown Festivals, or just simple walks home through OTR on the way to Clifton and UC all can be enlivening.   You ‘is’ Fair game, cracka.  I think its about racism, white privilege or something.


French Cracka Thwarting a KO Game attempt in France.  The KO Game has gone International an Shiite, mane.



Gentrification or Slum redevelopment and Relocation for Whites?  No thanks.  Ill take my boring ie Safe suburbs.


The Cinderella Story with usual tragic ending when its interracial


Thanks to author Colin Flaherty for his work….


Attending Trump Rally

Our Great leader is making rounds to record amounts of supporters in the Buckeye state.

He is also being targeted by Marxist terrorists that will likely be smashed as things escalate.

The editor of CIAD will be at the rally and encourages readers to do the same.


America has one chance left to get this right.

Otherwise we will look like South Africa or Zimbabwe, within a generation.

From a First world nuclear power, bread basket and food exporter, to a hell hole.  Pictures tell the story..



Ohio has gone full retard.  Hillary and Kasich.  I’m flat out sickened and embarrassed.  I apologize to my readers on behalf of those with some common sense left, living in the Buckeye state.




Cincinnati-A Top 10 US Murder Capital -FBI



Targeting 7 gangs, but there are over 100 in Cincinnati.


Big Cities With The Highest Murder Rates 2015
FBI’s Violent Crime Statistics For Every City In America (Per Capita)
October 22, 2015 CBS Chicago

St. Louis, Missouri 49.91
Detroit, Michigan 43.52
New Orleans, Louisiana 38.75
Baltimore, Maryland 33.84
Newark, New Jersey 33.32
Buffalo, New York 23.22
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 22.43
Memphis, Tennessee 21.38
Atlanta, Georgia 20.47
Cincinnati, Ohio 20.16


FBI’s Violent Crime Statistics For Every City In America

Way to go, Queen City!  What an honorable distinction for the Queen City.  Just A few more shootings and homicides, and you can crack the Top 5.



  The level headed negro Alexander Shelton, a recent University of Cincinnati graduate, leads a “No justice, no peace” chant during a Black Lives Matter rally at the Hamilton County. Black lives only matter when white police fire in self defense in the commission of Felony Crime, the other 98% of black homicides are irrelevant.  I’m sure that City Council will vote to waste another $580,000 on crime based initiatives, that don’t change a damn thing.  I smell another shakedown coming…..

Representatives from Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence asked Hamilton County commissioners at their Monday meeting for $65,000. The money would pay for a key piece of the crime fighting initiative: probation officers.  Specifically, probation officers in neighborhood substations would be paid overtime – bringing their 35-hour work week up to 40 hours per week for the rest of the year. They would devote the extra hours to CIRV.  The money would get the program through the end of the year. CIRV would then need about $100,000 a year going forward.  The request would supplement $580,000 from the city of Cincinnati, which includes $400,000 for street outreach workers

Tax dollars well spent. $580,000 & Cincinnati cracked the Top 10 Most Murderous Cities….



Racist Police Arrest 40 in Evanston Drug Sweep


A Cincinnati Youngster ie (Future gang yoof) gets schooled on the finer points of ‘No Snitching’ by an elder baby momma welfare leech.


This City, like many, is 1 police shooting away from another Burn dis bitch down ie Full Scale Riot-A Full scale Smash and Grab, as seen in 2001, when 130+ Whites were pulled out of their cars and beaten, and police officer shot.

Remember, white folk.  Black Lives Matter.  And No Snitching!

What a disgrace…


And in honor of black history month, Pastor Manning.

Cincinnati Federal Judge Outlawed Racial Profiling-Victim of Home Invasion!


, ,

The ironic turnabout  in this story is epic. This cretin judge, Judge Dlott, dual citizen of the Apartheid state of Israel with husband Stan Chesley,  is the victim to  a violent home invasion in her $8 million dollar, 29,000 square foot ( largest home IN Hamilton County)  estate in Indian Hill, the most affluent suburb in Cincinnati.

This federal judge, who outlawed “racial profiling” (common sense policing to the more discerning) receives a welcome home invasion by Armed Africans who profiled her in her Bentley.  The poor youths were later arrested making their getaway through Madeira after being stopped for “rolling through a stop sign” ie racial profiling!!!!  One couldn’t scrip this any better if they tried.

