Colored Gentleman Using His Voice

He is exercising his right of free speech to articulate a poignant message to all his colored brethren in an urban locale of Cincinnati near UC Campus.

So articulate, so progressive, so edgy.  Colorful, but refined in its simplicity.

Africa could be your safe space, but F that.  Fight the power.

Bravo my brutha. Black power n sheeeittt .





Cincinnati aka Little Mexico


wcpo_downtown_shooting_3_1536243824533_96716119_ver1-0_640_480What is more exciting than opening up a bank account at your 5/3 Bank Headquarters in downtown Cincinnati, than having a ‘person of color’ playing shoot up, and kill whitey,  because they  ‘be havin’ a bad day n shit?

If you guessed…… ‘shit, nigga, dat aint nuffin, we got lots a real niggas out dere and shit be getting live in my hood, gnome sayin, you feel me, nigga?   Well then perhaps you’re correct. A small, small price to pay for diversity, goyim.. The Shooter has been identified as a Mystery meat time bomb aka Omar Enrique Santa Perez.


Kosher Corporate Sponsored News reports the story as such:


3 dead in shooting at bank headquarters in Ohio; suspect dead

CINCINNATI, Ohio — A usually busy Fountain Square was empty Thursday afternoon, except for a single piece of yellow tape. Down the street, a woman screamed and sobbed into the arms of a Cincinnati police officer.

About an hour earlier, a Fifth Third Bank employee said he saw a gunman dressed in business attire walk into the lobby and spray bullets at innocent people. The employee saw the gunman as he exited a lobby elevator. He jumped back inside, narrowly avoiding a hail of bullets — he heard them strike the elevator door when it closed.

Three to four Cincinnati police officers exchanged fire with the gunman, Chief Eliot Isaac said. One of the officers shot and killed the gunman, Mayor John Cranley said.

The gunman killed three people. Another two people were injured. The shooting was the first to happen Downtown in 2018.

The shooter entered the loading dock area of Fifth Third Bank headquarters and opened fire at about 9 a.m., Isaac said. The suspect then entered the lobby area, where he shot at people and police officers.

No police officers were injured. The two people who were shot were transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

The identity of the shooter has not been released, but Lt. Steve Saunders said the gunman was not a former or current employee of Fifth Third Bank.

Isaac said at least one of the victims died on scene. There is no information yet about how many shots the gunman and officers fired, he said. The gunman’s weapon was recovered from the scene. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said the gunman fired multiple rounds from a handgun.

Virtue Signaling Has Serious Risks

Death by Spouse/Significant Other is 12x more likely when dating a black male.

This Father wouldn’t be burying his daughter if he wasn’t a negligent father, educating and forbidding his daughter from the obvious risks.


Michelle Henry & Father




Local 12:

The father of a woman murdered by her boyfriend says he’s going to become an aggressive advocate for victims of domestic violence.

Michelle Henry was stabbed 53 times at a townhome in Fairfield last month. Her boyfriend, Logan Williamson, was shot and killed by a Fairfield Police officer during the attack.

The two had a history, and it wasn’t always peaceful.

When Michelle Henry called 911 on June 22nd, she screamed for help. When police arrived at a townhome on Gelhot Drive in Fairfield, they had to force their way inside. They heard screams coming from an upstairs bathroom.

“Officer Carnes kicked in the door at the very moment at the very moment when Williamson was thrusting downward with an additional … knife strike.”said Gmoser.

Full Story:

FAIRFIELD, Ohio — The man who stabbed a woman to death in a condo bathroom Friday previously tried to poison her according to a complaint she filed with police, the Journal-News reported.

Fairfield police said the man, described in police records as her boyfriend, was shot to death Friday by an officer responding to the woman’s 911 call.

The Butler County Coroner’s office identified the stabbing victim as 37-year-old Michelle R. Henry and her  attacker as Logan A. Williamson, 37. He died at the scene after being shot while stabbing Henry, police said. Henry later died at Mercy Hospital-Fairfield.

RELATED: Voices reveal woman’s panic, officers’ calm

Henry and Williamson had a troubled past, according to records.

Officers had been called to the Rolling Meadows condo in September 2017 on a domestic violence report.

Henry told officers “her boyfriend tried to poison her by placing (sic) dissolvable sleeping pills in her mouth while she was sleeping.”

Williamson was arrested in that case and had other arrests for fleeing police after speeding and carrying alcohol and a weapon in a car, records show.

The woman’s family had asked police to stop at the address last year to check on Henry, saying they had not heard from her for an extended time.

Butler County Prosecutor Michael Gmoser said Friday’s incident will be presented to a grand jury when the investigation is completed. It is Gmoser’s policy that all officer-involved shootings are presented to a grand jury.