But this blogger says Shame on her for accusing these aspiring rappers, good keeds, future engineers, and/or medical professionals of such a crime.
She is just racist that is all, profiling these oppressed kids just trying to score, nome sayin?.
3 troubled youths about to turn their lives around, record rap albums and go back to school…
An interesting comment on a web forum:
“She wants special treatment because she is a federal judge, she wants the US federal marshals called out against 3 armed Africans, would she agree to calling them out to assist a lowly citizen after a home invasion?  Of course not! I am glad she is an unarmed liberal at the mercy of the same third world savages she has set on us!’
Live call here:


Judge Dlott served on numerous boards including the Dayton and Cincinnati Federal Bar Associations, the Ohio Building Authority, Cincinnati Arts Association, and Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.

Surge In 2015 ‘Nati Violent Crime Baffles Clueless Experts & City Officials

Not the starting Bengals lineup. Its Cincinnati’s Most Wanted Criminals. Can YOU spot any trend here in looking at this photo?

‘This year has been one of the Bloodiest in recent memory in Cincinnati.

By early this month more than 320 people had been shot this year within the city limits, with nearly 50 dying from those wounds. And while the city’s homicide rate has remained steady compared with 2014, the overall shooting totals are 30 percent higher than at this point last year.

Gangsta shooting style like so, common in hoods like the ‘Nati might be a factor, as opposed to the more accurate Weaver style stance and proper aim technique to hit center mass, and foster lethal shooting.

The victims range in age from 4-year-old Martaisha Thomas, who was shot in the head but survived in late July, to Edward Rose, 87, who died at the hands of his son, who then shot and killed himself.

The surge has riled politicians in City Hall and is said to have been a factor in the firing of the city’s police chief earlier this month.

In other words…. Niggas be gettin’ live up in dis muhfugga, and we aint know what da hell they be trippin on, but dis sheet hasda end right quick.

While the impact is plain to see, the recent gun violence surge has left police, elected officials and those on the street struggling for answers, especially as overall crime rates have only risen slightly as compared with the violence.

When asked for possible reasons for the violence, Mayor John Cranley simply says “I don’t know.”

(This blogger thinks there is a correlation between blacks (Mostly nonworking) and violent crime, but that’s going out on a limb of course, and probably has something to do with white privilege or Mo Money for ‘dem programs)

Then there is the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence. Created after the city suffered through a record-high 89 homicides in 2007, the program is now in flux, and is not as active as it once was.

Homicide in the fashionable hipster playground and war zone aka Over The Rhine earlier this year, which coincided ironically with an End The Violence Street Protest march, which was taking place when the murder occurred. In other words, the Sheet be gettin’ real in the ‘Nati.

CIRV was designed to keep tabs on crime stats, put workers on the street and track potentially violent criminals and let them know police were watching. Social services like job placement and housing assistance were offered to people who wanted to leave the street life.

Local advocates say that in its heyday, the program would hold such “call-ins” several times a week, but now they say that number is down to just once a week, if that.

In addition, several officials who help run the program are leaving the city to help restructure the University of Cincinnati police force. And the number of CIRV street workers has dwindled from 15 to just seven over the last few years due to budget cuts.

That has led some in City Hall to recommend dramatic overhauls to the program, while even one of CIRV’s founding members has said the program doesn’t work anymore.

Dr. Victor Garcia, a pediatric surgeon and founding director of trauma services at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, now says the only way to bring down violence is to target longer term issues such as poverty and low education standards.

But (No Nuts Cuckservative) Cranley says the city is “trying to get the band together” with both CIRV and CPOP, pulling in more resources and community activists to recharge both programs. The city recently allocated another $125,000 beginning this month with the Community Policing Partnering Center in Avondale to expand such services. And new interim Chief Eliot Isaac has strongly expressed support for reviving community oriented policing.

Blogger Comment:  Cincinnati has been aggressively redistributing the ‘Shiite’ FSA (or Free Sh*t Army, throughout the city and into the North suburbs, Western Hills, Covedale, Delhi et al).  Essentially what you do is take a jar of contained excrement or manure like so: 

And spread it around to the other parts of the city so it creates a …..

But when it comes to a quick fix to the violence, the clueless and spineless mayor Cranley says that “we understand that it will take time and won’t be like flicking a light switch to end all this.”

Not John Cranley but close..

In the meantime, the violence continues almost unabated.”

Stay safe out there, fellow Queen City residents.

This site does not pander Cuckservative nonsense.



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