‘Dats My Parking Place Beeaattccchhh!

Black Man Reasons With Random Woman in Parking Rage Incident By Slugging Her

June 12, 2018



OVER-THE-RHINE, Ohio (WKRC) – Cincinnati Police are asking for help identifying the suspect of a vicious weekend assault in an Over-the-Rhine parking lot.

Police say Jennifer Watts was an innocent bystander who witnessed a minor car accident and was punched by the driver who saw her friend trying to take a picture of the fender bender.

Watts, the general manager of Japp’s, hit her head in the parking lot and suffered a brain hemorrhage. She is recovering from brain surgery.



Cincinnati police are trying to identify a suspect who struck a woman in the face after a minor parking lot accident, according to a media release.

Police say a black man between 20 and 30 years old driving a newer model, tan four-door sedan was involved in an accident in the parking lot at 1132 Sycamore St., Pendleton, around 12:55 a.m. Sunday.

According to the release, the suspect exited the vehicle, immediately approached the woman who was driving the other car and struck her in the face one time.

The victim fall on the ground and hit her head, causing serious injury.

The suspect then smacked a phone from another person who was attempting to record the incident, the release states. He then entered his sedan and left in an unknown direction.

The Silent Genocide On White South African Farmers




This blogs focus is local crime issues, but todays ‘press’ story is a reminder (and a tribute) to those living in South Africa who face extreme violence, that is both sanctioned and encouraged by their own treasonous Black ruling Government.  This serves as a reminder of the plan for white nations by the’ Powers That Be’, so  To that end, it is perhaps the most important story on this blog, and the one facing whites today, because it could very well be Our tomorrow.

The Slaughter of White Farmers is not readily reported, if at all.
A recent documentary was done, thank goodness, though a BBC reporter was detained for reporting ON it.

Sadly, many Farmers and Whites cannot expatriate as they cannot claim refugee status. That needs to change.
The lefts argument is hollow and void of legitimacy. This land was Barren, Uninhabited, Inhospitable and desolate on arrival of the Europeans there.
There were no cities or town. It was built into a 1st world, nuclear superpower, by whites.
Now, under black rule (ANC-Communists) it can’t feed itself for the first time in 300 years and has to import food. The social system has failed- Power Grid issues, Sewage treatment plants, Water supply, roads ie a Mess.
The situation is Very Similar to Rhodesia. Farms are being ‘collectivized’ stolen by the blacks, from the white farmers-this is best case scenario for many, rather than be killed. And the farms and everything else, become unproductive. Diversity hasn’t worked, and will NOT work. Blacks only seek to STEAL it all and let it rot and atrophy. Apartheid, meant living apart, and that, even though seemingly natural, is not allowed by TPTB.

Those reading, please write or tell your Congressman of this disaster and do what you can to offer aid and help, including educating others by social media or word of mouth.
The squalor that many whites are now forced to live in, after losing their homes and land is Horrid, as is the violence.  White Farmers Lives Matter.

A Short documentary video above of their plight.


On The Refugee Displacement Camps. Please spread this & give any way you can..


DailyMail UK covered the story


EU Times did a story on it, called: The Refugees No One Wants



Farmers lucky to escape




6 Day old news story  2-15-2018





Cincinnati Cracks Top 10 Deadliest Cities USA- Way to go, My Niggas

It was only a matter of time…….


9. Cincinnati, Ohio

  • The murder rate in Cincinnati is 11.0 per 100,000.

    The rate went unchanged compared with the same timespan last year.

    Credit: John Minchillo/AP


  1. St Louis
  2. Baltimore
  3. New Orleans
  4. Detroit
  5. Cleveland
  6. Kansas City
  7. Memphis
  8. Chicago
  9.  Cincinnati


Another study, using different criteria, namely Murder, has  Cincinnati at #14, and Dayton at #23.  (Still quite respectable for the OGs, Keepin it real, dawg.)



Black Thug Kills White On UC Campus




Killer & Victim above.


Fox News:

A 40-year-old man was found shot to death in a parking lot near the University of Cincinnati early Saturday, Cincinnati police said.

Officers responded to a parking lot behind businesses in the 200 block of West McMillan Street about 2 a.m.

Kenneth Ridener, 40, was pronounced dead at the scene, which is about a block away from UC’s campus.

Police arrested Robert Williams, 28, and charged him with murder.

Unsure if victim was a student taking night classes or wrong place/Wrong time event.

I Will update with more info.  Appears the thug got a tune up before his photo, but will not make his victim any more alive.
Fathers & Mothers, THIS is where YOU are sending your white children to be educated. A War Zone.